12.05.2024 Cs+N2=Cs3N balance the chemical equation @chemistryguide786 #balancedequation #viral

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Balance the chemical. equation plus nitrogen is gives us. nitride in this equation the left hand. side there are one atom and two. nitrogen atoms present on the right hand. side there are three cium atoms and one. nitrogen atom. present the number of atoms are not. balanced on both sides to balance the. chemical equation we need to make use of. coefficients a coefficient is a number. that we place in front of a chemical. formula in this equation we need to. balance the nitrogen atoms first to do. this we need to put a coent of two in. front of cs3n. the nitrogen atoms are balanced now we. need to balance the CM atoms to do this. we need to put a coent of six INF FR of. Cs the equation is now balanced there. are six atoms and two nitrogen atoms. on both sides. if you like this video please subscribe. my channel and press on the Bell icon.

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