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Hi everyone I will be taking you to some. exercise. strengthening to help you with balance. uh disclaimer does not sponsored by any. medical facilities uh make sure to. um ask your doctor if it's okay for you. to exercise. you are going to need a chair. uh some weights maybe one pound two. pounds at the beginning or no wait so. you don't have to have weights you must. have a chair for balance at any time you. feel like hit it or dizzy and you have a. seat and stop exercise and consult with. the doctor okay we're going to start. with the lower extremities you always. want to warm up okay so from here you're. gonna breathe in. hello. so you're breathing into your nose. and push your lips and blow up all right. let's March so we're gonna warm up here. I'm not gonna warm up for about about a. minute to two minutes all right so I'm.

Gonna use my timer here. so we're marching and we're marching as. we're marching you want to really think. about breathing in your nose. and Bluff. remember smell the flowers. blow the candles. so we're marching. easy March for a little bit start. warming up a little bit here. always wanted warm up before you start. any kind of exercise you want to warm up. the reason is you if you don't warm up. those muscles you can pull muscle or or. hurt your muscles so you always want to. joins you on the warm up all right. we're gonna keep going. breathe in. and through nose and blow. keep going keep going. more too much too much. keep watching. if you need to hold on hold on at the. beginning you may need to hold on so you. just don't March one hand all right ten. nine eight seven six five four three and. two and one we're still warming up so.

Legging here let's go and tap tap so you. want me enough to shin and warming after. your ankle here. I never want to hold breath breathe in. and blow so tap tap tap now you're going. to tap side to side. working that to the ankle eight. seven six five four three. two. and one and the other leg. and tap tap. tap tap. breathe in. blah. and breathe and. blow. and side to side. and eight seven six five four three and. two and one good job all right so we're. going to work right here and right in. your caps this is what helps you with. balance all right so right here so we're. going to do both both hands here. and I'm going to move this a little bit. so you can see better all right so it. looks Lighty apart okay not here I think. it looks a little wider. so break in. and blow. come down breathe in. so blow as you come up blow.

Breathe in come down. below. three. breathe in. block. four. five. six make sure you're not rocking back. seven. eight. nine. ten let's do five more breathe and blow. come down break and. block. three more. three and Bluff. two more. one more three and. emblem. so bring that just loosen them up a. little bit. loosen them up. get a little cramping you always loosen. them up okay and them up. all right so next I'm going to work. right in your quads right here this. muscle right here that helps you go up. the stairs and down the stairs okay so. I'm gonna turn here I'm going to turn. around you can always um turn around so. you can hold on here you can always have. another chair to hold on too okay so leg. in front I'm going to tune to the side. you see better. toes up so you're left from this muscle. here lift push through heel lift push.

Through the heel like you're pushing the. gas. two breathe in. Bluff so breathe in as you lift the leg. up blow As you move away. breathe and blow five. six. seven. eight this leg I'm standing it's bent. never lock the knee and five more five. four. three. two. and one bring it down shake them out so. she fell right in here big muscle right. in here all right so let's do go ahead. and do the other leg so leg in front. so if you cut my toes up it's not back. here it's like a friend you should see. your toe as you through the whole time. lift push away if you don't see your toe. that means you're bringing you swing. your your feet back all right so breathe. in blow three. four. five toes up. six. seven. eight. nine. ten. eleven. twelve. thirteen. fourteen. and fifteen at any time that I'm going. too fast just go on your own pace you.

Don't have to do the whole 15 either. okay so just pace yourself okay so the. next exercise we're going to work it's. gonna work right into your hamstrings. right here just a little bit muscle in. here so you're gonna bring those knees. together okay. I got my knees together. I'm going to tap back make sure knee is. not moving back and forth right I'm. going to tap back here. I'm going to breathe in. and blow. so my knees are together breathe in. blow two. breathe and blow three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten. five more. five. four. three. and two. and one bring it down. if you start cramping don't lift the. legs so high just lift a little less all. right so let's go ahead and do the light. I'm gonna turn around so you can see. that leg so knees together breathe in. love one. two. three. four. keep going. five. six. seven.

Eight. nine. ten breathe in. love. eleven. twelve. thirteen. fourteen. and fifteen bring it down sometimes I. don't I'm not I'm not doing the. breathing every now and because it's. hard to to count and cue and breathe so. you got to make sure you're doing it all. right. so now we're going to work right in your. clothes your buttocks so all you're. going to do on on this one. you're gonna extend the leg back my leg. my skin is flexed so the legs back as. far as you can. and now you can see but here I'm going. to squeeze my butt. and relax. so squeeze make it tie tight two relax. breathe in. blow. to breathe in. blow. three. four. five. six. seven. squeeze. eight. nine. ten five more. and five. four. three. and two. and one hold it tight hold it tight hold. the tight hold it eight seven six five. four three two and one and relax. all right let's go ahead and do the.

Other leg. so leg is back. I got my mouse here because if not my. screen goes death breathe in blow. one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine really squeeze the butt. ten. again if I'm going too fast you can slow. it down and five. four. three. and two. and one hold it tight hold the tight so. holding your butt tight hold it eight. seven six five four three two and one. and relax all right good. foreign. so we're going to work your um working. your hip all right so from here. um I'm gonna try a little bit more. so toe is in so pivot that toe in so you. see um Toe to Toe and you're going to. lift and the leg you're staying then. it's relaxed so braids in. blow. breathe in. blue. breathe in blue three. four. bye. six don't live so high so where you're. tilting. seven I think eight. nine. ten five more and five. four. three.

Two. and one take them off. all right pick him up got some mud in. here all right it's been raining out. there so the other legs are toes in and. left one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. 10 buy more and five. four. three. and two. and one awesome good job all right. should I come on. so the next one is going to work it. works squats and also work your buttocks. okay so we're gonna do two different. ways all right so your legs are slightly. apart well I'm not about a hip apart. you're gonna bring your sticky back out. um in this way. and out. so make sure it's not forward it's back. stick the bed out and one I'll do half. of that the other half we're going to. chair two. either way you can do in chair or you. can do it just here air chair. for. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten five more. and five. if you need to hold it you can always.

Hold on here four. three see how I'm bringing my hips all. the way back on my back all the way into. the heel. and one more now we're going to hold it. down a little bit here I'm going to. another past eight seven sorry not. holding your breath seven six five four. three two and one bring it up so the way. you would do it on the chair. and I'm sure you did this in the. classroom too. um all right so you're going to sit down. remember sit forward it helps you with. come up higher okay. um coming from back here is really hard. to come up so if you split yourself over. all right so I want to look at the knee. it's very straight down below your ankle. okay so it's like a tabletop you have a. table here okay. sorry my nose is stitching. all right so the breathing here. and you can lean back over it to come up. so you've come up with the hands here.

Or your hands here or your hands here. I'm going to turn this a little bit all. right so I'm going to breathe in. and blow as you come up push through the. heels. okay so now you're going to stick your. belt out. and come down. so breathe in. blow. come down breathe in. Bluff. come down breathe and. Bluff. breathe in. Bluff. come down breathe in. block. okay so you got the idea if you want to. even slow down more you can do a breath. up and a breath down so it looks this. way okay ready. uh I'm gonna do it because of my hands. here okay I'm gonna breathe in blow. on the way here. I'm gonna breathe in. blow. that's if you want to do a breath when. you come up and a breath and you come. down so here breathe in. Bluff. one breath. breathe in. Bluff. that's another breath all right so. either way or you can do it again. Breathe In Love.

Okay so either way down here but no. chair or with the chair okay. so that's it for the um. lower extremities okay so now we're. gonna stretch it out a little bit okay. so you're stretching you're gonna from. here you're gonna step back. you're gonna Bend this from knee back. leg straight so you feel stretch in the. back all right so we're not holding our. breath here we're going to breathe in. love. feel the stretch so your hips are. forward not here. so Standing Tall. breathe in. Bluff. all right let's go ahead and switch the. other leg. so I'm bending my front leg back leg. straight. so you should feel stretched right. up here right in the calves and breathe. in. Bluff. and breathe and smell the flowers. and purses lips and blow the candles. one more time. breathe in. and blow. okay go ahead and come up you can always.

Do in all the exercise. um sitting down too. um then and then the arm exercise you. can do them sitting down go ahead and. grab your weights okay. all right so bring your shoulders back. warm up those shoulders. shoulders forward. all right so I'm going to start from. your little little raise the roof. more me not the top of your shoulders. you breathe in right now you just. breathing in through nose. and Bluff. again you can do sitting here you can do. this. okay. bring it all the way down. shoulders back. and shoulders forward. all right let's try this wrap it's gonna. drive so if you're happy on shoulders or. having a bad day you could do a small. little convertible okay like. like a little Mini Cooper. or big truck. Bend those knees protect your lower back. breathe in. blow. keep dropping keep driving. again I said it's been raining it's been.

Raining so I don't know when you'll be. playing this but. it's this is uh it's been raining a lot. which we need the rain. all right bring it all the way down good. shoulder back. shoulders forward. all right so we're gonna work right into. your shoulder blade so are you gonna. bring arms in front like think about. hugging a bear a big tree or here so. it's not a skinny bear it's a fat bear. so I'm gonna breathe in. I'm gonna blow some squeeze back. breathe in. blow that's two see I'm squeezing my. shoulder blades together three. four. squeeze back five. six so you breathe in. blow. seven relax your neck relax your. shoulders are not up here. eight. nine. 10. and five more. five. five four. three. two. and one bring it all the way down good. shoulder back. and shoulders over. all right so we do our minute or let's. make some let's mix.

Um. a salad. with lots of avocados. good tomatoes again you can do a small. salad just for you that shoulder bad day. or big salad for everyone. keep mixing keep mixing. again you can slow it down you don't. have to go fast. go on your own pace. just don't hold your breath. all right forget the salad we're gonna. have some pepperoni pizza maybe all. right enough. breathe in. a blow. or maybe a Hawaiian pizza. all right breathe in. blow. so you should be filming right on your. shoulders and upper back it's working. all the way around. all right bring it all the way down good. shoulders up. and down. shoulders up. and down. all right let's work we're gonna work. your forearm right in here so Palms are. facing down Palms are facing down you're. gonna breathe in Bluff. you can. maybe fingers if you want breathe in. blow wiggle wiggle.

Just kidding you don't have to. blow three breathe in. below. four. five relax those knees. six. seven. eight. nine. ten five more. and five. four. three. two. last one and down and down and down and. down good good all right shoulder back. and shoulders over. all right so I'm gonna do a bicep so. this is right right in here okay biceps. that we used to pick up the kids. grandkids or boxes that's where we want. to strengthen those biceps so it's arms. up to your side make sure the ankle. elbows to your side you know breathe in. and blow. come down breathe in. Bluff two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. and ten guess what five more and five. foreign. three. and two. and last one and one and down and down. and down and awesome good job. should hold it back. shoulders over. by the way I'm wearing this hat but not. that I'm in endorsing CocaCola because.

Sodas are not good for you it's just it. was red let's stretch it out relax your. neck to one side. so design that good for you. but I like the Hat. and slowly slowly relax your neck to the. other side. stretch it out hold the stretch Don't. Force the stretch as long as you feel a. little stretch right here on the side. that's all you need. and bring it right back in Center all. right if you have we're going to work. the top of the shoulders if you have. shoulder problems just halfway here if. not you can come all the way up. all right so brace in. and blow down slow. up slow breathe in. Bluff. again you don't have to do the whole. 15th. and I think this is four I'm about. counter sometimes I don't count right. and five. versus coming down don't just drop it so. bring it up don't just drop it like that. okay so get out of resist.

I know how you are. all right. up and down. last five breathe in. blow. slow slow slow slow slow slow slow. and now breathe in. Bluff. low. and I think it's two more breathe in. Bluff. and last one breathe in. Bluff. and down and down and down now good. shoulder back. shoulders forward. all right. so we're going to work right into chest. line in here okay as you cross and. really emphasize some Crossing and make. this this tight your pecs right and ties. all right so arms out and Chris Craft. Bend those knees. breathe in blow it's not all the way out. here it's just here here here. breathe in. blow. breathe in blow. and now same thing pumps up. you go how many should I do what feels. like maybe it's about 30 seconds. breathe in love oh you can count eight. seven six five four three two and one. bring it all the way down good shoulders.

Back. and shoulders forward. all right so we're going to do the. triceps so the triceps are back here. okay right back here this is the. opposite of your biceps all right so I'm. gonna get my mouse here arms here elbows. back as far as you can elbows up and. from here gonna Bend those knees. slightly Lean Forward all right so from. here the only thing you need to extend. it from the elbow hand so extend it out. Bend at the elbow. stand it up two. stand it out three Bend at the elbow. extended at four or five I think. and breathe in breathe in blow five. blow as you come up six. boys come out seven. eight. nine. ten five more. bye. four. three. two. and one make sure you're not doing this. okay because if you're doing this then. this is just working your shoulder we. don't want your shoulder okay we just. want to isolate up those triceps so here.

And reach out all right all right so. shoulders back. and show this forward. let's stretch it out one more time in. here. um so what you're gonna do you're gonna. try to look over each holder so you're. going to turn turn look over your. shoulder and drop the chin down you. should feel slight stretch around long. hair all right don't force the stretch. breathe in. love this is a really really good. stretch you should be doing this every. day actually. like if you're driving you're backing up. and slowly. you're gonna bring it right back in. Center. and you're going to turn turn the other. way and Chin's down. keep stretching breathe in. blow. and again breathe in. blow. last time breathe in. blow. and bring it down so shoulder back. I'm just going to look over to make sure. I didn't miss anything shoulder back. and show this forward.

All right so we're gonna punch all right. so we're gonna punch for 30 seconds 45. seconds or one minute ready and punch it. as you punch in you don't want to reach. all the way out all right just get the. elbows highly bent. what's one minute keep punching. okay I don't have a clock. oh I have my watch but it's gonna keep. going keep punching keep punching. breathe in. blow. keep punching keep punching. okay we'll go for 30 more seconds I. think. you can slow it down too. at any time you know you got tired you. did a lot too you know you can always. sit down and punch it. all right. keep punching. breathe in. blow. good job everybody good job. you know I'm working out that's the best. prescription your doctor can give you if. you work out. a lot of the problems go away medical. problems. all the problems I don't know about that.

And five four three and two and one and. done all right so from here. you're gonna step back. and just releasing a lot of tension that. created here on your shoulder and also. work for the rotator cuff in here so. slightly forward. if you have problems balance go ahead. and hold on to the chair and just in. here. so easy heavy weight. the movement is coming from up here not. the elbow. or not the wrist not the other way eight. seven. six five. four three and two and one all right and. let's go ahead and do the other arm arm. you can hold it if you need to. circle circle again it's coming from. your rotator. the rotator cuff here. and the other way. and eight. seven. six five. four. and three and two and one all right go. ahead and put the weights down. and now we're gonna from I do have my. clock here we're gonna one minute we're.

Going to open and close so open close. open close. and make sure to drink your water what. is good not Coke. keep going keep going open close the big. fingers open close to make sure your. arms are out. 90 here. not dinosaur arms arms out. big fingers open close this helps you. with your um strength in your forearm it. helps the breasts and itself through. with the arthritis on the fingers so. this is a really good exercise simple. but it works. all right so breathe in. Bluff. and got 20 seconds. bacon grocery lock your shoulders not. here. relax your shoulders. no last 10 seconds pumps up and ten nine. eight seven six five four three and two. and one and now shake them out. good job everybody good job let's. stretch it out so arms in front and run. up your back so you feel the stretch. upper back and you feel the stretch.

Right into keep your tummy in but don't. hold your breath breathe in. hello. again breathe in. blow. one more time. breathe in. blow. and down and down slow slow always going. to come back down slow from your. stretching all right so shoulder back. feel this stretch up cross your chest on. so you can bring arms back here or if. you can go after the arms and shoulders. are back see I'm here shoulder back. and breathe in inhale. exhale. keep stretching me relax your neck relax. your shoulders. breathe in inhale. exhale. one more time breathe in inhale. exhale. good good job shoulders back. and shoulders forward. more and more stretch your arms in front. you can shake my hand bring it to the. opposite shoulder and from underneath. bring a little bit towards you just a. little bit you should feel stretch right. here on top of the shoulder.

stretch it out breathe in inhale. exhale. one more time breathe in inhale. exhale. and down and down and down the arm cross. up the shoulder we're going to slightly. towards you breathe in inhale. exhale. smell the flowers. blow the candles. smell the flowers. blow the candles. and bring it down and down and down. shoulders back. and shoulders forward. all right so from here breathe in inhale. up hands together exhale down. and again breathe in and hip up hands. together exhale down. one more time breathe in and hook hands. together and exhale Down and Down and. Down. all right good thank you everybody good. job everybody. we're stopping this

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