12.05.2024 WhatsApp Verification Code Not Received iPhone

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How to fix iPhone WhatsApp verification. code not received in iOS. 17 hello everyone welcome back to our. YouTube channel today in this short. video I will teach you how to fix iPhone. whatsa verification not received let's. get started without wasting any. time launch the settings menu on your. device Now swipe down a bit in the. settings menu here you will see messages. and click on. it here make sure the IM message button. is on if it's not on then turn it on now. click on the. notifications and make sure that the. allow notification is also turned. on now go back to home. screen open the control center and check. if do not disturb is. on sometimes notification does not. appear due to do not disturb on if do. not disturb is on turn it. off so if still the WhatsApp. verification code is not showing on your. screen then it might be due to network.

issue that the code is not showing and. to fix the network issue first go to. settings here you will see a plan mode. turn it on wait for a while and then. turn it back. off hopefully the verification code. issue now will be. resolved that's it like share and. subscribe to our YouTube channel thanks. for watching this video

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