12.05.2024 The BEST Ways to Gain XP in Pokémon GO!

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Xp aka experience points the single most. fundamental part of any. progressionbased video game players of. all games put in billions of hours per. year to acquire this strange digital. currency and pokemon go is no different. in pokemon go xp seems both abundant but. also difficult to get especially if. you're working towards the nearly 180. million xp needed for level 50. so today. we'll go over the top ways to get xp in. pokemon go starting with the most. obvious lucky eggs lucky eggs are very. obviously the best way to maximize xp. gain in pokemon go but they can be used. in unison with all of the other. strategies we're talking about today so. they apply throughout the rest of the. video now poke coins do cost money it. costs 80 poke coins per egg or a bundle. of 8 4 500 poke coins and what do they. do they double the amount of xp that you.

Get from everything in pokemon go for 30. minutes complete a legendary raid with a. lucky egg that's 20 000 xp instead of 10. 000. hit best friends with someone with. a lucky egg down that's 200 000 xp. instead of a hundred thousand lucky. egging can definitely get expensive but. it is the top strategy when trying to. gain xp and pokemon go but what about. for players who want to spend a little. less strategy number two friendship. friendship was introduced into pokemon. go in june of 2018 and it completely. changed the game for xp grinding every. time you level up your friendship with. someone you gain xp how much xp good. friend 3000 xp great friend 10 000 xp. ultra friend 50 000 xp and best friend a. hundred thousand xp and the best part. about this feature it's free to level up. your friendship with someone you have to.

Interact with them in game each day you. interact you get one day closer to best. friends it takes approximately 90 days. to get best friends and there's only a. few ways to interact with someone. opening gifts trading rating or battling. so if you have access to pokestops spin. them as much as you can get your 20. gifts per day send gifts out to all the. homies and level up that friendship. because it's big the difficult part. about this feature is that there's. really no way to coordinate with your. friends in game for when you're. approaching a milestone like ultra or. best friends because when you get to. best friends you really want to use a. lucky egg because it's literally an. extra 100 000 xp so the main strategy is. just make sure you can coordinate with. your friends before hitting best friends. because you want that egg down but even.

If you don't like the egg hundred. thousand xp for free strat number three. mass evolving back in my day mass. evolving used to be the best way to get. xp in pokemon go nowadays there are way. more. and way more efficient ways of getting. xp in game but mass evolving is still. viable although not as viable mass. evolving is kind of a boomer strat in. pokemon go xp grinding but again there. are still moments where mass evolving. comes in very very helpful for xp. grinding and preparing for those moments. will help you gain a ton more xp the. main thing you want to look out for is. spotlight hour each month we get four. spotlight hour events once a week every. tuesday night from 6 to 7 pm there's a. special ingame bonus featured with a. special ingame spawn and each month we. always get one hour of beautiful two. times evolution xp and usually the.

Pokemon spawning during this event kind. of sucks which is helpful because you. can focus on evolving and to maximize. these brief hours there's a couple. things you want to do number one is save. pokemon that require 12 candy to evolve. this includes whismur pidgey caterpie. weedle wormpole piddub and then right. before the spotlight hour begins drop. your two lucky eggs if you want a lucky. egg then at 6 pm just freaking rip it. did just start evolving all of them it. also might be helpful to create an. evolution tag and tag the pokemon you. want to evolve. with evolution so that you can go into. that tag just evolve straight down all. the pokemon and then once you're done. you can just mass transfer them all. number four rating if you've got the. extra money that you're willing to toss. at the game raiding is definitely the.

Best way to grind xp in modern day. pokemon go raids dish out a ton of xp. especially if you have a lucky egg down. tier 1 raids give 3 500 xp or 7 000 with. a lucky egg tier 3 give 5 000 xp or 10. 000 with a lucky egg tier 5 aka. legendary raids give 10 000 xp or 20 000. with an egg and mega raids actually give. 13 000 xp or 26 000 xp per raid with a. lucky egg now not everyone can just bang. out legendary raids with a lucky egg. down all day but luckily there's a more. efficient strategy here raid hour every. single wednesday from 6 to 7 p.m local. time nearly every single gym will have a. legendary raid on it the meta strategy. make friends to remote raid with or team. up with a local community and go hard. pop your two lucky eggs down to cover. the hour hit as many legendary raids as. you can and according to the math which.

I'm notoriously great at if you can. maintain one legendary raid every 10. minutes that is a whopping 120 000 xp in. one hour with two lucky eggs and six. raid passes although it's the most. expensive strategy raiding is absolutely. the most efficient for xp and pokemon go. but how about another less expensive. strat the next one is excellent throws. catching pokemon is literally the catch. phrase of the franchise and it's. literally the most passive easiest way. to grind xp and pokemon go now it's not. as simple as just tossing your balls at. mons there's a strategy here. the more accurate you are with your. throws the more xp you get a nice throw. gives 10 xp a great throw gives 100 xp. and an excellent throw gives 1 000 xp. but there's way more factors than just. accuracy when gaining xp when catching. in pokemon go catching a pokemon gives.

100 xp a curveball gives 20 xp pokemon. running away gives you 25 xp that. participation trophy if you catch a. pokemon with the first ball 50 extra xp. the 100th catch of a species gives 100. xp didn't know that if you get expert. handler in ar mode when catching a. pokemon it gives you an extra 300 xp. although that does take a long time your. first catch of the day gives you a. thousand five hundred xp and your seven. day catch streak will give you six. thousand xp and obviously all of that. doubled if you have a lucky egg down so. don't just lazily lob balls at pokemon. train for those excellence they add up. and finally number six xp events. right now is the easiest time to gain xp. in pokemon go history why is that events. there are literally always events. happening in pokemon go and a lot of. them feature extra xp bonuses nice money.

Watch the xp yes seven days streak. let's what the heck just happened. that's possible. what just happened bro oh my god hey i. wasn't. wow wow yo. i that that was just i didn't know that. today was my seven day that's disgusting. 52 000 xp for one pokemon catch hey. that's gotta be the most xp anyone's. ever gotten on a pokemon catch right. that has to be seven day streak. excellent first catch of the day uh. three times. lucky egg like that's gotta be the. biggest oh we just made some click fade. everyone say hello to youtube kind of. like the sustainability event with two. times xp for spinning new pokestops the. spring into spring event with two times. lucky egg duration and literally every. single month we have two major xp events. a spotlight hour with two times. evolution xp and a spotlight hour with. two times catch xp and sometimes during.

community day events we get absurd xp. opportunities like during the recent. stuffel community day it was possible to. earn up to four times xp. without using a lucky egg i gained so. much xp that day so the strat here is. really just to always stay tuned with. future updates coming to pokemon go that. feature xp and honestly the best way to. do that is just subscribe to the channel. because every time a new update is. announced we always break it down and. announce it the moment it happens and. then we go out and grind it which we're. gonna do this week for this new tcg. event which you can't wait for and those. are the best ways to gain xp and pokemon. go if you found this video helpful or. interesting there's a couple more on. screen i'm sure you'll like as well. check them out and i'll see you in there

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