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What is going on you absolute. degenerates welcome back to the Daily D. YouTube channel guys today we are. reacting to your guys' biggest wins real. money real people real wins here on. stake and Stak us using code daily. everyone on here today is using code. daily on steak of stake us this one is. from JY in the Discord 100x coin there. that is. fantastic just keep on going but I hope. you guys are having a fantastic day. today make sure to hit that like button. make sure to subscribe if you guys have. not done so already let's have uh let's. have a very good lucky lucky session for. everyone another 100x coin that's just. ridiculous that's actually insanely. rare three stack WS on the. right this is so good oh this is so good. this is so. good this is so nice it's going be a lot. of. money five stack was in the middle.

That's like a 700x right there. 700 x plus three over 1,000 x win so far. come on one more collector. oh big one more collector will do. it oh my god there you go this is going. to be huge this is going to be. huge I mean this is. guaranteed to be like a 2,000x probably. this is crazy. a two stack WS in the middle that's so. Shameless better give at least six on. the. right better give at least six on the. 200 at. least. okay okay give him a give him a six. Stacks yeah it is six dude I'm so smart. it's like it's like I've already watched. it I haven't watched anything this is. still massive how much we talking 3,000. x win for jski let's go man. congratulations we got Gates philippus. president said this was in the Allin. bonus buy the power let's see if it's. crazy. Char all in bonus bu it's a 500x are you. kidding me on the first first.

Spin elemental. power purple's in a multi purple's. Green's multi Rings green. multi. multi. Wow Wow Browns yes dude that's so crazy. all my God that's so much money that I. mean this could. be this could I mean it's not it's not. Max it's definitely not Max but it's. probably going to be like a 10,000 x win. in. total way more 14,000 x this going to be. Max win actually that was a huge. tumble it's just not acting like a. Max crazy man crazy crazy crazy sensal. could be come. on. yellows zap. it elemental. power there's no. way there's no. way brother 14,500 a you kidding me all. right we got. uh Liams leam from the Discord on Zeus. forcades State Qs 20 C bet. size okay last real wild. ew it's not what you want to. see okay it's makeing it a little bit. better but not much cuz it's a. 2X imagine like a I'm going to say it.

Imagine a 50x drop right here here okay. I thought it was 50x hey this is still. going to be huge here we go here we go. five spins of. this that's not huge come on Jesus. Christ are you kidding. me this is so much money for three more. spins we have this crazy setup are you. kidding. me okay not bad. over 2,000x last bin that's huge that's. huge that's huge how much we talking. bang baby almost a 5,000 x win thanks to. that last spin let's go when you sign up. to stake or stake us make sure to use. code daily at the bottom where it says. code optional this will enter you into. our $155,000 monthly leaderboard and the. $25,000 that I give out to players on. code daily every single month in. giveaways make sure to join our Discord. as well at discord.gg Daily gambo claim. all of your prizes Ronan had said that. my uh my video inspired him to do a $500.

Bonus buy regular bonus Buy on Sugar. Rush. 1000 appreciate you roning it hopefully. uh everything was good with uh. everything that you were doing. appreciate you man for. real let's see how this goes now hearts. are. in beans got to be in here. beautiful love to see the re absolutely. love it come on this is on stake us on. code daily come on. now all right 10 spins now what it. starts now it's pretty it's pretty sad. that start I'm not going to lie 10 dead. spins basically. Reds are in hearts are. in pinks are in here we go keep going. now come on greens green. stars sure purple Bears into the green. stars come. on purple Bears and the Green. Stars. dude still not bad though come on we can. work it out beans are in Greens oh yeah. freaking 1,000x hold on still going. still. going six spins remaining over a 1,000x. win that's a huge win right here huge.

Hit oh yeah green stars again orange. Bears on the right doesn't really matter. too much but maybe it can do. something. okay four more 32. X's good. red. Bears last two dude doesn't matter this. is going to be huge no matter what I. mean this is. $6,000 let's go man let's go baby good. stuff good win time we got a loha mam on. Karen Maneater we don't watch too much. of this slot uh but it can actually pay. I mean you get this setup it's actually. really. good 11 spins left B all you're doing is. you got to collect or connect one of. these two one of these two symbols and. you're good to. go that's going to pay a lot that's. going to pay a lot even though it's not. even a premium 10 C bedsid paying 60. come on. Now One Premium it's. GG good another one another 45 bucks. sure. th. X. AK DP. again last two. spins that's going to be good beer beer.

All the way how. much oh. freaking 4,800 x win because of the. beer let's go baby we got Rolex in the. Discord showcasing a big win on big bass. secrets of golden Lake let's see. it I've not had a good bonus myself on. this okay I can't say that I did spit. into a huge bonus and it paid pretty big. like it paid like 400 x. 300X so I can't say it wasn't good. because it paid a lot here we. go oh wow lots of fishes Jesus $18 fish. beautiful beautiful. over 100x win so far we just got two. fisherman good dude these fish are. massive I wonder honestly I didn't even. check I wonder if this is the. gold no it might not. be oh come. on that's ridiculous. y this might this might be the gold uh. feature like the super bonus cuz this is. crazy sorry guys I'm like a little sick. so this is nuts like every fish is. huge okay it it's 100% the gold feature.

100 million. per. 1 million. per. one more. fisherman come. on. really. okay okay times three now. here we go bring them out bring them. out like I mean that's ridiculous four. huge fish I've never seen it like that. that's got to be it it 100% has to be. the gold feature the the the super bonus. it is it. is it's. insane over 1,000 x on a big bat slot. that's. respectable. huge huge man times 10 territory now. bring him. out like look at this this is absolutely. stupid. that is so crazy that's. massive dude this guy's going to hit a. 2,000x without even getting the time. 10 crazy crazy man all right last re or. last 10 spins let's go. a good hit sure bunch of Guppies though. come on where's the big one yeah that's. huge that's so much money freaking 450. bucks right there way over a. 2,000x what else can we get come. on can definitely buy a new Rolex with.

This not yet oh that would have helped. Jesus. good good come on. three more spins three more chances. beautiful sure we'll take 135 sure keep. going one more big one. though one more big. one dude that would have been good last. spin hey we take that let's go Rolex. congratulations man we have Aurora from. the Discord you guys saw him a couple. months ago or a couple weeks ago having. the craziest wins of his life he's back. again he's back again with the freaking. fruit Party Max win I I mean what are we. even talking about $6,000 for a roll out. congratulations man that is that is nice. we have Nick in the Discord showcasing. lendy do guys we have last three bonuses. today I hope you guys are enjoying the. video if you are make sure to hit that. Thumbs Up Button make sure to subscribe. if you guys have not done so already go.

Check me out on the daily gambling. YouTube channel and also I stream pretty. much every single day on kick.com daily. gambling would love to see you guys. there we've done last week was like what. $2,000 in giveaways uh this coming week. we have Community Day on Tuesday and we. also have the monthly leaderboard payout. the $115,000 monthly leaderboard payout. uh starting up on Tuesday or Wednesday. so um you guys are about to be guys are. about to be blessed those of you guys. that are on code daily on stake or Stak. us good start here look at this. 25 coin times 10. whoa. whoa It's like. 850x 880x plus a multiplier Jesus Christ. dude this is crazy. over a 3,000 x win there you. go there you. go congratulations Nick you have broken. the. game that's. nice that's also pretty. good one. multi fine dude it's still so. good on drop it drop it that's fine not.

Bad dude that's crazy let me know what. your guys' favorite uh win was today I'm. going to say honestly big bass big bass. was my favorite one today from Rolex uh. but let me know what you guys think uh. there's some good ones there are some. good ones Sugar Rush is pretty good. Hades obviously four uh four Wilds is. crazy uh we have fruit Party Max win so. let me know in the comments down below. what your favorite win was actually. genuinely curious what slots you guys uh. enjoy seeing on the big wins on on this. channel hey come on one more blue one. more. blue one more. blue PR trieg okay much needed one more. blue come on no way oh no somehow we get. orange. Jesus all right let's see it clutch. retrigger oh this going be huge this. going to be huge this going to be huge. double wild double wild as well look at.

this freaking 10x beautiful 9x beautiful. dude this going be so much money and a. wild line there how much is that 10. cents paying out. 235 2,400 x win let's go simply Tim with. the big win last up is Aloha Adam this. is the tombstone rip super. bonus let's see it man good luck I've. not seen this super bonus yet. again guys if you did not like the video. yet and subscribe make sure to like the. video and subscribe but I appreciate you. all very very much I'm pretty sure these. are sticky too that's crazy look at this. this is going to be. enormous this is. stupid this cost. $95 wild man. that's so good hey we'll take it 3,400 a. we'll see you guys again tomorrow have a. good rest of your. day peace

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