12.05.2024 INSANE $100,000 Bonus Buys on GATES OF OLYMPUS ⚡

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Foreign. what's up guys and welcome back to. another video where I'm going to be. doing something extremely crazy I want. to do a 100 000 bonus Buy on Gates of. Olympus I've been wanting to do this. since they upped the limits on the game. but I decided not to as I was doing the. 60k series however the past few days. I've cached out over four and a half. million on my streams which is. absolutely insane I don't want to lose. now that I'm up I just want to get this. out of the way as I've been wanting to. do it. as you've probably seen from the title. and thumbnail I'm gonna go to Gates of. Olympus and yeah I think that it's a. very. dumb thing to do but this game owes me a. lot it really does. and. what better way would would I have it. then to just. get the max win on a 100K Buy. or five mil. okay. I really do love this game like the way.

It functions but it's the most tilting. game ever I swear okay nice. something else no. multi this. multi this please okay blues and. chalices could drop down now or nothing. okay understandable. yellows okay Reds crowns yellows and. crowns okay now crowns on the right. maybe no. that's not bad though of money back 16x. multi 9 spins to go. foreign. multi multi will be nice this is profit. right I think so. yeah okay so six pins to go we're. already two thousand dollars in profit. would be really good to just get a sick. tumble and then the multi because it's. already a decent multi. okay. okay. interesting. Retreat is on this game like don't feel. so common but when you do hit them they. just feel weird like dead dead twins. mostly for me at least while chalices. could drop down a lot here and then. multi. multi after the purples please.

Hello. it's like that's what I was saying that. this game is like the most toxic thing. ever when. it retriggers like it always does that. five deadish spins we had a little bit. of a tumble there with no multi nothing. if you retrigger early on in the bonus. like the first three four spins I've. seen good ones but at the end it always. feels the same. nice. now blues and then more multi no. come on. no. no. uh multi please. multi please. made like. threads oh. hey. uh. like nice but we have five spins left to. get back 12K and this is a good tumble. though. now yellows or rings Maybe. no. okay. good tumble but no multi to back it up. we're gonna get another retrigger at. the end. are we. apples we trigger no okay. I doubt this is gonna be a profitable. buy okay. okay another retrigger at the end now. we have a 9x multi for five extra spins.

If the if these five extra spins are. dead like the last one was I'm convinced. that a retrigger at the end just means. like dead. just to troll you okay. okay yeah okay rings are hitting here. too which is nice very nice and now. purples and blues maybe no I still. 2x2x2x but nice that's getting us. somewhere. still down three and a half K but we've. got a few spins how's that not. connecting please multi this anything. all right guys that does result in a. loss which means I'm gonna get straight. into the 100 000 bonus buy never even. think of doing stuff like this I know no. one really does but gambling in general. will always be a loss if you do gamble. please always stick within your limits. guys and if you feel like you've lost. control or anything like that I do have. a page on my website that you can go to.

Where you can just fill out some. information and we like will try and. assist you as best as possible with. tools to selfexclude and how to do all. of that stuff if necessary. come on man please. just good start okay. yeah good good good nice. I mean like not so nice but it's good to. see 4X multi at least okay please give a. multi again greens maybe these multi. this please multi this please multi this. okay. ah hello. hello. hello. the purples or rings. really look at the screen. okay at least we got extra multi. please can we multi this yes thank you. like that's no way close to like. anything but like something. multis. no. this screen I feel like could go really. well yeah really well. please multidis look at the screen yes. okay keep connecting yes now yellow is. into chalices how's that not a hit. that's like a little bit of a save.

Though. all right. all right hear me out guys since that. ripped 20K. I feel like I can justify doing another. one. right Greg. Greg agrees wow okay. this will be the last one guys very very. stupid of me to be doing this but I'm. pushing my luck a little bit off to the. wins and hoping that we can finally get. some Redemption on this game. that's not the start I was looking for. on a 100K buy okay please don't do this. please like. uh. more Maltese Rings Reds. okay nothing. off more than halfway and we're at a 2X. multi. it's multi it build the multi pull the. multi please. guys sleeping hello. tilting. okay mate. ah this game kills guys. unless we had a lot of greens here and. chalices and purples okay now chalices. right. what. okay. retrigger something I don't even know. these 100K buys I've done a few guys and. like it's just ridiculous.

Like they feel so dead it's unbelievable. how dead they feel. I'm gonna do a few spins hopefully get a. base game multi maybe turn it around get. a spun in bonus I don't know. to try and turn this around this is a. massive massive loss. these multidis just multi. the sad thing about that is is that. there's no scatter on the screen and. when there's a scatter on the screen it. means he can't multi so he could have. multi you on an 11k tumble but he. decided not to. because he's a scammer look at him. hey. foreign. multi this. nope. multidis. no. like it's it's there's nothing more. tilting than getting the like multirays. when you're on a stop Spin and you know. that there's no hit and you just like. see it come down just missing. I feel a bonus right around the corner. guys. like like right around the corner. like. like right around the corner maybe here.

No. right around the corner here. foreign. guys please can this be something good. this is like a miracle. please can this just be like a 200x. it is a one thousand dollar base bed the. 250 is just a double chance to bonus. just good start. okay that's not a good start. okay now multi does purples are hitting. Reds maybe after that yes 2x okay more. more no. come on. hit it hit it don't miss it nice. nice okay we are ready at 10x multi. that's better than 100K buys we just did. now don't die please multi this please. yes mate now maybe chalices greens no. but nice that's already 33k 39K sorry. 13x multi with 11 spins to go. please no how's that not connecting. please multi just multi multi multi. multi multi how's that not connecting. two hourglasses maybe no one or three. trigger these screens are so toxic like. I thought that was gonna hit too.

Nice we do have a multiweight in Greens. maybe no if we can get one good tumble. here with the 17x multi it could be. massive. okay now somehow yellows and yeah okay. chalices now please just one we needed. one chalice there for that to be massive. okay 25x multi going into the last five. spins If this just hits one good tumble. two more chalices. one good tumble one good tumble okay. purples into yellows maybe into rings. into nothing one of yellows one of rings. two of purples one good tumble please. please one good tumble. no okay that's really good like that's. that's an amazing recovery I almost left. without that I'm still down on the video. that's an amazing recovery and just a. call to do another 100K by I think. that's definitely not a good idea. the thing is. really mate I thought that was it. because that like did a weird animation.

Thing is. I came here to win. I didn't come here to be down 50k on. this video 60k. I came here to win leave a champion. and the way he's looking at me is not. legal. I'm Gonna Leave a champion right. totally won't pay atex it'll be good. I'm leaving. as a man with no teeth guys after this. okay maybe not. okay greens. no. why did I do this. like I just recovered I just recovered. and now I did the same thing. nice. somehow please just get more connections. and crowns if we can get crowns here. wow uh two more crowns would have been. like profitable by. e like I just almost recovered right. with the spins and then I went and did. the same thing and got the same result. crowns here. no. those triple scatter spins are just the. most toxic like things ever. multidis. multidis there's no scat or malted yes. nice nice more more.

Okay nice that is pretty good good stuff. that paid just as much as a 100K buy. actually three times one of the 100K. buys because that paid 8K. if we can just. do that again. what's up with these stop spins. all right at least if I lose money on. this video we can say that like it was. like a interesting one. okay mate come on just multi this just. just don't be a puss okay you're being a. puss now okay nice more multis. okay. no. no. don't you love it when he's putting his. hand up like every spin right and it's. not connecting. now put your hand up. yeah. okay. uh. these greens multire-trigger okay. retrigger now multi please just multi. it just multi it it's a 9k tumble just. multi it please mate wake up you've got. a perfect I don't think it can multi if. there's scatters I'm not sure in the. bonus. guys guys it's a 12K tumble multi please.

I don't I don't know if it can when. you've got ah what is that what is that. what is that. multidis please. multidis please purples. okay multi please. hello. hello. oh this game game is a different breed. the thing is I could make this the most. djend video ever now and go for my third. 100K Buy. off the video. just because I'm very stupid. third one has to be better right. okay that kind of works more multis yes. okay nice 9x that makes up for six dead. spins something. we paid 100K though so 100K is Break. Even but at least it's a start in. Maltese and we have a 6X yeah yellows. please okay now yellows and chalices. okay okay we're gonna hit these green. thingies hourglasses zhonya's okay nice. now more multi okay very nice I think. this could almost be break even. 17x6k it is. it's profit it's not just break even I.

Didn't think it was that much and we've. still got spins come on keep hitting. please don't just be a over bye. I love it how 30k is to over buy. for me just just come on. after the damage you've caused. previously in this video we need you to. step up much more than 33k profit Zeus. come on mate. now Reds or purples and multi okay now. red or just multi this already no okay. understandable please. guys We Are One Crown off We Are One. Crown off 29x plus our multi of 17x. would have been like 40 something X 10K. that would have been 400k one crown. like it's good it's 35k profit but when. you see that on one of the last spins. it's just so toxic. Craig suggests we should stop here. and I kind of agree with him but at the. same time guys. it feels like one more 100K by is just. gonna pop. I clicked that and it didn't accept it.

Maybe I shouldn't have done it. all of the video with around 360 370 if. I'm not mistaken. okay how's that not connecting. how's that not connecting. it's just 500x multi this. 500x multi more multis. more multis. more Maltese nice more multis just just. keep zapping no okay. not bad actually I didn't notice that. was such a decent tumble. now just. okay just keep building the multi. really 8X not connecting. two chalices here please. no one cell is off okay at least we had. an 11x for six spins. you get one good tumble. multi. no. yellows are hitting here. Blues are hitting here if we can hit the. premium after Blues though I don't know. if we can hit chalices but if we can. that would be glorious okay I I mean. like no okay. yeah. nice. three spins to get back 24K please. no come on don't miss don't miss don't. miss come on good last spin.

It's good it's good yellow it's just. multi immediately okay mate this. multidis please don't it up he. it up ah. foreign. spot guys I want to get back to my 360k. uh. yeah I felt like that was a screen that. was very very close to everything but. gonna hit nothing. okay. just multi this please this feels like a. dead buy guys. this feels like the one that's gonna. send us packing maybe not if we get a. 500x here. uh yeah. all right guys well that's probably one. of my most brutal videos on YouTube ever. I really pushed it for this one. I hope you oh oh we can't get a multi. because there's a scatter. I hope you enjoyed it at least I'm gonna. stop at 180k I'm gonna tone it down. obviously for for the future this is. like a once off crazy video. and yeah this is the this is the reality. the reality is don't listen to Greg.

because when he tells you one more bite. he just gets sucked in and lose hundreds. of thousands. every time. last spin. all right guys I will be stopping it. there we probably have some nice rewards. yeah 2.6 K rake back off the video like. that but. so so brutal again I'm fine because I. won so much but losing like this is not. ideal I don't need that in my life. just because I won but I did enjoy. pushing it I guess it was fun I wanted. to do that and I'm glad I got it out of. the way thank you for watching and I'll. see you in 12 hours for the next video

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