A ‘Crafty’ Idea

//A ‘Crafty’ Idea

A ‘Crafty’ Idea

When we see an idea we love, we love to share it.  Here’s one that peaked our interest — biodegradable fish-friendly 6-pack holders!  Now that more and more great craft beers are available in cans, more and more great craft beers require those pesky plastic 6-pack carrying rings.  Or maybe not.  A craft brewery in Florida, Saltwater Brewery, has developed a brilliant solution to the old-school plastic 6-pack holders.  It’s a biodegradable and edible carrying ring made from byproduct from the brewing process. Though you probably wont see the 6-pack carriers on our menu (yet?), fish and fowl alike can dine on these smart packages.

This is a novel solution to a growing problem that we hope to see soon.  Who knows, maybe 6-pack “chips” are in our future?  But, for right now it’s encouraging to know that these barley-based appetizers may help to further expand the delights of craft beer throughout the animal kingdom.