12.05.2024 Rhea Ripley & Finn Bálor vs. Edge & Beth Phoenix - Road to Elimination Chamber: WWE Playlist

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>> Edge able to slip behind. >> What, what? >> It's a Canadian destroyer. >> Well fitting. And now Edge in position. >> Spear. >> Ten years in the making, shoulders down. >> One, two, three. >> Redemption for Edge against The Judgment Day. >> Here's your winner, The RatedR Superstar, Edge. >> Was that worth ten years Toronto? >> It darn right it was. >> Yeah. >> Wait, wait, wait. >> It doesn't look like Edge is finished yet. >> >> Edge wants to finish Damian Priest. >> >> We said it gentlemen, not just a pin, not just a submission. Wait, Rhea Ripley back out here. >> And Rhea goes low. >> >> In more ways than one.

>> >> Finn Balor. All of Judgment Day. Coup de grace right through the chest. >> After Edge just went through an absolute war with Damian Priest. All three members of The Judgment Day. >> Looks to me like Edge won the battle, but the war ultimately belongs to The Judgment Day. >> >> It's Beth Phoenix. >> >> Beth Phoenix couldn't stand by and watch this happen. >> >> Standing up for her husband. >> >> Standing by her man, chair in hand. >> >> [NOISE] >> Hall of Famer staring down The Judgment Day. >> No fear from Beth Phoenix for Rhea Ripley. >> >> Let's watch this, his wife Beth Phoenix to get a chair.

>> >> Uhoh, Edge just took the bottom bar off of the steel chair. We've seen Edge go to town with this before. >> First it was a hockey stick and now. >> And Rhea Ripley from behind blasting Phoenix. >> And Priest now, South of Heaven. >> The choke slam by Priest. >> God. >> And Rhea Ripley, she took out Beth with brass knuckles. >> [SOUND] >> >> Gentlemen, I believe it is judgment day for The Judgment Day. >> We have not seen Edge since Extreme Rules in October. When The Judgment Day took not only Edge but his wife Beth Phoenix with a concerto. >> And if history has taught us anything about The RatedR Superstar, is that Edge can be a sick>> Spear.

>> Sadistic son of a. >> >> Spear. >> Dominik from behind. >> The way he took his dad out tonight. And he was trying the 619. Cut him in half Edge, cut him in half. >> >> That's Rhea Ripley. >> Mami's home. >> Rhea Ripley attacking Edge. >> >> Uhoh. >> Wait a minute. >> Glammy's home. >> >> Mami might be home, but The Glamazon is here. >> >> Uhoh. >> Spear. I told you somebody needed to kick Rhea's ass. >> >> Here come the doofuses again. >> Pierce and company have had their hands full tonight. >> >> Where the hell is Priest going? >> It's Edge. >> It is Edge. >> Edge is back. The RatedR Superstar.

>> Through the crowd. >> >> Edge taking out Dominik Mysterio. >> >> Edge looking to make Dominik answer for all on his past sins. >> The WWE Hall of Famer teaching Dom a lesson or two. >> Look out, spear. >> Rhea, what the hell? Rhea Ripley is attacking. >> Here comes Beth Phoenix, spear on Ripley. >> The Glamazon with another emphatic spear, coming to the defense of her husband. >> All of us know that Rhea's not here tonight because last week I speared her soul right out of her body. >> >> You know it. You know it. >> But listen to me very carefully. I didn't come here to talk. I came here to beat Rhea Ripley's ass.

>> >> And since she's not here tonight, how about this? The RatedR superstar, Edge, The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix versus Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley at Elimination Chamber. >> >> Really? Hey, Dom, you think Rhea's in? >> I think Mami's in. >> That's what I thought because Finn is in. We accept, of course, that is if the both of you actually make it to Elimination Chamber. >> >> This does not bode well for The Grit Couple, the numbers game in the favor of The Judgment Day. Could be like Extreme Rules all over again. >> But Edge and Beth, they're ready for a fight. They're ready for a scrap. >> Here we go.

>> And here we go and look at Edge go.. >> Wait a second.. The Street Profits, Angelo Dawkins, scheduled for a match with Priest,. coming up next.. >> He's evened the numbers.. And he's here to help out.. Edge and Beth Phoenix, sending Damian Priest. >> Spear.. >> Spear from Edge on Balor.. >> >> No, no, Dom watch your back.. >> >> Montez Ford's on the scene.. >> He's got him.. >> >> No,. Mami help.. >> >> No.. >> Look at the strength of Beth Phoenix.. >> Glam Slam!. >> Taking care of Mysterio

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