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Yard Card Rental Agreement

Storms can play a role in when setting up and taking care of your garden card rental. Yard Card Genie LLC reserves the right to cancel any installation or collection of your individual rental. In this case, we will contact you immediately and work with you to agree on another date and time. Another date and time are subject to availability. We define storms as heavy rain, hail, lightning, winter storms and snowstorms, and strong winds. If your custom courtyard map display is noticeably delayed due to the weather, please contact us via email or phone so we can reinstall it. Fees may be charged for travel. We ask that the blinds and curtains be closed and that the porch lights remain on during the installation time. We still try to keep the surprise element of your rental. A photo of your home will be requested so that our geniuses can correctly locate your property as they will set up and pick up the rentals at night.

Yard Card Genie LLC and Genies are not responsible for any bodily injury or bodily injury in the establishment, when renting farm cards or when collecting farm cards. Watering the lawn for a few days before your installation and a mowed lawn makes a happy genius. Piles should be fixed 6 inches in the lawn. If our geniuses are not able to settle down because the lawn is not well prepared, there are $35 travel and planning costs. Organize lawn teams that are ready before setting up or after picking up your custom garden card rental with lawn care. Now that we have all this out of the way, rub the lamp and let our geniuses fulfill your wish for an individual garden card! WEATHER: We are not able to deliver your garden greeting if there is lightning or other dangerous weather conditions that prevent assembly and/or disassembly. In case of bad weather, if we are not able to postpone the reception, a refund will be honored. If this rental is a surprise gift, the buyer agrees to notify someone at the delivery address of Yard Card Genie LLC`s policies. When booking with Yard Card Genie LLC, the buyer and the recipient of the rental agree on the following: To facilitate the entry of the batteries into the ground, please water the yard the night before installation.

If we are notified 48 hours before you rent your personalized court card, you will recover 100% of your rental fee in the same way you paid your rent. We may be notified by e-mail or telephone. REFUND POLICY: We do not refund the payment if the owner requests the greeting that is deleted, for errors that occur when submitting the order, or if the court is not ready for installation. If you are not sure if your individual rent matches the yard, you can send a photo of the room of the planned rent within 48 hours of the rental date. Unless otherwise agreed with Yard Card Genie LLC, all rentals will be placed in the front yard of the delivery address. This is for your protection and ours while we install and pick up after work. This is especially important when the days are shorter and it`s dark earlier. POLITICS: All garden greetings should be pleasant surprises. Do not forget to inform the owner that he will receive the reception within 24 hours so that he can make arrangements. Homeowners must turn off their sprinkler systems and notify yard service companies for the duration of the court reception. Unless you tell us, you agree that Yard Card Genie LLC may use an image of your personalized rental for advertising purposes on our website, emails, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Yard Card Genie LLC has all the properties of garden cards.

No cleaning or damage to garden cards. If the garden cards are damaged at the delivery address, the buyer agrees to pay for the cleaning and / or replacement of the garden cards. No one needs to be at the delivery address at the time of installation or pickup. DELIVERY: The Hofschild will be delivered the night before or on the morning of the date of the event, unless otherwise agreed. All prices include delivery, assembly and dismantling of the farm reception. A lot of care and planning are put into the details of your desired rental. Therefore, full payment is required 48 hours before your rental. Non-payment will result in an automatic cancellation of your rental. All panels remain the property of Yard Card Queen. Any damage, destruction or manipulation of farm signs is prohibited. Signs must not be moved without consent.

If the screen is damaged, you are responsible for replacing the graphic, letter or pole to the full replacement value. Geniuses can only install garden cards on front lawns. We define a “lawn” as an area of land covered with land planted only with grass. Do not remove, move, destroy or touch any of the Yard Cards, including the Yard Card Genie LLC advertising sign. Turn off all sprinkler systems for the duration of your rental. No removal, movement or contact of any of the garden cards. The buyer undertakes to respect the HOA delivery address and the other rules of the neighborhood concerning the rental of garden cards. Yard Card Genie, LLC is not responsible for any fines or fees resulting from the rental. No attachments to garden cards. Up to balloons, streamers, etc. Yard Card Genie LLC cleans the yard cards after each rental. Normal wear and tear is expected with garden cards due to the way they are used.

We replace court cards when we deem it necessary to provide the highest quality in the appearance of our yard card rental. A billboard for Yard Card Genie LLC will be placed next to your Yard Card rental for promotional purposes. Turn off the garden sprinklers on the morning of installation so that we can access the yard. Free the yard of all pet feces before installation. Our geniuses reserve the right to cancel an establishment if it considers that it is not safe to set up or recover your rental. This includes denying access to the delivery address. We will contact you immediately in this case and work with you to resolve the situation or agree on another date and time subject to availability. We understand that life is coming. Therefore, we ask that you notify us 48 hours before the delivery of your personalized garden cards. If we are NOT notified 48 hours before your scheduled cancellation, you will not receive a refund. We may be notified by e-mail or telephone.

Genies uses the delivery address you provided to find the delivery address. It is important that you check the delivery address three times to make sure you have provided the correct delivery address. If the delivery address you provide is incorrect, Genies will try to contact you immediately. If we are unable to deliver your personalized garden card due to an incorrect address you provide, you will be charged a $35 travel and planning fee, your rent will be waived, and your rental fee will not be refundable. Remember to signal to the neighbors too vigilant that we will be in your garden. We love that you love your surprise cards! We recommend that you stand next to your individual rental, pose next to it and take pictures of it. Please do not touch, remove, move or press garden cards. Please pay attention to children when taking pictures. Please keep pets away from farm cards.

Damage caused by pets will be charged with a fee for cleaning and/or replacing garden cards. Do not mow, cut, or cut while your Supercute Yard card is displayed. Signalling equipment is soiled or damaged. Plan your garden mowing for the day before delivery. This page contains the terms and conditions of Yard Card Queen. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before ordering your garden greeting. You should understand that by ordering any of our products, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. The set-up is done between 18h and 23h the day before your rental. Pick-up takes place between 6pm and 11pm on the day of your rental. Some installation and pick-up times cannot be guaranteed due to the number of bookings per day. Reservations/Payment: Payment is required at the time of booking (after receipt of the final order confirmation and invoice) to confirm/retain your date.

. Delivery is around dawn and the distance is around sunset. Opening hours may vary depending on schedule, weather, landscape, location and visibility. Let us know if there are any circumstances that can change these deadlines. We are happy to help you consider changes with sufficient time. Supercute Yard cards are solemn, sweet and funny. We will not install a display that contains political or disrespectful language. b.

The owner asks us to remove the display from the lawn PAYMENT: Payment must be made in full at the time of booking to keep the reservation. Do not stick or attach anything to the Supercute Yard card, including balloons or streamers. Do you need another mission? Let us know, let us know in advance and we may be able to respond to your request at no additional cost. Yard Card Queen reserves the right to politely reject orders that are political, controversial, obscene, disrespectful or do not correspond to the solemn nature of our business. If an order is declined, a full refund will be given. By placing an order/booking with Orange County Greetings, you agree to all of the above policies. Do not allow anyone to play near the Supercute Yard card. We want you to label and brag on social media, just be safe so no one gets hurt. An adult member of the household must know our delivery of signs. Metal piles are sharp and can pose a tripping hazard to enthusiastic spectators. To avoid bodily injury or damage to the display, be careful. .

Aggressive animals that do not allow the safe installation of your Supercute Yard card may ask us to cancel the installation and refund your money. By making a reservation with Yard Cards by Jess, you agree to all of the above policies. Thank you for your support of my business! BY PLACING AN ORDER AND BOOKING YOUR EVENT WITH YARD CARD QUEEN, YOU AGREE TO ALL COMPANY POLICIES. In case of bad weather, we may not be able to install your Supercute Yard card safely. .