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I made a video about artificial intelligence before, . and now I want to talk about how artificial intelligence algorithms are used particularly in slot machines. . Artificial Intelligence refers to systems or machines that mimic human intelligence . to perform tasks and can gradually improve itself with the information it collects.. It takes and develops this information collected from you . to help another problem or situation.. Although it is human made, it can improve the information it collects . and generate new codes without human influence. . Today, there is almost no area where this AI technology is not used. . From factories to industrial machines, laser technologies, . household goods such as computers and mobile phones, . as well as customer representative applications that can answer you automatically,.

Algorithms used by search engines such as Google and many more.. Slot machines and online slot games are another industry that artificial intelligence is used. . Artificial intelligence follows you while gambling in slot machines.. It monitors all your movements from the moment you enter the system till your exit. and collects your information to create phycological profile for you.. It's kind of marking human. . Since artificial intelligence knows you very well thanks to this data collected, . they can determine how you would perform, your possible gains and losses, your gaming tactics when you gamble again. . Simply, you are gambling as how they want you to gamble without realizing it. . Because they emotionally know you very well. . So how does this happen?. The key role expected from artificial intelligence in slot games is.

To determine gambler’s psychology trough his behaviors while gambling. AI can find this out very easily just by comparing the behaviors of previous gamblers in it’s data pool. Although there are minor differences in the basis of human psychology, these exceptions do not break the rule! Let me explain how this works in practice The AI starts filling out your profile while you enjoy the slot game. Your every move in game gives AI clues about your psychological profile for gambling. When AI collects data about you, it seeks information in below listed questions. Your deposits How often do you deposit? Which time period do you prefer to gamble? The monetary value of spins after winning.

Your slot game choice after winning from the game you gamble. How many times do you deposit in one day? The withdrawal requests you've made since the day you started. Your decisions after situations that make you feel more likely to win The time that you spend in a slot game. Your spinning tactics in slot games Whether you withdraw the money in case you win If you managed to withdrawal, when to deposit again? Your deposit limits after losing all capital. Your deposit speed right after losing all money in account. Your choice of slot game after losing all money in account. Your conversation to the customer representative after losing Your response to bonus messages that sent to you from such online casinos Your total losses after losing the bonus that they provided.

Answers of those above questions and other similar data’s helps Artificial Intelligence to determine how addicted you are to the gambling gambling and how you would gamble in slots future. Online gambling websites also benefit from this information while creating their personalbased promos to individuals. According to the previous losses and gains of the people that are recorded, the future of gamblers is determined in the next gambling practice in slots. In other words, artificial intelligence knows that you would lose or vin before you enter the system. AI let you have different levels of rewards to keep your hope and fire alive by using your profile structure.

In other words, artificial intelligence let you stick in to the gambling system. and make you deposit higher amounts of money by using your phycological information. This information does not apply to slots in physical casinos. Slot machines in casinos use artificial intelligence not to understand your psychology, but to calculate the money that should be given to you or taken from you. The situation here is to determine how often and how much prize the slot game should give you by the person who programmed the slot game. Its like a slot game which haven’t give rewards or bonuses for hours.

Usually, prizes are given to the small bets to let you feel following thoughts. “Wow! I just bet with 10 Dollars and vin 1000X, what if I bet for 1000 Dollars and become millionaire within seconds in case the vining prize of 1000X” Yes, there is a possibility of this happening, but the rate of vining 1000X with 10 Dollars bet is 5060% while it is even less than 1% for 1000 Dollars or more tolls. For the sake of seeing this miracle, you'd probably have to bet as much as the 1000X reward would give you. Remember, no slot machine would scatter money if it is already in negative balance. It has to reward you with smallscale excitements to keep your hope alive. Otherwise, nobody would gamble.

Another key role of artificial intelligence in slot machines . is the return of gamblers in higher stakes by giving them big rewards with small stakes.. This situation could be determined by dopamine tolerance. . AI knows dopamine tolerance well and . this is one of the most powerful weapons it uses against human. . Let us first understand dopamine tolerance by following example. . When you vin a big reward, you have to spin with big stakes to feel same level of pleasure again.. For example, while your stakes are small and rewards too your brain releases 100 units of dopamine to feel the joy of vining. . But when you vin a big prize, your brain instantly introduced to 500 units of dopamine,. which prompts you to spin with higher stakes to get same level of joy. . Artificial intelligence in slot machines is uses this brain gap.

Very good to let you gamble in higher stakes. To sum up, the mechanism used behind both online and physical slot machines is artificial intelligence algorithms. Contrary to common belief, these algorithms are not prepared by a software developer alone. It is fact that psychologists are involved to help developers about human phycology in gambling which is core idea of why gambling industry is huge today. These perfectly prepared systems distribute 70% of the money to the provider and 30% of the money to consumer in accordance to programmer’s directions, based on many criteria’s that AI collects from the gambler.

In other words, while gambling in slots, stop hoping in such ways: “2 scatters fall, I am so close to 3th one." "I am so close to bonus since I've been spinning since morning" While you are imagining that slots machines would run as in your utopia created by your brain reward system, artificial intelligence only works as it is programmed. Also, stop hoping and begging to the game or slot machine when you are gambling. Slot machines with Artificial intelligence has no emotions! Gamblers always loses in long term. Don't gamble with your life! Thanks for Watching. Subscribe for more English subtitled gambling realities videos.

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