12.05.2024 Rulette Kazanma Taktikleri ★ Canlı Rulet Oyna

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Latika casinos etc' each each parameter. between each pin record our table musee. d'orsay lioska is inborn superior yolan. used Rijeka Daria Remi upon where. every slot where casino owner and on. Kazan party for sensation. hello number first column first 1000. burning time is the open place. my husband goes from seven good luck. you know what about scoopers joining. welcome to the table good afternoon. thanks so much for training should get a. best of luck see what our next number is. so when you know of it is the three. dance congratulations we have six two. winners treated very well don't you. solo or number third clip and phrase. that doesn't running time is open please. spring goes from three good luck. zero is our next earning long beer. Monica vodka and cold hombres since part. of a deep voice on section a very nice.

And Damon congratulations zero well done. new bats let's play again. yes when he goes from zero good luck. will job Jonathan a black fellow and. even numbers part of this here section. please sir bad swearing time is open and. it goes from San good luck no more bad. well job done 20 black declares for the. poison section 20 is a lie even number. second quarter second spinning goes from. 20 best of Lanka thank you know what. excuse. ladies and gentlemen 34 that is the. winning number part of the orphan. section once again I and even my. compliments on Renee's third for Israel. so one vodka and tonic please place your. bets please spelling goes from zero for. dad best over no more bets please. Bob Dole 27 and higher number part of. the T intersection running time is open. place seven space ring from 27 best of. luck thank you no more belts.

Both of donuts and black the prayers low. even normally from as part of the. clearance section 20 time is open place. your backs please bring goes from San. good luck. putting nombre no.19 identify an anomaly. from sport of divas on that section. burning time is open please. spinning goes from 19 good luck. no more bets. but job donut there's black it's part of. the was on section or non very second. column and third that doesn't replace. your backs please get off let's play. again spinning goes from terrify black. thank you know putting on right now. seventeen black it's part of the oil. fence section and when or number second. column second dozen please here in your. back spending time so fancy Avenue. players joining good afternoon welcome. to out do not tape and wishing you the. best of luck. let's play again e place spring from the.

Last winning number seventeen thank you. no one else. the ball dropped on 28 black it's our. party was on section 9 even first column. third dozen place your bets please. burning time reserved. let's play again spinning goes from 28. good luck. no more bets please. putting number 13 black know a number. part of the tea at section place your. new best betting time and it goes from a. 13 no more bets. number 21 rent the appearance hi or. novel and part of TV was on section. please to advance betting times open. this one goes from 21. snakes turning on very high oh it's. first got in third ounce in part of the. oil fence section wedding time is open. place your max please li longji. bracelets play against putting goes from. 31 block thank you so much and no more. bad skills. you know that is part of the Watson. section once again 14 you know even.

second column second dozen rabbits. Latika casino city say each each part. ramesh damaging each pin record our top. amused adore to say lioska dean bond. superior yolan used react a Daria to me. upon wave average slope way casino owner. and on Kazan on

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