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Hey guys how's it going. eat a hoagie here today we're gonna be. on golden egg scene oh and we're gonna. be teaching guys a little bit how to. play relax I'm gonna explain to you some. of the odds how the game works I'm gonna. break it down for you I'm gonna explain. the interface and hopefully answer some. of the questions that you may have now. if you haven't signed up for this site. you can very easily go over to play us. a.com slash bonus and we have some of. the best and most exclusive signup codes. out there you can get free casino cash. no deposit needed match bonuses all. kinds of things for you guys to get in. the game for free so if you want to. check that out head over to play or stay. calm slash bonus and get signed up now. today we're on gold among Cena like I. said what's cool about playing online is.

A lot of people have maybe they feel a. little uncomfortable about going into a. casino for the first time they don't. know how the games work it's a little. intimidating so I'm here to kind of. explain things and you guys go check it. out for yourself so we're gonna click. over here for live roulette there's. different versions but this is probably. one of my favorite it actually has a. real dealer in the game so what the way. that this works is a demo player real. play so demo play is for play money real. play is for real money so we're gonna go. over and play some real play now as you. can see we're in the game there's real. sound. now you can mute that sound down at the. bottom if you want on the bottom of the. interface you'll also see that there is. a click the chat you can actually talk. to the dealer and ask your questions.

About the game you can ask her how the. odds work if you forget about something. that's what's great about the chat you. can ask them and it shows up on their. end and they can read it and answer you. live now as you can see on the rest of. the interface you have at the bottom. here your balance you have the amount. that you would like to bet on this game. up top here you can see that the minimum. is $1 bet the maximum is 2,000 it also. leaves for you the odds of the game if. you weren't sure on how the odds work it. explains it right here so for example. you might say what is straightup mean. it says straight up the minimum is one. dollar maximum is 100 it has a thirty. five to one payout what that means is. that is a straightup number so for. example if you take your bet. and you place it on one of the numbers.

On the board there that is the number. you're trying to hit and that number. will allow you to get 35 to 1 if the. number hits okay so a lot of people like. to play the birthdays or an anniversary. you know whatever number means something. to them or do they just some random. numbers now you can also place more than. one bet on those numbers this is. generally referred to as the inside of. the board people will say you're playing. the inside so we're just laying out a. bunch of numbers here and you can also. split a number like I just did here 26. and 29 now you'll get 35 to 1 if you hit. it this way if you hit a random number. now if you split a number let's say. you're doing a dollar you'll get 17 back. plus your dollar you'll get $18 back on. a split so you can split numbers so that. means I can if 26 or 29 hits then I get.

Half that I get the 17 plus the 1 now if. just the number hits straight up here I. get 35 the 1 odds on that that's very. simple people like playing numbers. sometimes numbers might means it's. something to them and they hit boom very. simple we won we put a number on 10 we. got 35 to 1 back and you might say well. it says you won 36 yes we won 35 plus we. get our dollar back that's 30 36 dollars. now the other thing you do is you can. play what's called the outside very. simple some people like just put down a. bet on a color red or black now I'm. gonna put a dollar down on black and as. you can see it highlights the board all. the black numbers and if one of those. numbers hits then I am a winner and I. double up very simple like that now you. might see up top you might say well what. are those green numbers I see zero and.

Double zero how does that work what is. that all about well if you have red or. black and a green hits well I'm sorry to. tell you you lose that's out of the play. of there but if you do put a number a. bet down like a dollar on zero that. still does pay 35 to one odds so right. now we lay down a bet and the winning. number was red so obviously we didn't. have it that time. now on the other outside you can also. play different things as well like even. in odds same thing like red and black it. doubles up if you hit an even number and. it highlights the board for you can so. you can see all the even numbers that. playing as well now someone might say. well can I play even and I want to play. my lucky number is four so yes you can. play both you can play an even number. and you can play an inside number you. don't have to just simply play outside.

And just simply play inside you can do. both at the same time so right now we're. gonna place a bet on and eat any even. number so if any even number hits we. double up and if a four hits then we get. to 35 to one odds on that some of the. other things you can do besides that on. betting that is betting what's called. columns now columns pay two to one all. these are laid out here in columns so. there we go we hit our number again and. we hit the right color we doubled up so. you can play a column as it's. highlighted here so let's play the first. column and that means that all the. numbers in the first comment that. doesn't mean you get thirty five to one. if one of those hits because you're. playing the entire board you do get two. to one on your money. if that happens so that's another way. that you can play and try to hit on that.

Now we can also play for corners we can. drop a dollar in one of these four. corners and it highlights four corners. there now if you hit the corners let's. bring that box up again that pays out. eight to one on your money if you play. four numbers so a lot of people like to. keep it simple they like to just play. the outside red or black even or odd or. they like to just pick up straight. numbers and try to hit that way as well. so the other thing you can do on this. game is play by thirds so for example if. I just want to play this whole area here. the first twelve I can put a dollar. there and if one of these numbers hit. then again we're gonna hit twoto-one on. that and we're gonna get paid out so if. anything's our one through twelve hits. again that counts as a win that does not. include zero in double zero what you can.

See is laid out up top that is not. included in this you see the countdown. there it goes down to thirty seconds you. might say after 30 seconds hey I can't. get my bed in here what is going on you. only have 30 seconds to place the bet. the dealer then grabs the ball they're. gonna roll it around and we have to wait. till the ball lands before we can reset. and place another bet so when the timer. comes back up here that's when the bets. are live so I hope that explains you how. the game works I try to keep it very. simple just explaining the very basics. of this tutorial and I hope that you try. it out and have a lot of fun make sure. you go over to play osa comm / bonus. signup for all these exclusive deals and. also check out our youtube page and you. can see all the different tutorials on. all the casino games we got going on so.

again I mean Hoagy thank you for tuning. in I'll see you guys soon thanks. you

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