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How long do you think it takes for. people to. follow um for this channel I probably. would say. maybe an hour a half an. hour really that's that's that's that's. really. bad is it. really the reason I say that is because. at any given moment they come you know. they are trying to absorb your. character holy we got wa it dropped. two scatters on the tumble two STS I'm. not done just kidding two scatter that's. that's a that's a. rarity yeah this is awesome sorry. interrupting you with re all time no no. please come on are you kidding me Jesus. here we go this is huge whoa that's. nice oh nice nice nice nice wow wow dude. this is good we got the orange good. build up here very good build. up oh my it dropped you again oh please. you again here we go come on oh do it. one more holy oh God if that. dropped right there it would be over.

Yeah yeah yes sir it's already possibly. over this is really. good oh my God it keeps building. here can we get the orange a keeps. building somehow make it right nice this. is good come on red red red red red red. we're already got a 1,000 we already got. a 1,000 x we're in good shape. man oh. oh oh we got 2,000 there. now he re. us maybe get the green somehow ah yeah. come. on oh just see the seeing the all right. come on big one here no don't do the dis. now no it's got to be here we go. nice oh we got 3,000 ni to got to. believe got to believe let's believe. 3,000. here. oh that's nice oh my God four oh my God. 4,000 pleas stop please don't stop. please re oh my God it keeps going there. oh my God that was a 700k win that was a. 700k hit two spits left got 5,000 oh my. God please please pleas. please oh my God last spin here please.

Re and it's hitting and the beans beans. beans yes oh my God we're Break Even. we're done we're done it's even . a. he. yes yes yes one bonus and we're. even that was nice oh my God 4 to break. even 4.6 we even have 500k profit yes. yes ah yes. deserved my God. deserved with 10 minutes left to hit. that 12h hour mark that was that took a. lot of boneses to. get super rare but I don't know it's. oh. R. oh. okay okay not a good buildup. but could be one of those you. know could be cuz I'm not thrill about. this oh my. God okay okay okay okay calm down calm. down chat baby calm down. calm. down oh my God it's okay keep. tumbling lost that game. okay good come on there. now no. oh. nice. o. oh okay. nice good here oh. nice oh. oh. hey hey hey. hey. wait oh. he CH all. right get your statel ready I think I. think we're going to win into something.

Phenomenal knowing Sugar Rush this might. be spectacular all right you guys ready. we still have 20 one spins left and. we're building something extraordinary. in the. middle middle right here we got. something beautiful in the middle here. come. on. there oh. oh my God look at this oh Lord just look. at 256 right there 256 right. there okay okay okay okay. okay oh man can we just get something. like a big cluster here big cluster here. oh oh I. sorry no. way. please o yes yes yes oh my God. hey oh. hey o. go oh so nervous right. now come on come. on. green. oh oh my God there's so many big. oh come on. green green look at the green now. there come on oh my God that's another. scatter up. there oh please just big closer. here oh my god. oh oh look at. that oh. oh just oh please just big cluster here. please oh look at that look at that.

Multiplier look at these . multipliers right now 1, what is it on. one square 1,24 EGS I think just on one. and there are two like oh my God just. big cluster please just one big . cluster right there it's all I. need come on come on. oh my. god. oh yes. yes yes. yes yes yes yes yes yes oh my God that's. now a 10,000 x win all right that's now. a 10,000 x wi we're still in the game. we're still in the game we have. three spins left one big cluster. oh my god oh. Lord come on okay. oh okay come on okay I'm going to. click it I'm going to click. it I'm going to click it now here we. go oh come. on please please please please. oh. okay come on now come on come on come on. come on baby come on come on come on. come on now come on come on come on now. come. on. okay okay last spin now unless we're. going to re please. re oh I'm so.

N oh come on okay here we go last bin. now last bin please just give me a re. now please give me a re here we go last. bin are you guys ready come on I'm going. to. click here we go all. right I'll take that a oh. oh my God holy. oh my. God oh. my. oh that going be so oh so. oh where's Alex at uh I don't know he. probably has to wait for his next salary. to be able to tip. nice. build. build. build. build we build Ro City come join the. show all. oh my hey we got hey green and it's uh. hey hey hey hey hey look at that 256 on. this set up with seven spins left get a. re here and it's going to be phenomenal. we're not going to even need to oh my. God that's now a. two two x and 5 x right next to each. other right there one more. here one more closer here. you're so . predictable you're so nice hit nice hit. nice hit bubs you're so predict open up.

Your Satchel 62 let's double up as long. as we get these doubles up I don't mind. but sometimes these these These buildups. are so incredibly incredibly D so you it. just feels like it's wasted even though. that was a good win you feel like you're. wasting that potential like you know. sett settling with a a 1,000x instead of. a. 10,000x. but that's way they cookie. crumbles eat this eat this chat. ah four scatters. three. okay Benes I I I saw you oh my God here. we go oh it is engaged it is it is on it. is on chat we're doing it we're getting. there it's getting there that's the. second R oh four scatters as well two. times oh my God. oh my. God oh my God how many spins you have. left 25 + 12 so. that's 27 spins 27 spins remaining wait. I got to tweet this out immediately. immediately I promise to do that I going.

To have to do that uh 20 spins left on. Sugar. Rush Oh my God oh my God here we go here. we go here we go here we go here we go. here we go here we go here we go here we. go here we go is this the M Drake Drake. Drake I hope so bro I hope. so oh my. God come. on come on. come on oh my God we we even have a. chance to get uh oh even more Rees think. about that just think about that for a. second. come on build it up build it up. build it up oh my. God get this get this orange here. as well oh 2 want spins left. hey. hey. okay okay here we. go come on. come. on I I I'm. I'm come on baby come on. baby son of a gun we've seen it dropping. two in one spin all the no even we got. four scatters like twice now but it is. possible it is possible can drop even. three in one. tumble. so here we. go. good [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] come on keep.

Going here look at these look at this. board damn look at. that we got I think two or three 500 AES. there there we got 500 there oh my God. we still got 11 spins left 11 spins. left. oh good keep going I ain't going to. still that with this we got we got our. first th000 X now on the board the first. th000 XS on the. board please please please. oh come. on come. on come. on come on come on come on come on don't. stop don't stop don't. stop come on man come on come. on if we get one more it's over oh my. look at that look at these look at these. three. of scatter tumble scatter. tumble look at these thousand eggs oh my. God come on how does it how many eggs do. we have there I think I saw four we have. 4,000 combined on a cluster then. probably like 500 as well as around. I think we have four 1,000 xes hey come. on up.

Please. please oh my. God a four minut. remaining. oh oh. my oh oh. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes oh. my God oh my. God oh my God. yes yes okay okay. okay oh oh. oh okay we are getting. there okay that's close that's close to. a what is that 8 x what is. that oh my God look at that board look. at that. board we still got 11 spins left. ah oh my God look at that board I cannot. oh look get get the get that one. oh. oh oh maybe the red here now right yes. yes no I. thought how Spin Six spins left six. spins left now chat eat this come on. oh no I mean I mean it's a great win no. don't get me. wrong yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. yes yes come. on look at. that look at that one that's a just I. don't know what the we are up to. now that's a. just a cluster of something Big Max. that's. it here we. go here we go. man. oh hey what do we need for Max what do.

We need for Max what do we need for Max. wait $600 what is the max what is the. max. here oh my God 15 we need 15 to get a. Max okay okay okay we have two spins. left two spins left we got more thousand. xes on the grid than ever before this is. my personal best here we. go oh my God please yes okay last. spin last spin we're getting there we're. getting there come on chat come on come. on chat 2.3 to get a Max. 2.3 2.3 here we go baby here we go here. we go here we go here we go come. on thank. you yes yeah yes it's a Max I didn't. realize that. yes. yes. yes oh my God I didn't realize. that oh my. God oh my. God oh my God m. 25,000. eggs. oh. 25,000. eggs. oh. oh my. throat ah. oh. oh oh my God what a. run 44. spins oh my God Let me refresh the chat. sorry chat H chat is time uh it's. lagging there we go what's up chat I see.

You now. holy. oh oh my God what a. run oh my. God replay of course of course of course. of. course first of all we're going to put. away this money immediately I'm not. going to spend. that oh. chat you w you have now witnessed. something. historical 25,000 EG. tonight holy I cannot even [ __ ]. believe how that went from nothing to so. like that that was this wait this is the. bones that got us two re with four. scatters right am I right yeah that was. or am I mixing it up now. I'm like completely. blackout I'm like it's a complete. blackout now I don't even remember how. the we even got up. here oh my. God adrenaline this is how adrenaline. looks like. ah oh my. God holy what a like 12 hours ago. or 11 hours ago we started with the most. terrible start that we can have would. have ever imagined we were playing. roulette we lost shitloads just a.

day in. general then this. comes oh wow

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