12.05.2024 Last to Survive Extreme Roulette wins $10,000 - Challenge

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What is up gamers we have a giant. roulette wheel and 100 minecraft players. trapped in the middle here's how it work. but what I'm gonna do is I'm going to. open the gates. which allows them to pick a number so. I'm gonna lock the gates and if they're. not in a number they're dead Carl and. Chandler are also both playing now the. gates are locked everyone here that has. not picked a number is defiant I'm sorry. for everyone that's about to die and. that is all the rules good luck you can. win $10,000 also if you're ever caught. hacking in any of my videos you are. permanently banned from our server now. I'm gonna roll the wheel the number is 5. let's go let's go not 10 not two. oh my goodness there's a lot of people. oh no a PewDiePie skin no poor Jedi. oh no way Jedi no he knows he's about to. die too he's the first person to ever.

Win 10 grand on this channel before I. kill you Jedi what did you spend the 10. grand on nothing yet before you if I. give you a nine steak can I can I get. mercy for no sorry bye I was about to. say I'll give you 64 steak to not give. him mercy can I fill the entire area. with lava and watch them slowly die if. that's what brings your heart desires. zone 5 sorry but the wheel picked you. you must go just got takes he's smart. look at him go oh wait this guy's sad. because of it you want some bud thank. you what's up good what was your what. time you want to celebrate entertain I'm. gonna open up the gates and I'm gonna. let him pick a new number all right I'm. about to close the gates let's see if. anyone gets locked out uh squid oh it's. good man bossy all you had to do was. pick a gate you didn't even give. yourself a chance at 10 grand he's gone.

And we're gonna spin the wheel do to do. boom oh my god that's the one I was at. last time I say this time we murdered. them with creepers oh man he's just. taking it like a man oh man run boy yo. we should we should have some creepers. out here just to spice it up all right I. added enough you don't need add I had. one this one's name is Bill all right. I'm gonna unlock the gates opening the. gates this is extra deadly look at Ahmad. they're so scared of the creepers. I'm going to 16 going to 3 carlos trying. to get in 16 oh I'm dying. pull up hey Chris Chris Chris yeah I'm. gonna spawn a creeper behind Carl watch. this watch this he doesn't see it he. didn't tall doesn't see it coming ha ha. got him. chris is trying to bamboozle me all. right I'm gonna go close to gates whoa I. was so close to the gay all right let's.

Go roll the dice boom. 11 you that's a three for three baby. here's what I'm gonna do Chris here's. the wooden sword they're toying with. them here's a wooden sword they're. toying with a hammer. here's a wooden sword fight to the dead. whoever's last standing gets to survive. entertain me oh look at that going in. for it really early all you see is just. sitting in the corner this PvP could win. them 10 grand the action is exciting we. gotta kill all right here we go he is. hitting a block yeah he missed. completely we got it we're just gonna. kind of peruse u1e battle royale GG you. get a second life all right opening the. gates all right pick a new number boys. perfectly between 16 and 3 locking the. gates Oh Chris Oh what he's stuck in the. gate he's stuck in the gate how do we. count this Oh. all right he's good hope I found.

Chandler he's over here here's a creeper. Chandler what all right that was all I. bet he's freaking out they didn't even. roll away all right what number is it 10. Chris I'm gonna put you in charge of. opening the gate all right I'm gonna do. it fast I'm angry I'm trusting you. Chandler okay cop I think we're good go. for it all right I'm locking the gates. three two one locked oh my gosh she may. barely made it. here you know what we should give him a. second chance sleep all right I got the. wheel. spinning nine oh dude I swear a lot of. people are just going to whatever the. last number was we should act like we. don't see that guy in the corner okay. and that should be everybody right Jimmy. look they're all pointy to him in the. corner go open the gates and as soon as. you do I'm gonna kill him opening the.

Gates right now oh no he was jumping. into it we have three stragglers for. stragglers this guy Steve Harvey assist. kid what is this honestly for that skin. I think we spare him. are you guys happy with what we're about. to do we're gonna do it right in front. of you you want to watch this person not. be alive anymore. gabie gabie gabie their body all right. let's roll the wheel you want me to roll. up for oh I love how you started backing. up like he was scared he did watch it if. I come over there get real scared he. doesn't eat years no man I love this. maybe he should fear a man to speed. things up every time it picks a number. from here on out we're filling it with. love for both oh whoa baby this ain't. Wendy's oh you mean Oh all right spend. the wheel rolling the wheel 1500 yeah. that's it Chandler Carl no way we.

Finally got away Oh beloved antler get. back in there wait Carl's killing. everybody Carl why did you kill. everybody because I don't know what you. guys know baby I'm sorry Bernie baby. knows he had to be put down I'm sorry. Carl. you evil menace you want to know. something what I was gonna have you to. duel to the death and let one of you. survive but no you guys had to go rogue. if you wanted to kill 3d baby yeah I. don't want you to get this satisfaction. Jimmy all right I'm gonna open the gates. they're all going after one person. follow this poor boy. all right let's lock the gates and roll. the wheel 14 I'm gonna kill this guy. because he's a chicken all right oh look. at that you can't swim in lava you idiot. what a dingus. why would he not just double tap space. and slide. oh my goodness Jimmy permission to kill.

Sands real quick what I'm feeling is the. ravager shall decide their fate. whoever's left standing last good it's. going only after saying why don't you. exceedance kill no hero I had some lava. into the mix to to like make it. interesting. Oh who was he going for No Oh Gillis. Mart he used the lava to his advantage. he was nasty always training it around. the lava let's go. what a genius he's really like Gila in. the anime he's using his brain oh my. goodness and they both survived but I. still have to cover this place in love. with Tila watch out yo go can I roll the. wheel nine. Marcus the person is this Marcus Pierson. no oh then he can just start all right. bend it again three lava I'm up all. right here's what we're gonna do we're. gonna let the Revengers decide I'm gonna. go ahead and start filling this with.

Lava the Ravagers have spoken none shall. rear o thirteen uh in the main show I. spent 24 hours in solitary confinement. and I had to wear this orange suit and. it sucked. so since he also has an orange suit on. I'm gonna spare him if he can survive. two creepers all right he gets open the. gates. oh you locked this creeper out he was. going over there he was trying to get in. nine ah no I'm gonna let them commit. sudoku themselves you know the deal get. in by hey jump to get in the fire Steve. Steve I don't want to do this. get in fifteen people remain and $10,000. is still on the large jerks who is still. in this it jerks who wins that means. this can be a second time winning. $10,000 on this channel jerks who has a. sword or are you giving them weapons no. now in the next few minutes we're gonna. find out which one of these people won.

Ten smackeroonies let's roll the dice. one oh sure soon you may have won. $10,000 in a previous video but you did. not win $10,000 today but at least I. have one 10k that's big at least I have. $10,000 here Jimmy take a look at this. son yeah this lava pit is reserved for. people who have won $10,000 if I don't. sue Oh creepers are doing some business. aw man Chris I think you went a little. to him with the papers I think I did the. perfect amount 5 stones for me hit it. 11 there are exactly 10 people left oh. it's killer. all right you know it's time I grew up. and I stopped giving people an anime. skins favoritism I did it for you I knew. you couldn't do that spin the wheel. oh no sucksby you know 10 grand for you. know 10 grand for you open the gates. there's 5 people here and there's two. people there there are seven people that.

Remain but only one $10,000 no more. covering zones and lava close the gates. good luck spin the wheel yes. dingding-ding so my fix my lava mistake. I forgot not to do lava fix my mistakes. for me right to the dip entertain us. oh they're just ganging up on him oh. that wasn't right they just ganged up on. him. this guy is stuck oh well congrats you. are now one step closer to $10,000 there. are five people left open the gates. Chandler he's making a he's making a . lock the gates there's so many people. that have won money from this video amid. you won $5,000 and the dueling to the. death video yeah that's true and now. you're this close to winning $10,000. people are gonna think this is rigged if. you won two challenges but who cares. because they're not just you guys no one. of you are walking away with $10,000.

Spin the wheel oh well you know what. they say you can't win them all bored or. you were so close to winning ten grand. what do you want to say I just fine. maybe next a bit you'll win enough money. to buy a car admit I'd feel bad but you. already won money so the two people that. remain is Alan and zoffie instead of. letting the roulette wheel decide I. think we have some fun here's what we're. doing look both of you look at me I'm. holding up a hand I'm holding up either. one or two Jurassic which number do you. think I'm holding up if you pick the. wrong number you lose $10,000 um. probably one Alan do you think I'm. holding a two or one my hand has been. in front of the camera the whole time. and the number I'm holding is no way. sorry we need you to come over here this. is the pit for one alan gamer gross six.

nine eight three you just won $10,000. Allen how old are you I'm thirsty and. unisom won $10,000 you have a deeper. voice and Carl which one has the most. lava got it thank you everybody for. watching this mr. beast gaming video. make sure you subscribe and we'll see. you next time

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