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Good evening and welcome to another edition of MMA Institute. Tonight's guests are two black belts in Brazilian JiuJitsu, two doctors and one president of BJJ Association of Serbia. Brothers Aleksic, Vuk and Nemanja, welcome. Hello guys, it's good to have you here. Thank you for coming, for recognizing us. We know that you have a shift tonight, but you ran away anyway. First of all, Nemanja is the president, right? Yes, that's right. They didn't have anyone older than you? Yes, I'm the oldest of the years. No, I'm kidding. That happened a few days ago, when we finished the operation, but that's something that has been going on for a long time.

Maestro Jovan Žerer offered me something earlier, but I wasn't sure if I could contribute to it at all. That was the real story. Now I have some ideas. Of course, when it all becomes official, and that's in the next few days, I'll make a meeting with all the people, that would be the plan, and we'll try to find a way to put it on some feet, just like the Croatian JiuJitsu team deserves. Let's say that. Let's hope you're lucky. How many clubs are there in Belgrade? And in Serbia? I don't know, but there are about ten. You're the president? I don't know. In the Association? Not a single one. But we'll work on it.

I mean, you have the founders of the Association, three clubs that were founders 20 years ago, when Maestro Žerer founded the Association. But it's not functional at the moment. It had some function when Was the Association ever functional? In the sense that the functional associations, the real sports associations, never were. There was an organization of some competitions, some people went through the Association to some competitions, as far as I know, but to function, in the true sense of the word, as I would like it to be, no. So it's not really organized. It's not recognized by the sport, it's not recognized by the Sport Accord of Serbia, Brazilian JiuJitsu as a sport, and so on.

That's the point. And was I think there was a story about that, I heard something a few months ago, does it fall, is it a separate association, only Brazilian, or did it fall under that Japanese JiuJitsu? As a framework? One of the obstacles is that it all depends on how it's organized. In every country it's different. We can prepare Judo, we can prepare JiuJitsu, we can prepare Japanese JiuJitsu, we can do it ourselves. Those are all options that exist. But the basic thing that needs to be done is the status of the clubs, and the status within the clubs, to be able to But you have to do that first.

Well, yes, but it will help me, of course, all those other people. And now the point is to make it transparent, so that everyone knows what will happen, and what is important, that we have a model of how we will work, so that our Kumo, Aca Kukuljo, who didn't open his eyes to me, how some things should function, how the Judo Association How the older brother should function. It can't be like that in JiuJitsu. Those are not the same sports, definitely. This is a professional Olympic sport, JiuJitsu is a perfect recreational sport, which has its own professional sphere, so now we need to thin it all down, and the point is that among us there is really

But when we talk about it, of course, Vuk and I are together, but someone had to take it over. But Nemanja is really old, and everyone in Bratislava JiuJitsu knows that he's been there for 20something years, we know that Nemanja and I don't live from this, and the point is that Nemanja and I really want to do it as much as we can, to make it really And how does the picture of BJJ sport work in practice? What does it look like? In the legal sense, or? No, no, in the legal sense. What do you think? That's what you're going to deal with. As far as the number of clubs, the number of competitions, the number of people training

More than ever. Yes, I know the information about Deki, and in Kula there are an incredible 400 people. Now every competition is 400. Earlier it was, I remember, Serbian Open, earlier it was 150 people. Yes, if there are 100150 people, they are coming over. Now there are some numbers where you have less than 300, and you think it's There are a lot of kids now. Now there are clubs for kids, and they also lead as competitors. Thank God it's like that. People, you know what you have. That sport deserves it. Yes, and most importantly, that sport is really the best sport for kids and amateurs. People don't get hurt in that sport.

Yes, for those old recreational people And for kids. Yes, and for kids. Now the question is for kids, is it judo, is it wrestling, but for older recreational people, you don't have to go to judo if you haven't trained before. You can go to jiujitsu, you can train Our friend was 20 years old, he trained with a 45year-old coach, he won Lisbon twice in the European Blue Belt. He trained for 45 years, but he changed his life. He didn't miss a single training session in the last 10 years. Not a single one. Did you meet him at the neurosurgery? No, he came to train. He's still in Žerijal. He trained in Žerijal.

Let's go back a little bit. Everything starts from Žerijal. The whole story of jiujitsu. In 2001, Žerijal comes to Serbia and opens the first team. Vukjan and I are not from that very first team, but somewhere later, in 20032004, I think we started. The first team are Sloba, Bobi, and Mihailovic's brothers. They are also a little bit before us. Our coaches are the first. Our coaches are the first. Kameni, Sloba, Bobi, I think Jovan Manojlović, Ćosa, that's right. What a team! There were probably a lot of people who survived to this day in this sport, who are still Geriatricians. No, who are still something.

There were probably thousands of people who didn't stay. How did you hear about jiujitsu then? When did you start studying? Before jiujitsu or after? Before jiujitsu. Before jiujitsu. It's too much. I was already studying when I started. He is Did you talk about collagen? I need to go to the toilet. I was doing gymnastics as a kid. I was good at backflip. I trained with one of the strongest people in the world, Zoran Vranov. Zoki, Kreten, Knjaz Miloš. Zoki, Knjaz Miloš. He was like a rock for me. I trained with him every day. Strength, gymnastics, stunts. He made me crazy. I was doing a backflip.

He told me to go play chess if I didn't want to continue. I broke my leg. I was doing something and the backflip hit me. It's like when you do a full circle in a plane. I fell on my hand. It was a top level training. It was a top level training. Neman was at the gym. He told me to take me to the best orthopedist in the world. He was a friend of Kuroš's uncle. He trained with us. We got to know each other later. I went and he told me to take me to the best orthopedist in the world. He was my friend. He loved martial arts. Karate, old school. He loved jiujitsu. He trained with him. He asked me why I broke my arm.

I told him it was my neck. He told me to quit martial arts and do men's sports. I didn't know where I was going. I was serious. I didn't know what martial arts was. I didn't know what jiujitsu was. Everyone thought I was a capoeira player. He gave me a hand. He told me to quit. I didn't know what to do. I didn't care about martial arts. He told me to quit and that it wasn't for me. I went to the first training and saw a kid. He was bending me and I was ready. I was injured but I was ready. I love martial arts so much that I never went to a gym again. I really loved it. It was incredible. When I came home I told my dad to show me the gym.

He told me to come and he would come the next day. I had one more training. He would come the next day. He wanted to be the president. Wait a minute. Bumbasiric is a microsurgeon, right? That's just Marko Bumbasiric. Bumbasiric is a professor. All of them are professors? His brother was a dean of faculty. His son didn't have a degree. He was in jiujitsu. They are very experienced people. They changed our medicine for the better. Where did you get the desire to get into the hardest part of the fight? I'm not saying yours is easier. We are always like that. When Vuk told me I told him that I have an idea.

Let's take cardiothoracic surgery and collective immediately. Let's come to neurosurgery and investigate that brain at the speed of light. Let's see what's harder. It's really good to hear that you're not a cardiologist. You're a cardiothoracic surgeon. That's different. When you started getting into medicine until now, how advanced was the medicine? Was there anything that was unimaginable that is now real? In what direction is it developing? What can we expect from medicine in the future? When I started medicine you don't know what medicine is when you start or finish. But since I finished college until now, it's been ten years, I see a difference in the treatment of the brain tumor that has drastically changed.

Ten years ago, you weren't Gamma Knife, XKnife. Those are things that changed evolution in medicine. Every day so many new studies come out. But the technology itself 30 years ago it wasn't possible to do some things that are absolutely Before, it was like removing a kidney. You're dead, you can't walk anymore. The same with the heart. Do you know what the mortality rate of a bypass surgery is? You open the chest, stop the heart, it lasts 5 hours. Now the mortality rate is 12%. Do you mean the brain tumor? Yes, the brain tumor. You have tumors that are 100% cured if they are benign. You have gradus, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Gradus 1, if you take it out properly, if you have a good surgery, that person is cured for life. And you have gradus 4, where whatever you do on such an operation, you take out half the hemisphere, the tumor is half a centimeter, it returns to the other hemisphere in 6 months. A lot, a lot. Now it is more believed that a patient with malignant disease can live as with chronic disease, as with diabetes, as with increased blood pressure. So, simply Introducing them into the chronic phase. He is a person with malignant disease, who, I don't know how many years ago, maybe he would have been completely recovered.

Today, with all the possible therapies, he should live as if he had a disease such as high blood pressure. He should live for a certain period of time. It is never perfect, as with some other diseases. But he should live for a very long time, under control. And how does the sport work as a preventive measure for health? I think that is a general topic. Absolutely perfect. It actually depends on which disease. Again, what we talked about, for cardiovascular, physical activity, one way of prevention is proven. And the healthy way of life, the way of eating and all that. Judo and JiuJitsu will never be good for the kidney.

In a professional sense. In a professional sense, of course. Not a single professional sport, let's say, is special. I heard a story. Me and Rođo, I barely speak, Rođo gets a surgery, and we call Vuk to sit with him. I know Vuk from stories, I don't know him like this. And I ask him, Vuk, he has no chance to stay invalid. I don't know. Nothing is 100% Nothing is 100%, especially in medicine. And how did you get rid of Gaglia from Leko? Who? Who? Luckily. What luck? Well, no. I don't deal with that, not to offend people who deal with it. Cardiology is not my thing. But basically, I don't deal with it.

There are protocols that are followed. You always have to try a man and take him out of the medicine to see if the timer that regulates the pressure in the body has been reset or not. Again, it has nothing to do with the direct health. It could be that I don't reset and you just returned the medicine. With time, the doses usually increase. You did great, as if you knew. You thought about it for 15 days. I didn't think about it. It's all protocols that are followed. If you had read the book, you wouldn't have had to do that, dear. You should have read it yourself. You should have known that it would jump for 15 days.

You operated on a large number of fighters. I operated on several fighters. Serious ones. Maybe we won't mention them if they don't want to be known. But a lot of fighters have a problem with the liver. Fuck. How did you manage to see Peris' liver? Just by looking at it. See what he's doing. You know that man who had a heart attack on the north pole and couldn't get to the hospital? He fell unconscious twice. That's the truth. What did he do? He looked at Peris' liver. I can't breathe. There are a lot of medical cases like that. It's not like that. It's not like that. What were the most risky operations? I don't want to talk about it.

I don't want to talk about it. These are the main problems with the liver. When you ask how many people have a problem with the liver, maybe you know someone but it's rare. I mean it hurts but it's rare. But do you know someone who doesn't have a backache? Do you know someone who doesn't have a backache? Especially in professional sports. Why did he participate so much? He wasn't made for it. People didn't like it. Since he got up on two legs in Evolution, he didn't have a good balance. He didn't have a good balance. He wasn't made for Evolution. Evolutionists are evolutionists. The point is that there is no imperfect organ.

It's an extremely complex organ. 66 microcubic inches. 800 something inches. But it's not perfect for the demands that man is asked for today. A lot of sitting, a lot of unnatural movements. Why would it be perfect? What kind of liver was it 100 years ago? You don't know but you've read about it. It was the same. It looked like this. We're not talking about 100 years, we're talking about thousands of years of Evolution. But the point is that the segmentation of the liver enables the division into 300 parts. There are a lot of cells around it. Each one of them is modified to have a function. From the first to the last one.

Each one has its own specific function. It's simply not made for evolution. I don't mean just the evolution of a man from an animal. I don't mean just that. 100 years ago, people didn't sit for 8 hours at the computer. It was different. It's even proven that it's better to stand or lie than to sit. Relaxed muscles, the balance of the liver is broken, the weight is increasing, the liver is getting thicker, the veins are not in the right place. It's a kind of a wheel that is being updated. Everyone has problems. Today, a term called the hygiene of the liver has been introduced. Why? To draw the attention of the patients that they have to take care of the liver like they take care of their teeth.

You have to do a liver exercise twice a day and you want your liver to be healthy. You can't say that it doesn't hurt today and I don't want it. When does it hurt? When it hurts or not? When it doesn't hurt. That's not the problem. That's all you need. That's all you talk about. I talk about it to everyone. People get lazy. It's simple, but that's the thing. I didn't get lazy back and forth. I can't hold it for long. 23 minutes and that's it. You have to lie down. We have to give up. You had an operation in the lumbar region. As far as I understand, it didn't go very well. I had a fight with Darko Stošić and we got into a fight.

It's impossible. She cut my leg, cut something and I didn't get hurt. You didn't get hurt. Darko probably taped you. He taped me with his 120 kilos at that moment. I didn't get hurt at all. It took about 7 months. How did you manage to get through those 7 months? I tried. Everything can go through without an operation. But slowly. I didn't tape it right away. I tried a few times with exercises. You have to rest a bit in the kitchen. It got worse and worse. When I saw that I couldn't operate, that I couldn't train, that I couldn't do anything, I decided to have an operation. I had an operation 4 years ago.

When you're a colleague, that's the law. But it was right away. I was like a clown. I went to training after 15 days. I went to training after 15 days. I ran one lap and did 10 pushups. It's the exact opposite of what should be done. I couldn't resist not to try. At that moment, I knew how it is to be a patient. I knew how it is to be a patient. I was in the phase of if this doesn't go as it should, I have to give up jiujitsu. Maybe I'll have a problem. My operations last 10 hours. What if I can't do it because my back hurts? How real is that? What kind of paranoia is that? It's a big paranoia.

I'm an athlete. The main thing for me was to get back to training. I often tell this to the guys at the training. After 1015 days, before the operation, I stopped doing everything. I remember, my ribs don't hurt. In the morning, my ears don't hurt, my neck doesn't hurt, only this down here hurts, but nothing else hurts. I rested for 10 days, and I'm crying there. I'm sitting alone, and it's over. As soon as I don't feel pain anymore, my muscles don't work. I said, it's over. When I came home, after the first training, when I started fighting, when I got back to training, after the first operation, I'm so happy.

I'm not sleeping, but I'm so happy. I'm feeling better. That's why I understand that paranoia. At the same time, I know what can go wrong. I know the rarest cases. It went through my head. When colleagues are in question, and the operation is being done, everything can go wrong. That mafia law is incredible. It sounds like paranoia, but when someone You weren't lucky. Your patients are over 70. Yes, I'm weak. You're so carefree. Joking aside, this sport I will repeat it again. This sport is really good for the cardiovascular system. As far as my expertise is concerned, I can warmly recommend the Brazilian JiuJitsu to everyone.

You will get 6,000 members in our club. 6,000 members. I always say, JiuJitsu doesn't have such amateurs, but It doesn't exist in those years. But, let's say, you have Vuk Rašović, who is a man in his prime. He is a great friend of mine. He is a man. We did an ultrasound. We needed him for another surgery. He is a 25year-old boy. He trains all his life. He trains all his life. What would be your recommendation after a more serious career, after a more serious effort? I am not sure that what he does would be a recommendation. He goes and competes. It is not something that is advised, but physical activity, yes.

He keeps it alive. I felt it in that effort. The world listened to me when I thought. I didn't even know it would be like that. That I wouldn't be able to do it. But that's what he is. That's what kept him young and strong. He goes out and competes. People have a problem to go out when they are 20 years old. They kill them. They tremble. A man gets on a plane, goes to Japan, barely gets a doctor's appointment and goes there and competes. Excuse me for a moment. You two have completely different characters. This one is crazy. He looks like me. I lost a lot of my life to him. Nemanja and I, we never talked about it.

My mother died when we were young. Nemanja was everything to me. A coach, a brother, a role model, a role model in medicine, and still is. You are still a role model in medicine. I am not better than him. I am not talking about it because he is not here. I am very nervous sometimes. I don't want him to make me nervous. He is my brother. I call him out of the blue to give him some respect. What does your sparring partner look like? Vuk is very uncomfortable. I will say it openly. He is a very uncomfortable sparring partner. He is a man who can't do it lightly. He is strong, but in the worst possible sense he is very explosive.

He has explosive attacks. When I train with him, I have done it before, when I am in very good shape, you have to be completely concentrated. Because if you are not concentrated, he can hurt you. His hangers don't do anything. You can't do anything. Unless you are 100% ready to let go of that hand. He is different. He is different, calm, he builds the body. I throw myself, he loses 270, then a flying triangle and I finish him. And I sit down, nervous, I can go home. I lost 220, and 5 seconds before the end I do a flying triangle and I finish him. I lost 220. I didn't pay attention at all. I didn't think about it.

I just went to finish him. Jiujitsu is a tactical sport. It is. It is. You throw a man and he wins. But from the aspect of someone who wants to make the sport popular, I would always look at him before I would look at myself. Brazilian jiujitsu is a really boring sport to watch. I go around the world that lasts 1020 minutes and then I rewind it and then I go back to see what he did. I don't think the stalling is punished enough. That's the main problem. That's why the submission only is so popular. It's more aggressive. When I watch Vuk's fight, I know what's going to happen, but I don't like it.

And when I watch Vuk, I sit down to analyze my fights. It doesn't matter. That's it. When I was standing in the corner, it wasn't good for me. Imagine standing in the corner with your brother. It's terrible. When he was standing in the corner, it wasn't good for him. I'm not talking about the two of them. I was standing in the corner, it was terrible for me. How much did he influence me? I remember I had seven fights until the final. And I was doing the last fight. In the final, the eighth fight was broken. I couldn't do it anymore. I had a headache. He told me not to do it anymore. He told me to do it.

And I did it. In the last fight, I was doing two fights. I was sick. I got sick and I got to the final. I was full of bad feelings, but I got two. I didn't expect it. I didn't even sign up. When I came to the final, Nemanja Milošević, Stefan Nemanja, it was a top group. Nemanja told me I'm still proud of you. I was like, how did he tell me that? I'm proud of you. I was afraid that the injury would happen. He comes to work as a coach, he decides to compete. It shouldn't be done like that. His influence on me was that if he told me to win, I would win. But at that moment, you don't have anything to prove.

On the other hand, if you get injured, you can't work, you can't train. It wasn't like that anymore. That component is very interesting to me. When you work with someone who is your kin, we talked to Kukovljan last time. In judo, the fatherson relationship is often repeated. You have an example where brothers train and stand next to each other. That moment when one believes in the other. How much strength is that when you can't even explain it to someone who doesn't have that experience. That's what you said. If he believes in me, I'll win. If he doesn't believe in me, I'll win. We have a special relationship.

He doesn't look like that. He's seven years older than me. Even when I think I don't know if we would talk to someone the same age as you. Or maybe he's younger. When Luka Slepilja came, he was a world champion. He was one of the best organized seminars ever in Serbia. It was organized by Matija Valjarovic from Lutador in Knjazevac. He came and spent seven days with us doing jiujitsu. He was the current world champion. All the black belts were there at that moment. Savic, Rajacic, Culic Everyone was there. He still has a great name. He was a very active competitor. Luka Slepilja is You're handsome, and he's handsome.

He comes and says Luka looks at me and says, you're twins. I was like, no. He says, looks like twins. He didn't believe in the end. We both said yes. You mentioned a while ago that you would change the rules a bit. I mean, not change, but to think about the popularization of the sport. What do you think about this? I saw especially I don't know what it's called. Sub something. That they're shaming each other. But lately, there's a lot in America. Only stupid people in America can do that. Do you know what the problem with jiujitsu is? I think about it a lot. That's my main concern. My theory is

The problem with jiujitsu is if you lift it up, it's judo. If you lift it up without a kimono, it's wrestling. If you hit it, it's MMA. To keep your identity I think that's a relatively stupid idea. You just got a bit closer to MMA. You didn't do anything again. But again That's just a search for a way to How to improve, to get faster. I have an idea. Everyone says it's not good. But my idea is to reduce the time. First of all, no one has the energy to watch 10 minutes of wrestling. I can't watch mine for 10 minutes. Neither can Andre Galvan. If you're in the guard for 5 seconds, both of you are going.

And when it's the third one, it's like judo. And then you have to let go. You have to do that. And jiujitsu will fly away. Everyone is against it, including Kukolja and Vuk. What about Kukolja and Smarač? He can hold you down for 3 days. You have to punish yourself right away. If you're strong enough, you can hold him down. And then you lose jiujitsu. You're only talking about the professional aspect. And then it's going to be a professional, extremely strong sport. And that's okay for the professional level. But what do we want from jiujitsu? A 40year-old who came to wrestle and compete, he wants to hold you down for 5 seconds.

I agree. But what do we want from jiujitsu? Maybe he's going to compete. Do we want to make the sport watchable or do we want to keep what jiujitsu has now? That it's the best recreational wrestling sport that has some applicability and that's for older wrestlers. That's what we're talking about now. We're talking about Serbs, right? Yes. In the US, there are a lot of people who train jiujitsu. For this rule, you would like to improve here. But it has to start from the world level so that you can improve here. That's my idea, how it would be more interesting. If you would watch constant wrestling, it would be more interesting.

But if you would watch wrestling, it would be more interesting. If I would raise the level of punishment and reduce the duration Well, all these promotions that we're watching, superfights, now you have a superfight between Andre Galvao and Gordon Ryan. I don't think it's that bad. Here's an interesting concept, like this 5 on 5, where you took part specifically against us. This is funny. It was tactically good. I didn't know him then, but I knew he was a MMA fighter. His weakness was that he wasn't a finisher. MMA fighters' weakness in jiujitsu competitions is that they're not finishers. It's hard to finish them, but it's hard to finish them.

At that moment, Danilo Vasović was a relative beginner. But I liked more that he went for you. He was a beginner, huh? He didn't even come close. He wasn't a bad fighter at that moment, but because of the rules and everything else, he just had to survive. Do you want to tell me that he wasn't even a beginner? I spent the best fighter at that moment, Luka Starčević. If I put Luka Starčević, maybe Luka Starčević would be a bit more dominant than Vasović in that fight. It's not that they're on the same level as Vasović was, but again, I couldn't, because he's a MMA fighter. It's hard to finish him, but he's not a finisher.

Vasović came to my club and he helped me in training. Danilo, who helps me in training. Greetings to Danilo. He's always laughing that he came to someone's club. I can't forgive my father. Danilo, when will you get sick? When will your heart or your back hurt? He's a very good friend, but he's a bit lazy when it comes to training. I always tell him when he comes, thank you, Limpuš, just for taking you away from here. That's the easiest way to hurt someone. Danilo is a red star now. How is he? He's great. We'll kick him out of the club. Danilo, we'll kick you out of the club. What did you say? I said 5 on 5, for the competition.

What kind of 5 on 5 is that? I've never been 5 on 5. The 5 on 5 concept was good for watching, but it was bad in the sense that Danilo Vasović had a task to just block the fight. It can't be interesting to watch. If you brought that fight back, it would be Danilo Vasović defensively blocking every move of his to survive. The concept that was made to be submission only was again a concept of stalling. Flavium, where our friend Žare made it, the first concept was also submission only. If you're a bad fighter, and they're experienced fighters, you need to stall and then throw money to stall the submission so you have at least 5050%.

It was a fiasco. It was a fiasco, unfortunately, because the fiasco doesn't matter. The competition was successful, it was well organized. I had a fight where I dominated. I had 34 submissions. I said, I'll get warmed up. I'll let him go, I'll catch another submission. Time is running out. Survive. It was my mistake. I didn't understand the rules until the end. I was thinking about the rules. It doesn't matter what the rules are. You throw the money and you choose if you'll defend, or attack. It's stupid. If you lock me up, I'll lock you up for a minute. I was thinking, if he holds out, we'll attack each other.

There are rules like that. I didn't know that. If he goes out for a minute, he wins. He wanted it to be crazy. In the end, he got a table. There's no perfect solution. That's the whole point. Tell me, you didn't explain to me that you'll train tomorrow. Six times a week. Training is a valve. I agree with everything, but training is OK. I can't call him a clown in front of the cameras, but he always looks like that. Two months ago, I was in Bosnia. Me and Momo will break him to take part in the 8th of April. I'm going to Vienna now, but I don't have anyone there. The whole preparation process is the best thing in the world.

I'm going to Vienna on the 8th of April. It's the 1st of February, you're getting ready, you're working, you're going, you're eating. You have to live from something. I've never gone to the seaside so I wouldn't skip training. When we had a chance, we'd go somewhere. We have to talk about this. When Vuk cries in the third year of high school It seems that we cry a lot. He cries in the third year of high school because he's late to get ready for the entrance exam for medicine. He comes one day and says, I don't want to go. I look at him for the third year of high school and he has a whole year in the fourth and half this year around his neck.

I'm not praising him, but I've never lost my talent. I was a worker. I had to study for 28 hours a day. I don't want to go anywhere. I had to train three times a day. I knew how to train, so I get ready for a competition. I don't know when I start training since I was in a good training. I go out in the morning with a gas mask and a parachute. I've always liked to measure my heart rate and to follow it scientifically. Now I have to change my heart rate, I wear a red hat, I listen to music, I wear a gas mask, I run. We lived in the woods. There's no one in the morning. You forget about the parachute as if you're coming from a double leg.

I'm working and a guy and a girl are sitting and kissing on the bench. Imagine a guy passing by and the girl gets a fart. He starts screaming and runs away. I take off the gas mask and say, stop, are you okay? You're crazy. I was a fanatic. I've never been talented. You weren't. No, I was a fanatic. Like in medicine. I went to him for something that took me months to understand in surgery. He said, I'm trying to do a procedure on a small cut and I can't because I don't have the skill for something. He said, make a bigger cut but when you put that catheter that spreads the wound, intentionally put it less and try.

I couldn't think of that in three months and he thought of it in one day. When someone is talented for that. You say you're not talented. You were born in Paris on the 9th of August, I think. Or the 12th. I asked you then and you said you had about 170 surgeries. Don't start again. That was the 8th month. Okay, I have a lot of surgeries. I have a lot of surgeries. It's not a secret. I was listening to Gagi and he really knows how many surgeries he has to do. How did you do this? You're really not normal. I don't know how much you enjoy life more than me. I came at a perfect moment to cut a tree.

My family is healthy. I get up in the morning and go to work. I haven't used more than 40 days of my free time. I haven't used more than 40 days of my free time. I have a good team at work. Don't get offended, but that Zemun hospital is a bad hospital. There are a few top surgeons. There are a few top surgeons besides him. I was honestly delighted to share my experience. to share my experience. If it looks like Gagi said that it's not the best, everything is perfect there. It's the oldest hospital in Europe. It's the oldest hospital in Europe. It's 300 years old. We should play on that map. Our walls are old, but they are top surgeons.

We have 6 neurosurgeons and 3 specialists. It's a top department. We do everything in the world. Today, we did a procedure that was never done in Zemun hospital. We are moving forward. Of course, we miss you, but we miss you everywhere. How many younger guys are there? There are three younger than me. There is a guy who is our coach. Seriously? Yes, he came to learn surgery from me. He came as a student. I have a lot of medical students in the club. Come to the club. There are 6,000 people there. The whole Zemun hospital is full. You have to come. You have to come. Seriously, we talk a lot about it, but I'm not in the mood anymore.

We'll talk about it tomorrow. Cardiothoracic surgery. I'm really interested in it. It's easy. You're right. You just open it, close it, take out the heart, and throw it away. How are you? Your surgery is much longer than his. On average, yes. Don't make fun of me. I've done both. I know. I can't believe my knowledge. It's like standing in a hospital. We're all in a hospital. What's your name? On average, yes. We don't have short procedures at all. Each one lasts 45 hours. That's how simple it is. That's an average. In abdominal surgery, you have a blind tube, and you have a valve that lasts 10 hours.

Everything here is long. That's the problem with cardiothoracic surgery. When you learn a little, it'll be better. Yes, when you learn a little better, you'll be faster. It's all the same. Don't you do your head? I do. You have to do more than your head. I would be I do the brain. I don't have anything to do with that. You would open the valve. It's amazing! It's just a tip. Don't touch it. Don't touch it. Wait a minute. Speaking of cardiothoracic surgery, you mentioned a while ago that Vuk Rašović wouldn't really apply his practice or give it to people. What about sportsmen? I'm interested. They usually say that all sportsmen have problems after their careers.

A lot of people give up. I think there's something. Professional sport is not good for the heart. I'm talking about training. Because the heart gets bigger because of the huge demands you put on it. In a way, it's cardiomyopathy. There are studies that say that the heart returns later, but the heart gets bigger again. A big heart is not as bad as a small heart. You're all behind the table, my heart is getting bigger. If that theory is true, then it depends on the degree. It depends on each person. It's not big, but I think it's still How is it treated after the career? It's paradoxical that the heart stops due to material exhaustion.

Why does the heart stop? A heart attack is something that happens in certain percentages depending on the heart. The bigger the heart, the bigger the chance of a heart attack. I agree. What about sports? I'm not interested in sports. Are we talking about professional athletes? Let's talk about professional athletes. People who already have an enlarged heart, the socalled sports heart, should be checked more often. It doesn't mean it will be a factor of worse survival, but it's not 100% proven. That's what's essential. What about blood vessels? Do you mean the arteries? Arteriosclerotic disease has to do with genetics, the way of life, and a lot of other things.

You need what you need. One of the proven factors of risk is physical inactivity. If you are physically active, if you do a sport like bowling, alcohol is not There is a book on physiology in which Buber says that alcohol alone in normal quantities is not a factor of risk for cardiovascular improvement. I'm not talking about liver or other things. I don't even understand that. I think it's cardiovascular, I'm sure. As far as cardiovascular is concerned, it's not a factor of risk for normal alcohol intake. You can't change your genetics. You can only listen to what's up to you. You can influence what you can't.

Drinking increases the chance of catching a cold. Also, if you have a positive coronavirus case, you need to pay special attention to what you can influence, because your genetics are probably bad. I always explain it logically. You can't influence what kind of blood you got, whether you got BOSH or some Chinese blood, but if you keep those Chinese blood, they will last. That's a logical story. But you need to find a medium for all You need to assess yourself, or your doctor in general, where your factors of risk are. If you have malignancy, you need to look at that. If you have an anamnesis for cardiovascular improvement, you need to look at that.

You need to direct those factors of risk to your individual. Where does your love for cardiology come from? I didn't know that. My grandfather was a doctor. We knew from the start that we were going to be doctors. What did your grandfather do? He was a cardiologist. I didn't know that. I wanted to be an orthopedist. That's where it all started. I went to an orthopedic clinic at Prof. Mugasinović's. That's where I started. I was given a chance at cardiology. Now I'm in love with it, but I didn't know that when I was studying. I didn't know that it was possible for me. Cardiothoracic sounds cosmic.

Almost like neurosurgery. Like some older neurosurgeon. Gagi took you away from sports. Where did you come from to this hardest job? I'm from the 2nd military. I volunteered in forensic medicine. I was interested in forensic medicine and neurology. Neurology is very specific. Neurology is the most beautiful branch of medicine. In my opinion, it's the most In my opinion, it's gynecology. I wouldn't say it's penis, but vaginalis. My brain somehow led me to it. You're a patient of neurology. I always laugh at Uroš. I knew that. I'm orienting myself. When I finished my bachelor's degree, I was supposed to go to medical medicine or neurology.

I told him that I don't know what I would like. He's a surgeon. When you're a surgeon, you're always in the middle. But when you're a surgeon, it's dominant. That's stupid. If you're a good doctor, it's very difficult. He told me to try it. I told him that I don't know. He told me to go to neurosurgery. He told me to try it. When I tried it, I realized it's neurology where you operate. I think it's the best decision in my life. Wait, let's stop. In your part of this bloody business, it will never stop. I mean, in your part, you have a couple of hundred of these things in your heart. Neurosurgery is very extensive.

You have blood vessels in your brain. You can be a neurovascular surgeon. You can be a neurooncologist. You can deal with tumors. You can deal with injuries. You can deal with peripheral nerves. We do approaches everywhere. As a neurosurgeon, I'm doing a tumor on the foot because it's a nerve tumor. You need a lot of knowledge about anatomy and everything. That's why it's very challenging. Of course, you always need to direct yourself to someone. Surgery is extremely interesting. Everyone is for themselves. I assisted him a couple of times. They did it manually. It's incredible. They sew micro blood vessels on the beating heart.

We have similar procedures. I almost died after four hours. It's different here. It's different. It's different. I held his heart. When I finished my studies, I was like, come and assist me. How does it look like? It was extremely strange to me. It was strange to me every day. My cutting head is very small. It's 45 centimeters. It's small. I look at the pulse. The beating heart is like this. It's completely different. It's a different kind of surgery. You do that crazy job. Yes, I do. You're hyperactive and crazy. I'm not like that. I'm hyperactive. Surgery is important for everything. But in his case, you can see how crazy he is.

It's a little easier for you. It's incredible. You know what Nemanja told me? I always quote him. When he told me, I had a bleeding in the hall. He said, it's starting to get unpleasant. You're losing the patient. The anesthesia is starting to activate. The blood pressure is dropping. You hear the anesthesia activating. You're leading the ship again. I remember him telling me when something like that starts, I have to stop the bleeding as soon as possible. Give me more. He said, no. Do you know what to do? Slow it down. You have to stop the bleeding. You have to slow it down. Do whatever you want, Djokovic.

Do you know how I do it? I stop the bleeding. I inhale, and then I stop the bleeding. It's better to stop the bleeding for 10 seconds than to stop the bleeding for 10 mistakes. Because when it starts, it's not good. They do it with magnifying glasses 24 times. We do it with magnifying glasses up to 50 times. Those are microscopic. I'll show you. During the surgery, the microscope is huge. Your hands are here. You work on the top of the instrument. You can't do anything there. You can see the error in the neurosurgery. That's why it's challenging. One millimeter, less than a millimeter. You can take a man, make a plague, it doesn't matter.

You can see everything. If a man came with a tumor that you should have removed, and he wakes up after one side of your surgery is removed, but you didn't do the surgery, the patient died. That's why it's so important. There were cases where people were unregistered. There was everything. How does it look like? What is the relationship with them? Today, I saw a girl who was hit by a car during the surgery. I won't talk about medical details. It's been a while. Today, I'm at the door, waiting for a friend to come in. I say hello, I see a young girl with a small walk. I remember her. She was a girl who triumphed in medicine.

I had my head surgery, but at the same time, my orthopedists were working. General surgeons on one wing, others on the other. I worked with a colleague on the head. It was a catastrophe. We all thought she was going to die. Today, I see her smiling. Why do you say it's in God's hands? I'm not a good believer. I'm often a believer because of my needs. I'm not good enough. I'd love to be, but I've felt it a hundred times. I practice my prayer. It calms me down. There are surgeons who don't believe in God, but they live the way they should. It calms them down. I have a prayer before every surgery.

It calms me down. I know exactly how long my washing takes. I know exactly how long a specific hand needs to wash. I know how long it takes. For example, I wash so much. It calms me down. For the last year and a half, I haven't thought about something happening in the middle of the night. You can't do everything the same way. You often say this has to be God's plan. You always give everything you have. But there's something you're sure of. You can't be sure of everything. I'm not sure I'm not going to fall and die. There's something you're sure of. You're sure it's God's will. There was one case.

I was younger when it happened. An older professor was working. We had a broken aorta. It was a fullnight operation. We started at 6 p.m. It's around 9 a.m. now. We're dreaming. It's a disaster. We're tired. We're trying to separate the patient from the machine. The heart simply won't work. It hasn't worked for 12 hours. It can't come to life. And everyone is raising their hands. How does it look like when you raise your hands? It's very hard to clean up. You have to die until the last moment. It's hours and hours of struggle. Even sometimes, when I'm an assistant, when I'm not working, it seems to me that it's completely crazy.

But when you're in the operating room, you have to give your best. And then you go and try to get the heart out. Why shouldn't I take the risk? You're not taking the risk. You're giving it a chance that might have worked for you. But when you experience what I saw, we gave up. The youngest member stayed. We told him to massage a little more and play the end for half an hour. We gave everything we had. After five minutes, the heart came to life. Nothing happened. The heart woke up and started working. It's a miracle. The death rate is 90%. It's a huge death rate. But it doesn't matter. It seemed after 12 hours of struggle that the man wouldn't survive.

We raised our hands. It seemed after six hours that he wouldn't survive. We fought for another six hours. When we were exhausted, we saw that the heart was working like this. It was standing. It's been a long time since we played the end. After five minutes, we were taken to the emergency room. The heart came to life. When can you give up? That's the question now. You can never give up. You have to be aware that you gave everything you had. You're the most important. You have to go for the one in a million. When you start from the bottom, it lasts 10, 12, 15 hours. The moment comes probably in the beginning when someone passes away.

It always happens. Does it get easier sometimes? In the movies that we watch, after a while they report that it's nothing. Reporting is always unpleasant, but only reporting is when you've made up with the fact. It's hard when you have to give up. I know he died. It's not pleasant to go out in front of the family. I've already made up with them. It's an unpleasant duty for me. I've already finished. It's just one unpleasant thing I have to do. But the moment you have to give up the fight, that's the hardest. When you're That's hell. You don't want to hurt anyone. They don't understand that. For example, that guy in my department, he was with us for so many years.

He said, I see what you're doing. He said, what are you doing here in the gym? After three hours of training, it's like you've been somewhere and you've been operating for seven hours. At that moment What's your biggest reward for the job you're doing? The job itself is very rewarding. The fact that you're lying there knowing that you did what you did, should be a reward. And it really is. I can't explain that feeling to you because I have to No matter what I say to you, it sounds stupid. But that pride you have because you're doing it, that's already a reward. It's nice when you succeed, but it's very ugly when you don't.

It's nicer when you succeed, but it's uglier when you don't. I can't tell you. If you're the one who helps someone, even if you didn't do it that day, that's what motivates me. Now everyone has something else to learn, who knows. My friend, my sister, Bilju Pejović, I'm meeting her now, she operated on me, her name is Goran Tasić. That's one of the most serious We know him. If I'm not mistaken, he operated on her for 12 hours, or 8 hours, or 2 times, 8 plus 4, that's when the aneurysm broke. Tasić is the best neurovascular surgeon in the country. We send him the most complex cases of bleeding for aneurysm and so on.

He's the man who brought her back from the dead. Incredible case. When you see him, you see his energy, he's a couple of years until retirement. He's a couple of years until retirement, a few years. He's the king. I don't know exactly what year, he's not a young surgeon, he's not going to retire tomorrow, but his energy, after 30 years of work every day, is the most complex case. When that man comes in, he's draining that energy. It draws you in. It's not something that can be done routinely. If you do it routinely, it would heal quickly and heal people. It's not something that hasn't happened.

The machine won't be able to replace the doctor. I'm looking at the big boom of artificial intelligence, but the surgery won't be able to. I don't think we need a doctor. Mistakes are made by the brain. Mistakes are made by the brain. You can't replace it. You can replace it, but it's the last one. Neurosurgery is a branch of surgery. Why? Small tumors heal more and more with a tablet and radiation. Vascular procedures, blood vessels, and so on. Tumors go more and more to orthopedics, to stabilizations, and so on. For neurosurgery, it's a trauma. It's the surgery of everything. It started with head surgery.

Trepanation was done when the ancient world existed. And it will always exist. Without it, it will never exist. That's what I think about cardiothoracic surgery. It's a preventive surgery. It's getting better and better. It's because of stents. In the end, it's not good for me, but I want people to be as healthy as possible. I don't have to do it. I'll find something else to do. You don't like your job. You prefer surgery. There's an ortho valve that goes through the femoral artery. It's called TAVI. It doesn't open. I can't wait for everyone to have TAVI. In the end, if it happens to me, I want TAVI to be as good as possible, so that I can put it on myself.

There will be complications of TAVI. There will be other things to do. But God forbid, that it doesn't work. We stopped and started this whole story. In the end, you didn't tell us what a man should do when he finishes his career with a huge heart. Only if he regularly takes some medications. The problem is that people with bad genetics and bad other parts of the body, have a fever, asthma, which goes away while the athlete is active. The fact that he's just a sportsman is just one factor. The test is the factor that they eat well, sleep well, etc. Good chemistry. Very good chemistry. But that chemistry only has some negative effects.

It has negative effects, but you can't run a turbo without a turbine. I agree with that. I know that. I've been running it for a year. But the problem is that you have to agree that you will be a hypertonic at a very young age. I don't know who said this, but I see myself. When I was 15, I did three workouts a day. Now I do four workouts a day. I can't sleep at night. I'm 37 now. I bake once every seven days. I don't have to bake. When you mentioned chemistry, what do you think about chemistry? All the best. What do you think about chemistry? How does it affect the heart? If it's taken in some I don't know what the normal dose is.

There is no normal dose. When you make a hormone imbalance, it's not good. There are some people who won't be harmed. In any case, it's not good. It's not good because you make a hormone imbalance out of a certain balance. That's certainly bad. There are no clear studies, since it's a gray area, some clear studies that will say what it leads to. What I've noticed in my practice is that people who were on steroids have a problem with high blood pressure at a relatively young age. I can't stand for that 100%. I didn't write a serious statistic about it. But a lot of people come to me and have problems with high blood pressure.

People who took steroids. I had a problem. My blood pressure dropped and I started taking steroids. I see it as something systematic for some job. I have low blood pressure. They say that low blood pressure is an intruder in your life. Yes. I started taking pizzas when I was 30 years old. I've never taken chemo in my life. But I've gained 25 kilos in 6 months. All of that is a factor. You're exaggerating. A regular guest told me that sportsmen should be allowed to exercise in order to become healthier. I've seen it somewhere. What does this mean? Muscles, knees, that area. What does chemo mean? It's a medicine.

Let's talk about testosterone. Testosterone. Tier T. You take testosterone and you don't have any medical reason except for some result in a sport where you're throwing a ball through a hoop against other players who don't touch it. I'm a man who devoted my whole life to sports. I can't honestly understand it as a good thing. Every man of his life. I can't tell you. But I can't, like smoking, advise you to do it. But I won't judge you if you smoke or take testosterone. Tier T is something relatively new. We'll see the effects when hundreds of thousands of people apply it. It's new for us. It's been used in the US for 30 years.

It started with 30, now it has 60. 60 is a young man. You can study it on hundreds of thousands of people to see if those who don't take it will live 65 and those who don't will live 90. There's a definite thing that you're doing something that was in balance, hormone imbalance, it sounds like a bad thing. It's not forbidden because it's harmful, but because it affects performance. Where will the line be? If I let you three take it, Gagic will say let me take a little more than Roger. Then where will you get millions of milligrams of testosterone that will kill you on the spot? You'll say I'm from a favela in Brazil, I'll take a million milligrams and I'll survive, I'll be a hulk or I'll die because I didn't take it.

That's the line you can't cross. Where would you let him? At some point you'd have to forbid him. You wouldn't let him take it. It's a complex topic. A very complex topic. But that's your main problem. If all three of you took it, he'd be the first one. He'd say my ass hurts, and that's the kind of people he is. How much would you let him take it? How much would you let Khabib take it? When you say allowed, allowed in a certain amount. Where he can do testing at the highest level. But in what amount when he has 120 kilos and you have 75? He'd say let's fuck it up a bit because now you have the same amount.

And then he'd definitely have a sportsman. That's what it should be about now. The biggest stupidity in the world. You know what? The problem is when people say whatever you take now, can you solve it better there? Some things can't be solved. Like for JiuJitsu in the USA. Some things are hard to solve. Let's put Torica on top of the USA. Would it be better or worse? I know, but that's the problem. Now it's a democracy how to talk to them. We're talking about steroids. JiuJitsu is a professional sport. That's right. Because it's not recognized as a sport. You can't do it at the highest level. There's no one who likes it.

I don't know what competition was the last one where Seth Moritz didn't make it to the finals but he said he'd come and test them. JiuJitsu is a very bad competition. You can't do it. If it's really like that, the problem was with MMA. UFC is a private company. It's a private company. At one point, it was a crossfit competition. It was so failed. Belford was the best. It was private. They were running through the windows. Everybody knew that they were going to die. It was the only way out for them. MMA fighters are also of a low social status. They're not the sons of their parents. There's no way out.

There's no way out. They're millionaires. But there is now. There was no chemistry. There was no chemistry. It was good, but now There's a lot of chemistry. You have fights where you lose when you're 75 kilos. What's that? I don't know. The best fighter in JiuJitsu. The one who makes the best looks. He looks like I'm not sure what I think about it. It's all so complex. It's very complex. That's why I took it. On the one hand, if you're tired from training, you can't take something. After the surgery, I took Deku a few times. Deku Durabolin for me. I took it because I had to. To strengthen my tits.

I never felt better. What about medication? You have a coach. His life depends on it. He lives from it. Where do you get it? People use it. People use steroids. Insulin is the most obvious how it works. You take insulin. You have full intake of nutrients from the blood. Everything you take, insulin pulls it. It has a terrible effect. He started the game first. I don't know who started it first. I don't know if he started it first. Insulin is also known for that. But it's definitely not good to take insulin as a person without diabetes. I mean Let's draw a line. Is sport good for your health? Do we promote healthy life here? Or performance? Don't ask me that.

Half of the people we talked to agree with me. The point is that no one should be judged. It changes performance. It's not fair to give a chance to a person who doesn't want to take it. You know what I mean? I think it's the opposite of what you said. There must be a limit. If people do it, there is no limit. This is how everyone takes it, but they get scared again. And it's definitely taken less than it's allowed. Yes. If there was a limit, would they start it? I think even the UFC was afraid that it wouldn't be good for them. Marketing will start to die on the street. They were Do you remember when Sky1 was black? What's his name? Alistair Overeem.

Do you remember when he took off his shirt? It wasn't normal. It's genetics. It's a total paradox. American football, NBA, they're all superhumans. Why wouldn't there be MMA now? There's no paradox at all. But in America, there are also women in chemistry. It's good for us. We have chemistry for women. I agree, but for us, it's 0.1%. Because women's sport is 0.1%. But again, it's an incredible paradox. When are women in chemistry now? It's better for you to tell us. I don't know, I've never been a chemist. You have to start. Daco, take my chemistry. Let's go back a bit to Serbia, when it comes to JiuJitsu.

There have been a lot of tournaments lately. Let's say it started with Corona. Did it? It was during Corona, right? ADCC. There were companies like ADCC. There were people who I mean, a lot more people are coaches. In my opinion, the team itself is a bigger community. There used to be only the Jeryal team. There were two more, like Sekutor, who came out of it in some way. Kamen from the other side, who did MMA. And you didn't have a single club. Or one competition per year. It depends on the people who come from abroad. Who wants to compete? We are 30, we need Jeryal. We all know each other. We all know each other.

How did the sport expand? There were a lot of people. MMA is a lot of credit for the expansion of JiuJitsu. JiuJitsu is based a lot on MMA. MMA can't continue without a partner. MMA is very interesting for people to watch. The whole concept was made to be interesting. He brought JiuJitsu to the world. He brought it to the world, and to us, for sure. It was amazing. When we competed, it was like buying three clubs in the gym. And today, there are only a few people. 400 people. It's been 15 years. How did it expand so much? I think that MMA is very important. When you come to JiuJitsu, a lot of people fall in love.

It's great for training, and when you come in, it's interesting for you. There's a scene that you can watch and it's interesting. But to get to that, MMA is something that everyone follows. A lot of people in America who are in a partnership with coaches, they love watching UFC, but they can't take off their glasses, take off their clothes. Or they do that kind of work in their head. They can't even lift a punch. Why do they call JiuJitsu a lifestyle? Why doesn't JiuJitsu have all the names? That's what I thought when Roger said lifestyle. That's a special segment. Eddie Brown started with that.

He's a guy. And they have their own system. They have their own system. Which exists in Belgrade. Yes, it exists in Belgrade. Dejan Zabunovic opened it. I talked to him about all of that. Eddie Brown is someone I looked up to in JiuJitsu. He was the first half guard in the world. He's the first to beat Eddie Brown in JiuJitsu. I'll tell you how that story went. He's a magician of marketing. I think it was ADCC. Some ADCC. He got Groyler Gracie who was one of the most unbeatable guys at the time. In the second round. He finished him on a triangle. Gracie is a tough guy. He met Robert Gardner for the first time.

He saw him for the first time in that moment. In the next round, Leo Viera jumped from 400 and kicked him out. He never came back. Eddie Brown never won anything. Nothing. He finished Groyler Gracie. He made that one Every individual fighter has one scout. I don't know if he understands me. But not everyone made their own system. Eddie Brown was a great innovator. Honestly, I don't like that way of life. I don't judge anyone when it comes to his planet system. When it comes to blowing up Blowing up is the biggest problem. Everything is flat on the ground. Everything is flat on the ground. I see.

I've heard Eddie Brown probably, but I've heard that Groyler Gracie claims he's a flatearther. He claims he's a flatearther. Yes, Groyler Gracie came out with a story. I can't remember it 100%. He's the son of Rickson Gracie, the greatest JiuJitsu fighter ever. A man who has never been defeated. I don't know how many young people know Rickson. They're all on the letter H, but they're all on the letter R. He fought 2030 years ago, so not that long ago. Those people are still alive. Someone came up to me and said he had a video of me beating Rickson. He had a Samba video. He got that too. It's not because of the rules.

He's a man of 399 fights. He got everything. He was in MMA. He's a beginner. Pride is the reason for that. Yes. If he lost that match, they'd say he wouldn't have made it. Wait a minute. No, no, no. The first Pride, Hickson beat him. He beat him with his teeth. He opened Pride with his teeth. He beat him with his teeth. Hickson beat him, and the Japanese went crazy. He beat him, he grabbed him, he jumped over him, he crushed him. He had 8 discs. Inoki is another one. He was a beginner in MMA in Japan. It wasn't MMA then. It was pankration. Yes, pankration. They were some catchers. You know they were with those

With the disciples. It all started with American wrestling. It was boring for people to watch. And now you have an UFC that's all set up, except for the fight itself. I don't care if Kabi beats McGregor. But if Kabi beats McGregor and his friend is on the bus, he grabs Artem Lobov, you start watching it like a movie and they let them go. This is the best explanation I've heard so far. This is the next level of fun for people. The strongest company when it comes to hype is to literally ask yourself in a match in which I'm sure I'll win, how they approach it, you ask yourself. I don't know who's going to win.

People like to watch good fights, especially us in sports, we like to see good technical fights. 95% of people watch it because of the hype, what's going to happen, he's going to jump, he's going to spit. This story, he jumped, one of his arms got stuck and he kicked him. Conor McGregor is a master entertainer. I watched it when it aired. He said he jumped and then he got scared like a little kid. I kicked him, he came to me like a Christmas present. Then the other one came to me, how he missed me. There's a good saying, M.M.A. Pharma. But the concept of that hype is similar. They intentionally put you there and now this one cheats, you wouldn't really care about that.

But when you watch it every day, it's the same thing. You make a whole show so that in the end they really let them go because the catcher is no longer interested and it's all set up. People started to lose interest and then he said, we're going to do the same thing, we're just going to let them go and that's really how it is. You have to be an entertainer, a good fighter and that's it. It's like a private company that won't give you a chance if you're not interesting to the audience. It's not a sport in the right sense. Do you have to be the best in Europe or something like that so that it's easier to enter the UFC from America? If you want to be the best in Europe you have to be charismatic, they give you a chance to work.

Thank God there are a lot of people from Dagestan who come to the UFC. But if they let them go, the whole fight card would be in Dagestan. If they let them go now. The rules have changed. There are a lot of big fights. For example, JiuJitsu is no longer applicable to MMA. I wanted to ask you about that. Did you analyze the Dagestani party a bit? Yes, I thought about it a lot. What's the difference? What we talked about in Kukolja before that, how does David feel about space and about balance? I think that's their main thing. I think it's the story about what he did against Khabib, who grabbed him in the guillotine.

He grabbed him in the guillotine? Yes. The point is that when I worked with him, he did the same technique as everyone else, but at every moment he was in front of me. Technically, you can see, but he understands the position of the body in the space so well that even when he lets you go, it's just a warmup, he'll get you back later. Kukolja has a chess game. He lets you go three steps when you do the fourth one in front of you. That's not a task. We're working on it. You know what's the thing? You didn't think about the fact that a lot of great chess players come to us. I'm talking about JiuJitsu, not about chess, but JiuJitsu is something special compared to all those JiuJitsu players.

What do you mean? I mean that. They're all strong. Yes, I've worked with a lot of JiuJitsu players. If there's no stronger player They have stronger players. I'll name one of them. Borenovic. Borenovic does JiuJitsu well. But there's also Ivezić. I know Ivezić. You know Ivezić. He's a man with whom I can honestly tell you that he's one of the most uncomfortable Not in the sense of his knowledge of chess, which is not a small thing. He's a top JiuJitsu player and he probably plays chess. It's such an explosion that in 6 minutes he doesn't hurt me or he doesn't hurt himself and I never work with him again.

Ivezić is good. He's easier than Kukolja. But Kukolja is one of those guys with whom you can't work with. I think it's because of him. He won't hurt you. You can't work with him because you'll lose. He won't hurt you. How can he hurt me? How was that? I can't do that. He hits me with his thumb. Big thumb. I break his thumb with my thumb. I've told you that a million times but he's really abnormal. He's stronger than me. He's not stronger than me, but he's abnormally strong. I think it's because of his sense of space and not just strength. 99% of the time it's because of his sense of space. Look, Rođko, if we remove Perisov, he'll get bored.

Let's roll. We wanted to come to your place but we have a busy schedule. We agreed to come on Monday. You'll organize security. Come. You know it's not funny. We'll interrupt you. When I come to you, ask me what I'm going to do. I'm Perisov. Wait, we were talking about Dagestan. What's the solution? There aren't many solutions. They've been training since they were kids. It's a peak performance. To be honest, I'm not a fan of that school. I don't know how they do it, but they have a lot of kids who are fighters. They can afford it. They hurt a lot of fighters in that way. You can't throw them in the red all the time.

What I've seen about their training is the same old training. Let's all push the tires, let's go as hard as we can, and whoever survives will be a world champion. 90% of them don't survive. They are an orphan who is hungry. I know, but 99% of those 100 people got hurt. Maybe they had the potential to become a world champion We had different fighters. We had two fighters, this little guy who is now in London, and little Lukic who trained at the same time. When he works like this, they are two very similar fighters. They both won. The little one who is now in London, his name is Jovan Čimović, when he competes on Saturday, he stops training on Wednesday.

He wins on Saturday, but when he trains on Friday, Lukic is like a gypsy from Mirjevo, who trains hard on Friday, and on Saturday he competes, and he does the same. In highlevel sport, you need to be able to compete if you want to become a fighter. We mentioned Milan Žerjala. Milan Če. He is one of the best fighters. He came from JiuJitsu, he went to Čečia, he killed them all. I don't understand his MMA career, but he started very well. He is the best psycho ever. One of the best things about him is that I was in his sparring where he told me that I wouldn't pay him and that I should come and train with Milan Če.

From 6am to 7pm, from 7pm to 8pm is grappling, from 8pm to 9pm is kimono. Did you come for 3 hours of training? I trained alone, it was incredible. He was a special mental character. Mental character, but different. He wasn't like, I'm going to cut your head off. He was very calm, he didn't say anything. He was very relaxed. When he came into the fight, it was like he came into a flowerpot. He came to solve you. There was no hatred towards you, no fighting. His strength All the time, you were laughing. Incredible strength. At that time, I was working with a billion people. When he took off his clothes, you couldn't see what people looked like.

His strength, his pressure, when he was 1516 years old, it was incredible. I rarely experience something like that. To feel Only once in my life, I worked with a million world champions. I was in Brazil, I worked with everyone who is worth something in the world. I can't say with everyone, but with a lot of people. I felt that only with Flavio Canto. That feeling of pressure, I didn't feel anywhere else, except with Milo Željal and Flavio Canto. Flavio Canto is the same. He's a 50year-old former judo player who worked until he was 81. Bronze medal at the Olympics. He came to Brazil when we were there.

He has his own club. He came to half of the training, he didn't come to surf. He's a celebrity there. He helps kids from the favelas. He's an incredible guy. When you see him, his energy is incredible. When he comes on the bass, he's incredible. He's like Hansel. He comes like this, 70 kilos, 50 years old, unheated. He came yesterday to surf. He comes, I came from Belmeken, a month ago, I was with Kukuljan, we trained for 10 hours a day. Kukuljan and I are standing there, and he says, you go first, and I go, and he goes, I have 100 kilos of muscles, he has 30 kilos less. I came from Belmeken, in top shape, and he's playing with me, like I would play with my daughter.

I said, Kukuljan,. let me introduce him.. Kukuljan,. he finishes him,. Kukuljan,. Kukuljan,. Kukuljan,. Kukuljan,. Kukuljan,. Kukuljan,. he wins it all over.. He says,. you didn't come from the streets. and came here to be a world champion.. This is unbelievable,. such a guy,. such a feeling to have. to stay there.. Which weight are you?. Cheulich Ulrosh,. Cheulich Ulrosh has 120 kilos,. another extremly strong,. from the same protective belt,. maybe trained there,. Kulicic was good when he came to the first training. Yes, he came from Rvanje, he had 100kg and he came. Kulicic helped me, he was born in our academy 12 years ago. Right?. He came to help us, to hold our jiujitsu. You can feel it. I can feel it, because on that first sparring. Guard passed Milan Ceto or something like that. When he came to the first training, he was good from the start.

Kulicic?. Yes, on the first training he didn't know what to do. Kulicic was our best competitor, active competitor. I don't know pound for pound, if there are people who. Who competes on a world stage. I don't know if he competes. He lives as a pro, he has good fighters. I don't know if Aca Rajic has 120kg, who would he get?. Let's say Aca doesn't compete anymore. I don't know if he competes. Let's say Joca Manojlovic is 100 years younger. and he has 30kg more. I don't know if he competes. I don't know if he competes. I don't know if he competes. I know that he went to the last ADCC in Europe. I don't know if he competed. He lost, he won. He was a class leader. Something like that. Uros was always there. We were talking about Milan Ceto. You feel like Kulicic. When you see him, you feel that he is strong. When you see him, you know that the fight will be strong.

But Kulicic was someone who combined everything. Head, athlete, everything together. Yes, but this guy has 80kg. He had that strength. He was 15 years old. I remember once, I recorded that fight. I don't know who he fought. Some guy threw him. He grew up, he was 15 years old. I remember I was watching that fight. I was watching if it was possible for him to throw him. He was throwing him and he fell on his legs. He was throwing him and he fell on his legs. and immediately he started double leg. At that moment, 99% of people would fall on their backs. That's how it looked like. I remember I was watching that fight. I was watching that fight 300 times. I didn't know what he was doing. I didn't know what he was doing. Is he a contender?. No. I don't know if he is a contender. I don't know if he is a contender. I saw him when he was 7 or 8 years old.

Milena Žerjeva, if you are watching this, come to our institute. We will talk about how we used to beat Čečian. I mean how you used to beat Čečian. He had a hand injury. Yes, he pulled himself back. He had a serious injury to his elbow. Shoulder or elbow?. Biceps, I think he broke his biceps. He pulled something out. I know that he pulled something out. I don't know where he is. Is he in Vegas or in France?. He is in Vegas. You can't find him there. When I saw him, he always had short hair. I saw him, he came to watch Serbian Open. That was 7 or 8 years ago. That was the last time I saw him. He came with his hair like this. Ivanča, is that you?. When you describe him. I didn't train with him. Did you train with him?. No. I have to mention. When he came. I was 12 years old. I remember he came. And he passed Milan Četugard.

That was. We were there. I remember where you were standing. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. You didn't socialize with us. In this part. He was here. I remember. That was a drama. When he came and passed Milan Četugard. That was incredible. I remember that. You are an introvert. If he came. He didn't talk to us. He didn't socialize with us. You didn't come for a long time. At that moment. We were training. We were training MMA. And the summer period started. Like August. And we paused for a month. Something like that. And I asked Kamenog. I'm going to train here. I don't have anything to train. He said he was going. And I went. I remember him. He was tall. He was thin. He had long hair. I don't remember. And then. I met for the first time. With some. My muscle legs. He had four arms. What is this?. Here is the leg. Here is the arm. At that time. There was an expansion.

Serbia was the leader. That was the moment. That was the old school. He didn't. He didn't know you. Until I met you. You couldn't even work. You came. Two of you. He was like that. You couldn't work with anyone. He was like that. He saw you. And he was like. Who was this guy. Two years later. How do you explain. That from that man. Everything was worth. He was the only one. He was the only one for a long time. All the people who keep clubs. They are with him. Except Daniel Brajčić. He was coming. I remember I saw him once or twice. He is judo. But here is the whole team. Vuk and me. Matija Valjarević Lutador. Žare Žarlok. Moma Ćučić is the same. Nikola Savić and Gledić. They are the first generation. With Hacem. But of course. Do you have any other clubs. Deki Tešić. They are all from the same school. Jovan Manojević. Family Fight Team.

They started. But they came every weekend. They respected. To come every weekend. To sit in the car. With the whole team. I don't know what happened to him. He was such a talent. I don't remember his name. But I remember he broke his finger. He got hit in the head. In the middle of the fight. I remember Bosket. Bosket was. Very unpleasant. Bosket puts his knee. In the middle of the face. He was that type. But he was. He hurt a lot of people. But he was the type. Who didn't get angry. He was rude. It's different now. Darko Stošić does it. Darko Stošić does it hard. But Darko Stošić doesn't get angry. When you do it hard. He was that type of fighter. He was like a banana. I remember. He hurt a lot of people. He didn't know how to let go. He didn't know how to let go. It wasn't different. It was normal. It wasn't like I don't do it hard.

It was 100%. It was like I don't have a vacuum cleaner. I don't want to vacuum. The main progress was. Savić, Gledić, Vuk and me. We take those from the gym. We make it. We put it in the living room. And we rock it. Around the TV. In the closet. Savić comes to my place. And we do it all day. Savić gave it to us. It was in his house. That's how you trained. Now they are angry. Like there is no warm water. For me. When Rajačić started. To come. They started. Rajačić, Gledić and Savić. They went to America. They measured it. Rajačić was a big talent. Before America. Rajačić was a big talent. But a terrible talent. Rajačić was a big talent. But he had that build. When I look at it. You have to have strong legs. If you look at Marcelo Garcia. He is a man. I remember you working with him. He kills you. He doesn't show up for 6 months.

You come to him like. Maybe I finished him. He is 6 miles ahead of you. Wait. When I travel around the world. And I come after 6 years. I say I improved. And he comes with a beginner. And you don't finish him. And Rajačić. And immediately a beginner. I won him. I won him. With my win. Or with you. We went further. We lost from you. Not a lie. Luka Starr sat down. Against Boško. Who trained with us. You took Boško. Boško is a ski instructor. We need him. He was a great guy. He worked. But Luka Starr was much better. He was a great guy. He worked for us. He chased him. He was a tough fighter. He couldn't finish him. But in the end he sat down. He dominated him. We started. When Obrad. Was kicked out by Mladen Popović. Obrad Nedić came. As a big favorite. Against one of my fighters. He became a fighter. He won a European medal. Mladen is a great guy.

He won a bronze medal in Rome. He was a blue belt. He had potential. But not for Obrad. And he survived Obrad. Obrad was a finisher. He was great for that type of tournament. He has that Nibar. Who is very good. And you took him. I see him often. He is a very good guy. I thought we will lose. That he will take Mladen out. At that moment Mladen. Wasn't bad. I thought we will win. Because Obrad was the biggest star. And then Limp. And Danilo Vasović. Said. Limp has a chance. To survive. I knew Limp is better. We got 100%. And Luka Star couldn't finish. Kelme. We were turbo. Turbo. Was working with Kelme. 20 kg difference. Kelme couldn't finish him. Luka Star. Don't tell me that Danilo. Was heavier than me. 20 kg. Danilo was the best. And you are on a trend. Now Danilo Vasović. Good guys. And so. We kick them out. Did you win?. No, it was a 5th fight.

With whom we were working. With Rio Grappling. And what was his name. Danilo. No, it was yours. I think I was working with Mladen. 5th fight. Same fight as Danilo. Mladen is big. But same fight as Danilo. It's hard to finish them. But they are not finishers. Same fight as Danilo. Thank you. Now that we went into history. What is the plan. When it comes to. Competitions for the union. What do you think. I thought to propose it. I won't decide it by myself. When I talk about myself. I talk about Vuk. He is our fellow fighter. In my case. We thought. To make a system. Similar to judo. Or similar to tennis. Where everyone. Has a certain number of points. And every fighter has points. So you won't have a risk. For a racket or a kimono. In the final you have 16 points. Here you have 32 points. In Kosovo you have 700 points. It will be a competition in Paz.

And it will be a competition. For the union. You will be in first place. And you will collect points. For the whole year. And if you have a consistent form. That you are 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st. 8th, 4th, 1st. You will be 1st. And the union will secure. Stipends for the best. That would be. If you have a good Danilo Vasović. And he is a good fighter. You won't enter the union. Because you don't like me and Vuk. Listen, I was the best in that category. Why wouldn't I have 300400 euros a month. That the union gives. But you can't say 50% goes to the club. Of course. How do you think you organize stipends. If the state doesn't support you. The union will. At first I thought I would find sponsors. Through personal contacts. I don't know. CocaCola, Zološki Vrti. I don't know. You have to know. It's not a lot. You won't be. You will stipend.

One person per state. In those 6 categories. For women. We have a few great fighters. I think we have one. I don't know the name of the women's club. There is Anjela from Sekutor. Is that right?. I don't know how she works. There is Bila from Žerijal. But. We have a lot of women. We have Ivana. Nikola and Ivana. Pavlović. Nikola is our coach. He leads the biggest number of training. Ivana is a great coach. Ivana has 2 trainings per day. And Maria. She is a great brawler. We don't know who would win. They are both great. If we had a little more. Work. Ivana has 2 trainings per day. With her husband. A little bit of impulse. I think she could win a world medal. They are closer to world results. Than men. Look at this. Milica Mandić. What was her name?. You have her. They are all women. Judo. Milica Nikolić. They are all women. Men started to.

Do this. Women to fight. And we to do this. I will not say anything. I will tell you. Men can't do anything. They are all women. Tell us. Where is the club?. We don't advertise. Why?. We have enough people. It's not what you hear on TV. People come here for recommendations. We have a lot of people. But look. Now you are. In the best podcast. For MMA. But people will see. What you are. For Jiu Jitsu. For MMA. For Vasović. I don't want to steal. I don't want to steal. You have a right to steal. He has a lot of money. There is no doubt. Vasović is a monument. Vasović is a monument. I'm sorry. We are not going live. For two more years. He can't. Throw him instead. He can't. He is from Niš. No way. He is from Niš. You made. One of the best. Pjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj. When is the next one?. How is it going?. It will be on the 15th of October. We made a break because of Corona.

We definitely did it. We want to try again. It's a bit different now. I think we did it on a high level. But in the meantime. A lot of people raised the level of the competition. Including ADCC. Which again has some connections with us. It's an incredible tournament. I think this year it will be. Maybe even better. When is it going to be?. On the 6th of May. Wait, when it comes to ADCC. How is it going with the licenses?. Are they there?. They are. I don't know exactly. Is the winner of that tournament. Getting a place on the list?. I think so. ADCC is on the 6th of May. And what is the 15th of October?. 8th of March. WinChallenge 15th of October. 6th of May. Those are our projects. There were a lot of foreigners. People come from all over. It's a brand. Until you make UFC. For Grappling. Maybe it's the best tournament in the world.

ADCC. The most watched. What is the difference. Between that tournament and the other tournaments?. A bit on the rules. A bit on the money invested. All together. They were in the right place at the right time. When it was popular. And there are no financial problems. They made it so that. You can make ADCC. So that Combat Champion can say. Where the UFC started from. The point is that when you win ADCC. It's a world champion. Could there be a tournament. Where. Where they would invest. A cat and a cat. This is fantasy. Where they would invest. The best domestic judo player. Wrestler. Sambist. And Jiu Jitsu wrestler. Who would they invest. They would modify something. Probably according to Jiu Jitsu rules. Do you know what the problem is. There is no one to win or lose. Jiu Jitsu wrestlers are serious. Jiu Jitsu sportsmen.

It would be interesting for the viewers. To see what would come out of it. But again. If you put a cat. In Jiu Jitsu. One of our best Jiu Jitsu wrestlers. If not the best. In some of the best Jiu Jitsu wrestlers. Maybe he would even lose. Maybe. But in Jiu Jitsu. If you modify a little. And order him to sit. So that he can't use Judo. I guarantee you. He will start from the top. There is no chance. That he can now. If he wants to. So that he can throw him. So that he can't get up. If it's dangerous for him. He will throw him down. But if you modify Jiu Jitsu rules. There will be a session on the ass. But what would he do. What do you get. Only if they invest. You said it well. There will be a reward. Try it. Goran Rajan is doing it. They did Jiu Jitsu. There were two teams. I remember Razhgard. And this guy. Satoshi. I remember Razhgard.

They had a Judo team. It was 5 on 5. But it's so complex. Goran Rajan made a deal. With one of the best Croats. In their category. And he started. One fight like this. This fight. He gave up. He didn't even remember. Circus. Then they did it 34 times. I don't even know the rules. Like a fucking fool. ADCC. 10 minutes of the fight. In the first 5 minutes there are no points. So everyone will sit. ADCC will probably lose. Two kimonos. From some leglocker. In Jiu Jitsu. If you make an IBJ rule. Where you start from a standing position. He won't engage. If you don't get up. He will come to you. If you do that. He will throw you. And you won't get up. That's what I always mention. They didn't define the rules. Judo Kokua had complex rules. Sometimes bad. I think. He almost lost. When he made a stupid rule. Was that now?. What I see. As a fan of Judo.

What I see. Such good fighters. Destroyed their careers. Because of new rules. I'm not a fan. I can't say that. Let's not talk about our fighters. There is another guy. From an amazing class. Who lost. I don't know if there are more fights. He was the first in the world. He lost two important tournaments. For such stupid rules. That it's a shame for Judo. How much worse is that in Jiu Jitsu?. Every tournament has its own rules. I don't know. What is allowed. Not only how to score. But how to score. And the advantage. That's an attempt. To change the rules. Into a sport that wasn't made to be a sport. Yes, no, extensions. That's not allowed. Because we have the biggest. Potential. Not to make mistakes. That's because. Not for the sport. Not for watching. The truth is. That in 2006. It was supposed to be a show. It was supposed to be.

We were. It was something. That we really talked about. We were in the national team. We went to Europe. In Kecskem. It was amazing. I was the first to go out. In front of 20003000 people. Before that I did a tournament. In a hall. It was supposed to be a show. It was supposed to be a show. It was supposed to be a show. It was talked about a lot. But I think that the main thing. That blocked it. Was the Brazilian jiujitsu community. Because you have an IBJJF. Which is a private company. Which has nothing to do with anything. And at the time of the Olympics. If they took over the national team. They would lose a lot. It's like CocaCola taking over the country. That's the truth. I'm 100% sure. That's why they stopped. For obvious reasons. Why it doesn't suit them. It's a military thing. They organize competitions. Just for hunting.

There's nothing else. To be honest. Jiujitsu is a very hard sport. Jiujitsu. I think it's the hardest sport. A few years after that. They threw away the Olympics. The most important sport in the world. Karolinskijs Olympics. It was chaos. Karolinskijs Olympics. It was a moment. When they stopped boxing. It was more politics. When the Olympics were mixed. Under the Olympics. The first sport was probably wrestling. Who can run. And who can throw. And those are the three things. That show me. Why am I a better man. Or a better athlete. If I'm better at football. If I can jump, run. Of course. Sport is just for fun. That's the main thing. It has always been. Let's resume. Resume. Resume. I'm dead tired. I'm dead tired. I'm glad it's late. Thank you. It's late. There are so many people. I'll call Danilo. Why did you show up. I called Danilo.

There were two or three more. There was one guy. You know. They took him. He was taken by the Templars. What's his name. It doesn't matter. It's a deal. If you take one. You have to take one more. I'll make a mess. You can get one. A good one like Danilo. But you can get a problematic one. Just give me a problematic one. Thank you for coming. Thank you for teaching us. That we had seeds in our hearts. And in our brains. Next time. When you're a guest. I promise you. It won't happen again. Thank you. It was a pleasure. We enjoyed it. Who was that. You know that kid. With the pants. Thank you. Once again. Good luck. Thank you

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