12.05.2024 Windows'ta oturum açma sorunlarını giderme

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Wow. everyone how are you doing this is md. tech here's another quick tutorial in. today's tutorial i'm going to show you. guys how to resolve problems you might. have with logging into your windows. device if you you know your password 100. sure and whenever you're trying to type. in your password you're unable to log in. so in this brief tutorial i'm going to. show you guys a workaround for this and. again this tutorial assumes that you. know your password. so i found that this works in a lot of. cases so. i thought i would make a brief video. just highlighting it and hopefully it'll. work for you guys as well. so if you're stuck on this login screen. when you're trying to log into windows. all you have to do is head to the bottom. right corner of the screen and you want. to left click on what appears to be the.

Power icon in the far right corner. you want to left click on it. and then there should be three options. that appear right above. there should be something that says. restart you want to hold down the shift. key on your keyboard so either the. bottom left corner or near the middle of. your keyboard whichever shift key you. prefer to hold down. so i'm going to left click on the shift. key holding it down while i left click. on the restart button. so make sure you do both make sure you. left click on the shift key. with one hand while you are. clicking on the restart button with the. mouse. it's very important. so this new window that comes up should. say choose an option you want to left. click on the troubleshoot tile in the. middle that says reset your pc or see. advanced options. so left click on that. now underneath the troubleshoot window.

Select advanced options again should be. the second of two options on this menu. so now underneath advanced options you. want to left click on the. tile that says startup settings change. windows starter behavior should be in. the middle on the right column. so left click on that. and then you should finally left click. on this restart button in the bottom. right. so just be patient this will take a. moment okay so for startup settings. press a number to choose from the. options below. it doesn't really matter which one you. select it could be anything f5 or f6. or f4 through f6 i should say i'm going. to select f5 just because it's one i. usually always do whenever i go in the. safe mode here so i'm going to tap on. the f5 key. just once once should do it. okay so at this point i'd recommend. trying to insert your password again.

So try and enter your password hopefully. it'll work this time. so justification here. we're going to be logging into safe mode. okay so if you were able to successfully. get in the safe mode here that's a very. good sign that means that this is. probably going to work for you so at. this point all you have to do is just. restart your computer so head back to. start menu left click on it. left click on the power icon. and then left click on restart do not. hold down the shift key you do not need. to do that anymore so just restart so if. you were able to get into safe mode. successfully to the desktop that means. that this will likely work for you. so we're going to finish this thing out. by going through the whole process here. for you guys. okay so at this point i'm gonna sign. back in. hopefully it should work for you guys.

this time. okay and we can see that we have booted. back into windows 10 and there shouldn't. be any further problems. so i hope this brief tutorial helped you. guys out and i will catch you in the. next tutorial. goodbye

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