12.05.2024 Saturday Night Casino Game of the Week | Sugar Rush 1000

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Wa it's. happening Sports interaction is hosting. Saturday Night Cino and a sweet treat is. headed your way this week as we are. playing Sugar Rush a th thousand a brand. new game from pragmatic play and guys I. love this one because it's easy and it's. simple all you need to do is get a. combination of five symbols and you win. I love that keep it simple let's play. look at all these little gummies we got. some lollies we got some gummy bears ooh. oo right there $225 $3 oh it's still. going from the first row okay oh that's. a win come on that's another win yes oh. I love that time 2 * 2. 765 keep going oh my God. 1665 it's great because when you win. that combination drops and then more. candies keep coming so that I W 1665. just on one spin great we love that easy. and I didn't have to do anything. better wa just like that two dou knows.

wo 88 oh it might happen it might happen. it's happening okay so just won 1425. still going 2325 all right guys well. that is it for me today we did have some. big wins but we did lose some money as. well but what I liked about this game is. that it was so easy and I didn't have to. do anything let the candy do the talking. that's what I'm talking about sugar rush. 1000 download Sports interaction today. to play come for the sports stay for the. casino

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