Owning A Franchise

Owning A Franchise

The Benefits of Owning a Bar Franchise

Food and restaurant franchises continually rank in the top 10 business ventures thanks to their revenue-generating potential. These franchise concepts allow entrepreneurs to break into the competitive restaurant market with a proven model, established industry connections, well-developed training and marketing support.

Likewise, Beerhead Bar & Eatery, a growing bar and restaurant franchise, offers the same advantages for our franchisees. The franchise model combined with a unique concept built on the popularity of beer and its endless craft varieties attracts franchisees and guests alike.

A Proven Model for Success

Beerhead Bar & Eatery has a higher success rate than the average independent bar and restaurant as demonstrated by our eight locations and counting. It comes down to two big differentiators:

First, our brand’s experience in the bar and restaurant industry greatly reduces the chance of newcomers making common mistakes – like mismanaging money or neglecting marketing efforts – that startup independent bar owners are prone to. Beerhead’s developed and calculated systems and operations have been tested and perfected since the first location opened in 2012.

Second, Beerhead is a unique brand in the sea of fast casual concepts — offering 500 beers from classics to new local flavors. The varied assortment of flavors provides almost endless new taste experiences for guests. To ensure we’re able to consistently offer an evolving array of beer options, franchisees take advantage of a rock-solid inventory management system.

A Wealth of Industry Relationships

The experienced Beerhead founders have developed relationships across the beer industry to build a solid supply chain. This alleviates the intimidation factor for franchisees when faced with the prospect of coordinating distributor relationships.

Typically, franchise brands pay a lower cost for goods since the franchisor has negotiated a better price for a high volume of product. The Beerhead supply chain delivers an array of beers to franchise owners for a lower price than exists for the average independent bar and restaurant owner.

Training and Support from the Start

An independent business owner will need to devote a lot of time to developing and perfecting training best practices. But entrepreneurs that own and operate a franchise benefit from established and proven training and support systems. Franchisee training helps new owners transition into the system smoothly and learn the brand’s established operations before putting them into practice.

Beerhead spends a significant amount of time training new franchisees on its simple operations. This allows franchisees to easily train their employees on operating the business. For example, Beerhead’s BeerU employee training program (link to BeerU blog post) – that educates staff on beer terminology, flavors and pairings – teaches staff how to guide guests in choosing the perfect beer to satisfy their taste. It also provides instruction to help staff create a personalized experience for guests that differs from the typical bar scene.

Each Beerhead franchisee has a close, personal relationship with the brand’s leadership team. Not only does this strengthen the support system, but it allows franchisees to contribute to the development of the brand as well. Proper training and a supportive franchisor ensure you’re in business for yourself, not by yourself.

Local Marketing Support Helps Create Buzz

As an emerging brand, it’s important to leverage local marketing to create buzz around a new concept. A bar franchise like Beerhead provides marketing materials and training on how to engage the local community.

Beerhead utilizes local events and beer-focused buzz to attract new guests and build up brand awareness. Franchisee training spends a significant amount of time on local marketing initiatives. For instance, involvement in local community groups and fundraisers increases local brand awareness and attracts new guests. Events, such as trivia nights and live music, is leveraged to build brand loyalty around Beerhead locations.

Belly Up to Success

Partnering with a franchise brand gives new entrepreneurs a better chance at success because every system has been planned, tested and fine-tuned, ready for implementation by new franchisees.

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