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Hello Little Toaster minions thank you. for clicking the video again today we. have $50,000 in the balance and we're. going to try to wager $100,000 on Gates. now Gates isn't the best slot so it. might be a little hard and if we get it. we might do a little celebration at the. end of the video so stay tuned start. with the 10K yes works for me 40K left. 10K wagered yeah let me uh get this. phone off the desk desk so nobody. complains oh yeah you could always throw. it on do not disturb that's what I do. yeah I could bro but for some reason I. don't like to do that because if I get. an important text I kind of want to like. peek over at it and see like what's. going on I see makes sense to me so. what's on the floor now this is a nice. start it's a really nice start wa nice. didn't even see crowns coming in 7x and.

Okay we're already profit on like spin. two uhhuh wow okay it's you're going to. make it easy. yeah it probably won't die we've got. like so many spins left. yeah maybe sand clocks that's what I was. thinking too no I guess not. jipped I thought we were one off of. rings there I didn't realize we had the. one down here I didn't even have my eyes. on rings I was kind of looking at. Blues feel like we haven't had a Gates. bonus with a good start in a while. no no no. no 13 though with six spins and we're. already in profit so everything else is. just bread and butter yep and we already. got the three on here greens there we go. uh s for sure they're in and then. chalice is no couldn't get it to connect. wow still 5K though what if we just do. whatever this pays we go in with okay. well pays right now that would be a 5k.

Buy is that what you mean or total I. meant like total so 15 yeah 16 now okay. yeah I'm on the same page I just wanted. to see what you were talking about all. right 20x come on give us a spinner. tooo oh yellows greens there we go green. s. clock do you see s clocks or no I don't. 16 it's not bad let's go for that I'll. crack a. 16 y y y y I hate that I got sick I. don't know if my voice sounds any. different but anyone watching this I am. uh sick right now so I noticed it when. we hopped in the call mhm just. congestion and a really bad sore throat. probably like the worst sore throat I've. had in like a long time it's so dick too. bro because every time you swallow it. like bothers you know yeah it's not like. something you can just walk away from. right and I can feel it when I'm like. talking as well ah yeah super shitty I.

Took some uh some Dayquil though feel a. little bit better nice not not. perfect I don't expect it to fix it. either but coat your throat with some. honey take a little Spoonful I heard. that I looked it up like how to fix it. and that said was uh to use honey I. don't have any s to it okay hit a little. grocery store after the recording sash. probably I need food anyway yeah you. could do that and try some tea I don't. know how you know how if it works or not. like if it's effective but you could try. it oh are we chalice blue to chalice. come. on profit right here good tumble yeah I. went on for so. long I don't know if it is 7K okay that. was a really long tumble though. yeah nothing. else I'll take the 2x though I guess. mhm wow you want to keep the same energy. and just maybe throw it a 10 down if. this doesn't pay anymore I would do a 10.

All right I think we did a f uh I'm. sorry I'm sorry I think we did a 10 and. then a 16 now we're doing another 10 so. we're at 36k wager already mhm and we're. only down 10K wow that was a lot of. multis yeah it would have been nice if. we got them. statistically we're only supposed to. lose four grand if we wager. 100K but that have to be over like years. of. playing so I guess it does that. statistic doesn't really mean anything. at all right but it's cool to talk about. yeah dead bonus if I've ever seen one. mhm when will Gates be on I guess we've. had we actually we had a good win on. here recently yeah I mean we just had a. small one today so we know he's able to. do it still yeah the casino hasn't shut. him down. right come on you know I know we had. that Max win here and obviously that. felt great but when we had that spin in.

Like whatever that big one was on the on. the spin that felt amazing on here yeah. wasn't that like like maybe 2 years ago. I don't know I feel like I don't. remember it if it. was you know if it was like like 30k 40K. with like a 500 4K is what my head's. telling me okay then it probably was. couldn't be too too serious though I. don't know honestly I'll do a 20 if. you're really trying to do it yeah I. would go for it it helps the wager but I. don't know if it's going to help the. balance I really hope it does yeah just. it felt like it was going a little slow. the video felt a little bit slow to me. so we had to put a little turbo on it. like a little tune yeah huh make it. exciting with some profit on this 20K bu. yeah I would like blues or purples here. we go greens as well yeah nice really. nice yellows now nice this 2x though is.

So shitty we're only going to. make 2K yeah it's pretty horrible oh my. God multi this you idiot nice. thank you now it's about 9k yeah really. not bad cool seven axe with 10. spins there's really not much more I. like than that I would have liked those. three. multis yeah that was for sure oh yeah. they're there or a random 100x yeah yeah. that'd be cool. mhm okay so this is a pretty good bonus. even if it doesn't pay anymore like you. know my heart isn't hurting yeah that. being down 5K would be it' be better to. be like if we get a multi here yeah come. on I honestly see ourselves being way up. in profit now like not total for the. video but just for this Buy. I can't imagine it taking a turn I. didn't think that was oh crowns hit. again yes now we're in profit how much. though 32 32 48 double double up we're.

Definitely going to wager this 100K. easily oh and we hit we hit chales too. yellows come on yellows Yellow Nice. greens you see greens look at these. multis stacking what is this going to be. like 24 yeah. 24 wow nice money on money on money yeah. I'm going to need another piggy bank now. if we could pop no no maybe maybe not oh. it's too long damn 12 would have been. nice. too can anything else hit red maybe oh. Red's C of yeah just multis coming on. for the top little Cherry nice 62 okay. well we have 86 now so it's not a bad. idea to do another one but it's yeah. cool it's a good idea cool I'm I am in. for it cool if you guys haven't already. dropped a like on the video make sure. you do that now let's try and get 2,000. likes for this this Gates of Olympus. session yes yes right now I think we're. at 56k now wagered 76 oh 76 I missed a.

20K oh cuz it's the second yeah got it. got it got it got it oh yeah you know. yep we're going to be like done with. this and then it's going to be like I. don't know we're going to have probably. more than we started with and we pass. the challenge yeah so maybe we could. take it somewhere else for the people. that don't like Gates yeah I get it if. they don't like Gates totally get it. oh good call. thanks I'm feeling a little. behind yeah just a little. bit technically we could still do. another 20K and still be in profit I. think yeah oh wait well cave yeah yeah. yeah yeah. come on brother make some money here. just a little bit more wow damn that was. a really bad 20K that was a bad one I. would do another 20 if you want but I. understand if You' want to do something. lower like I I get it yeah let's do it. let's just make it third time a charm.

See what happens. yeah and now we're at 96 so there we. are basically completed mhm if this paid. profit would you do another 20K mhm okay. just Absol abolutely finish it off give. us a multi please 10x $830 tumble is. going to waste no. yeah all right that would have been cool. too I would have taken it. but get me off come on start dropping. multis. now come on it's like you forgot how. there we go finally but it. missed this is a dead bonus bro we we. are not making 20K back I don't know we. could I mean three it's better like you. never know I don't see anything. happening here you never know true you. really. don't seven man dud I would have. taken I don't know if Seven's enough man. I think it is if we get rings and chales. yeah watch this chales now we have a. five here no no chales but we got a. pretty decent multi yeah I like the.

Multi. now oh my. god wow that. eight the eight could have saved us with. a connect yeah well now we broke the. wager yeah so what what do we do from. here well actually we didn't we're at 96. right but any buy really counts yeah I. don't know maybe yeah do a 14 something. small right now. and then we'll have to rethink if we. want to stay here or if we want to go. somewhere else yeah that uh documentary. that you were going to send I thought it. was pretty interesting the Tommy G I. like Tommy G yeah yeah popped up in uh. my subbox oh nice 10 that looks pretty. interesting yep where is 981 and the. other guy I didn't know I didn't even. know about the other guy I mean I knew. about where's 981 but not the other one. yeah I didn't know anything about Benz. either the 981 though that's the reason. why I was going to send it to you.

Because I know you like watching his. povs well I I used to but. yeah nothing wrong with it dude you put. me on to him I guess you were watching. it way back when we liveed together yeah. I feel like I could never do that though. you know it's too too dangerous yeah. seriously I like how Tommy V made or. Tommy G made the video too where it's. more of like a I don't know hey this is. super dangerous here's the honest. opinions and here's a lot. of how again this is this is crazy hang. on Blues we got a six. Fu holy nice Blues give us. blues yes bro wow what is this 30k times. 20. 53 all right we're over 100 we doubled. our balance and wager the 100K it makes. it so easy to have fun now yeah I was. just saying like he made the video very. informational and it wasn't like a d gen. he's just whipping the car around and.

Not considering other people yep he. wasn't saying like this you know this is. cool you guys should go do this yeah yep. very very good video yeah. I don't know if you watched it but Tommy. G put out a video about a year ago about. the tunnels in Las Vegas that's another. good video I didn't see that one I think. you sent it but I I never ended up. watching it. yeah last spin let's make something yeah. something insane more Rings. maybe uh Blues maybe I meant uh crowns. not Rings red uh tough 67 though that's. really good do we want to leave here. while we're up I'm down to move but I. don't want to move GES cuz it's pay okay. do you want us to stay with like a 16. then yeah perfect if you're cool with it. yeah and if you guys haven't already. sign up for count stake when you do make. sure you use code Fork that'll.

Automatically enter you into our monthly. wager leaderboard over on toaster GG but. let's just let's get into this bonus buy. yeah it kind of just makes the most. sense to stay here in my opinion yeah I. would stay too I just I don't know if it. was getting boring or not but obviously. not it's paying yeah that's how I feel. yeah that was tough to get through that. little uh thing right there kind of. hurt if the throat yeah wow dude look at. this stacking again that's 12K cuz we. got 13 of those purples I don't know why. it feels so easy right now to make money. on Gates I don't know it's like the old. Gates yeah even though back I don't know. back in the day we didn't it wasn't like. you know better I guess right it's just. been the same yeah 10 spins and we are. so close to profit yeah it's. like a free bonus at this point.

Yeah and he's still chucking these. multis in I I love it I thought we were. going to have some more go there like. yellows Reds green or Blues how much. would would would chuck chuck if a wood. chuck could chuck wood is that a tongue. twister or is that like. a what is that would you say I think it. is considered a tongue. twister I don't know the S seashell one. and I also don't know the P pepper one I. think it's she sells sea shells by the. seashore there's nothing else to it. that's it I think that's it I could be. wrong but I don't know Reds yeah for. sure oh blues Rings. Rings I'll take Rings now Rings there. they are this is huge this 30. 25k dude and a 4X dude oh my God it's. almost P yeah I kind of want to stand up. cuz of the consistency right now. yeah crowns again wow this is another 30. or. 40. 99. yes this is not how I Ed our first video.

Of the day to go no just 100x or a. 100K in the balance casually. yeah rings come on rings do it one more. time oh 100k this is 100k win from I. know what are we doing what do we do. from here I don't know bro this . video was like kich kich easy peasy cake. 20K I'm down yeah no why not like you. know not do anything stupid not going to. throw 50 in maybe no no no no no we've. had a great video I don't see any reason. to do that yeah keep our uh balance like. here 180. yeah I don't know why I couldn't like um. what is it called like talk to you about. that there no oh cuz I was trying to say. I said maybe for the 50k but I didn't. want to do one like I said it I was. trying to say I think it'd be a bad idea. oh I don't know if I have like brain fog. or what but could be I mean you're sick. Bro you got to you got to like actually.

Pay attention to you're not the normal. totor right now yeah I just got to lock. in yeah maybe watch some like. motivational videos in between this. video and the next one yeah some who's. going to carry the boats yep some Tav. cogin yep. yeah all right I don't see anything oh. they there we go all of them just. dropped in there were two before how is. it still alive I just I don't get it I. actually don't get it 1.6k for the. tumble like that's a multi would have. been appreciated though no hate on Gates. he's been great to. us eight and a six yeah building 14. nice three. are we going to get to this 20K I don't. think so I think we're going to be out. of here with. 5.9. unless we get a. multi well there's a. multi okay yeah now it's that's it right. mhm so obviously this one was dead but I. don't think we actually know the slots.

Dead until you see two dads so like 18. or what are you thinking that's perfect. for me my original thought was a 14 and. 18 really isn't that far off considering. the profit we have I think I almost. would have been more down for a. 14 we should have just talked. about it then damn I don't know why I. always bite my tongue and just let you. like kind of just like say it and you. you got to say like oh yeah let's. actually do this instead you know yeah. we got to hear uh your opinion yeah yeah. all right Gates now your job we're doing. ours we could always just run that team. viewer and you could just you know go. crazy we should do that for the next. time we do an all over the C well. obviously those videos but even the. mines ones if we were to run over to. mines or something you know instead of. me just saying q1 number four Q2 number.

three it'd be way easier and it'd flow. way better yeah we'll think of it. yep. well do you think we know now I think we. know and it seriously wouldn't be mad. just taking this profit maybe we don't. know maybe we don't hang you see a last. spin. surprise no we got one. more one more maybe if we get something. no I say we just take the 180k we turn. 50 into 180 which is insane hope you. guys enjoyed this video and we'll see. you all tomorrow bye universe is when. I'm. Dreaming got my eyes closed but I ain't. sleeping

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