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Hello my friends welcome to the new. video as you can see we're on extra. juicy mega ways here today we're gonna. do some massive bonus buys. 236k in the balance if you watch the. recent videos you probably saw how we. got this win already but it is part of. the win it's not the entire win it's. part of the win but yeah let's let's. let's keep that for another time uh. you'll probably see it already ten. thousand turtle bonus by here i will. stay away from the gambles i'll say that. i won't. i won't risk it i really won't risk it. it's not worth it on this one anyways. for the extra spins 28 spins sounds. tempting but not worth the gamble let's. collect it right here 10 000 euro bonus. buy extra juicy mega ways give me that 5. 000 x max winner only all we need to get. is. a bunch of sevens or a bunch of bells or.

A bunch of multipliers on anything they. can pay grapes that's 240 tumble a la. rumble there multiply this 340.. likes to do that right he likes to drop. empty spins not empty spins but uh. multipliers are quite tough to get here. 5x multiplier. not bad not bad 1.3 i have nine more. spins i need 8.4. five back. one time buddy one time backto-back. connects to the x multiplier 300 euro. for that as well eight more spins. remaining this will be as i'm kind of. nervous. i'm kind of nervous here grapes that's. why i'm oh look at the seven set that's. why i'm not going to gamble this bonus. maybe i'll gamble one but we're gonna. see not too many not too many four more. spins 1950 the cool thing about this one. is if you do the gamble. if you rip it you still get eight spins. if you decide to collect that is. actually the question 12x multiplied 120.

Not good not good. 3990 come on my last spin. that was disgusting 3 390 euro there. that was not really cool of you we can. drop more than four scatters as well. one more would have been nice then you. start off on a higher level let's go. guys bonus my number two here we're. gonna collect it right away as well. terrible tried it on the first one i. don't know how many i'll do i really. don't know maybe i should stop at 210. actually that's gonna be a good decision. maybe. that's a lot of multipliers 14x. multiplied 325 tumble i'll rumble 4.5 k. back already that is more like it buddy. that is more like it man oh unreal these. balances 10 more spins 4.5 k grapes. nothing worse nine more spins remaining. 220 000 euro left in the balance but not. even. they'll pay we're not even halfway. multiplied. well not even halfway money back six.

More spins but halfway through the spins. as well come on get the sevens all the. way buddy how tough can it be. that was a lot of bigger ways get. something oranges. they'll pay 700 tumble multiplier. multiplier more sevens. multiplier more sevens please. they'll pay 5x multiplier more dumpy. multiplicand please. oh my gosh thousand three hundred and. twenty euro tumble it is money back. eleven point. eleven point three it's only one point. three k profits four more spins that was. such a small multiplier on that. astronomical tumble a la rumble two more. spins to go as well come on now spin it. only tony's get ready freddy this might. pay some money 14 x multiplied as well. 19x multiplied already yes come on more. doppler huge that'll be huge wait a. second is that 20k. it is. 34 000 euro that's how we do it here man.

Mugs destroy your only i'm telling. you guys if you get some big wins. we'll do huge bets it's working out 45. 45k on a single ball is by who could. have imagined this on the new extra. juicy mega ways. oh the lemons. the lemons. the lemons connected 8x multiplier it's. only 100 euro tumble still a huge amount. of money as well nice little extra. let's go guys. nice little cherry on top right. oh my gosh. 46 000 turtleman this is unreal. oh gosh one more i might risk a gamble. hit. oh i was hoping for the fifth one to. drop what a session man well seven times. casino by the way one gamble please. yes come on dude i can't be too greedy i. have to take this guys this is a massive. bit don't blame me but i'll take the. safe route we already risk it there to. rip four spins and collect eight so 16. is not too bad right watermelon look at.

That 240.. i don't even know how to how the tumble. got that big on the previous bonus dead. man. massive tumble and the multipliers just. kept dropping in. bell perfect not that many big ways. ah 214 more spins to go. back to back profit if it does not if it. does not get a pay. i should probably run to something else. right i don't know to which one but. forex multiplier not bad oh but yeah if. it's gonna pay let's stay here first see. what happens how many more. that's a lot of kiwis buddy that's a lot. of kiwis watermelons would have been so. nice there as well 900 euro 3 000 back. 10 more spins remaining this should be. possible to get money back on this one. nine spins one big tumble can do it guys. you saw it you saw it i would not risk. to blink on this session this session. will be lightning fast so if we get.

Something huge don't miss out on it get. the sevens. good multiplier anyways 11x multiplied. but at half of the money back. 5440 dead seven more spins to goldman. seven more spins to go. grapes perfect. more multiplier. no multiplier there that was a massive. tumble to miss out on police of sevens. we will remove them right here oranges. as well missed out on that as well not. the biggest stumbles how many more spins. four more spins to go is it because i. gambled it he paid me less he was like. yeah you're gonna risk it right oh bells. 260 euro bells and grapes. multiplier then. that's a good multiplier 2.8 k back for. that as well three more spins remaining. nine thousand judo back it's not bad. it's uh but yeah keep in mind it was. just. 16 spins so we risk it so with the. gamble multiplied again 480 tumble good.

Stuff good stuff not to make a small to plan but i'll take it 2.8k back for that as well if he pays max win it's 500 000 euro here actually so i don't think i'll get that today who knows right who knows this month has been epic so why not give me some sevens oh that was a bunch of sevens buddy but not connected two thousand kilo profit for that one as well one more try ten thousand two bonus buy not gonna give it to me i'll go again with the gamble if i get eight i'll take eight spins if it rips we still get some spins i have to do one more come on man risk it for the biscuits risk it for the biscuit buddy land it okay that was not too cool back to 16.

I'll take it i'll take it now i'll learn. from my mistakes i'll take it it would. have been cool to get 28 but you know. what 16 is fine it's a 10 000 kilo bonus. buy after all here 15 more spins to go. don't get used to this uh. to these bed sizes guys this zone only. uh i'm trying to record a lot of videos. here since we have a huge amount of. balance and then we're gonna release all. of them but yeah we're gonna eventually. return to the normal bets as well. believe me we can do this every time. nine x multiplier that'll pay. 3.6 but yeah like we had a couple of. huge. ripper only months. before this so why not 12 more spins. nice to get some luck that's a lot of. sevens that's a huge amount of sevens. only six x multiplied it will still pay. eleven more spins to go as well six. thousand euro back man this is actually.

Performing better than expected for 10k. bonus guys we can't do them on every. slot some of them are captain 1k like i. was really looking out to do this on. gates as well looking forward to that. but can't do it it's thousand euro max. bet on gates so for the boss buys at. least i can still try to get the bonuses. without buying them just spin them in. but yeah then it's still 60 to 50 bets. and that'll probably take a while to do. but i'll probably do it i'll probably do. it as well seven more spins to go. sevens. no seven zero come on multiply then. multiply it 200 euro tumble. look at those bells for the tees six. more spins to go. oh gosh. i don't think this will be money back. right. by the way my friends as you can see up. top today we're playing on seven science. casino if you want to join this casino. link is down below in the description.

Box to go to my website. randomcasinoballas.com link for seven. signs is on there after you sign up you. can get yourself a 130 exclusive deposit. bonus up to a max of 500 euro and on top. of that 100 free spins as well if you. want to check it out feel free to check. it out if you want to sign up. oh almost. uh make sure to stop the link that we. support the channel as well thank you so. much for that keep in mind gamble. responsibly. as always that's the land and keep in. mind for the uk audience hasten casino. is still available as well another land. come on now one more for the max please. my man. yes. 28 spins on the 10 000 euro kilowatts by. oh my gosh i'm a madman i'm a madman the. slot slayer is back we're gonna. slay some slots hit. that's a lot of multipliers no connect. with it it's gonna probably give me a.

Lot of death spins right i know that. already in advance 26 more spins to go. there should be one good spin in here. like one max bet. what am i saying max bets one max win. max bet winner only why not man 240 euro. back 24 more spins remaining please my. man something all the way sevens that's. really good that's impressive 340. low. multiplier sadly i was missing one more. seven there on the fifth reel to get it. all the way almost 1600 euro anyways. that's a lot of money back 22 more spins. to go as well this will be. i'm guessing 30 000 euro. 20 more spins or is that too much to ask. for it yes it is 8x multiplier more. tumbles that's a really bad tumble. 8x multiplier 1280 not even 3 000 euro. back we're down to 19 spins already this. is kind of stressful man. that's why i'm a little more quiet i'm. focused on every spin i'm focused on.

Every spin here to uh see the full. potential kiwi body that's no kiwi at. all 12x multiplied another 1200 euro. there i don't think we have to worry 17. more spins ago it should pay like 6 000. more of course just to be the money back. hopefully. or if it goes good. some nice little profits yeah it was. some sleepless days. after those big one not only is like. i kind of ruined my sleeping schedule. like always man i. keep doing i'm keep ruining my sleeping. schedule for no reason 14x multiplier. that should pay 17x multiplied. 340 euro tumble alar rumbles i'll pay a. lot of money back. 9.9 okay we're almost there 11 more. spins to go this should give us one more. spin and this should get us over the. yeah that's money back let's go guys. money back already here for this bonus. and now 10 more spins. everything they pay now.

Is profit we started over 230 236 so. 257 not that bad buddy huge amount of. profit now pay 40 makes multiply more. tumble come on dude such a good. multiplied 22x. 12.7 is really not bad six more spins to. go by the way guys if you do enjoy the. content don't forget to like and. subscribe as well thank you so much for. that keep in mind. um pick up no what am i saying pick up. hit that notification bell button i'm. distracted today hit that notification. bell that way you get notified if i go. live as well we so go live sometimes. sunday every sunday normally like three. or four times a week we do go live so. make sure to put our notification bell. that way you stay notified when we do go. live as well 13 700 euro would be nice. to have you live streams guys it's. really chill vibes in live stream and. sometimes some big wins sometimes some.

Big losses right. forex multiplier not that great that was. the last spin okay. didn't pay the amount i want it's 40 15. 000 don't get me wrong it is profit but. 28 spends on 100 euro bets. i know one more that's five scattered. there and we're gonna start on 16 right. yeah. no reason to gamble that and rip it. let's collect the sixteen swins here for. the five sky for the motors 100 euro but. we're already up to 262 buddy. i'm gonna land 15 more spins. not great. oh that's a lot of dispense it's telling. me to leave probably right. no never mind 20 seconds 720 tumble. no. oh i was going to ask for the multiplier. man didn't even have the chance to say. multiply it already ripped. that was a big tumble that was 720. tumble which what was that oranges right. nine more spins remaining. not looking good 820 i don't think.

I don't think this has a minimum one as. well by the way. thinking about it now quite too late to. realize six more spins. oh that's disgusting my man no way. well. oh. this is painful man so many dead spins i. don't believe you can't lance anything. oh my gosh okay three more. no wait blast two spins do something. magical. that's not magical bill. last spin. that might be one of the worst bonus. buys ever done actually. oh 1200 euro back. that's time to leave guys that looks. like time to leave here we're still in. profits not bad but yeah let's go some. big bass some massive bits on big bass. why not that last ball is my dear that. was the sign to leave right that was a. sign to leave 250 rupees here on big. bass bonanza i'm gonna record the spins. because these are kind of special we. don't do these every day as you know.

250. that's a huge amount of money guys. don't try this at home with anywhere. else oh gosh 1200 euro back for the last. bonus buy did that was a lot of wasted. money we still might profit it on the. extra juicy mega waste paid better than. expected some really bad bonus buys but. yeah as i mentioned you saw the 28 spins. right it didn't even pay that much it. paid like 4k profits not worth it if you. do bonus buys or if you do land the. bonus did i really not advise you to. gamble it's like i don't know it's not. worth it. it is old i'll pay down pay that's a. full line how much. let's go my man. 12.5 k buddy. oh my gosh what wonderful line did. okay that change that changes things a. lot. oh imagine if i had one more more symbol. that was kind of epic there guys but. yeah i think i'll end it off i'll do a. couple of more spins in the background.

Here if you enjoyed it my friends as i. mentioned if you want to help me out. smash that like button thank you so much. for that. that's all i'm asking for and uh put. down a nice oh. 2.5 k for that as well put down a nice. comment below it will really support the. channel a massive amount thank you so. much for that and keep in mind. gamble responsibly make sure to check. out seven signs. every time i try to end off a video it. happens let's go 250 little bits please. madman. that is good that is really good guys i. like empty bellies no i'm not kidding. this is not. this is not sarcasm this is real man i. like empty billy's on level one that. means he's gonna level up right seven. more spins hopefully it has to pay. wow okay it has to pay 2.5 k minimum. that's perfect that's perfect this is a. guaranteed i hope it's together t2x.

Multiplied. don't land yet 250 euro back he has to. give us. is it enough already. oh i think we're. we're not dead we're not a minimum win. so we're gonna get the level up that's. what i'm telling you guys i'm a veteran. on big bass bonanza man i'm a veteran. fisherman 4.5 k two more yes come on my. man wait a second one more billy this. can pay this can pay we have one extra. already 2x multiplier is secured as well. 7.2 k. oh no extra there 10 spins to catch 3. for the 3x multiplier can we get up to. 10k here as well he already paid me 12.5. earlier with the full line of fish boxes. there that was kind of nice eight more. spins. buddy don't rip us. don't rip us man every spin. they'll pay they'll pay a lot of money. how much is that seven times. 8 500 buddy. let's go mama how much profit do we make. today from 236k.

That's that's gonna pay that's gonna pay. 15 000 oh get in there my man get in. there get in there four more spins to go. bringing it up we're up 300 000 euros. we're on 300 000 euros man. we're on 300 000 euros man and the level. three as well i'm going to cry if i hit. level 10. no way i'm going to hit level. 10. no way i'm gonna hit level 10 no let. me not jinx it don't say anything. michael. don't say anything wait. two more spins one more billy could do. it. please man last minute we're gonna get. 10 extra with a 3x multiplier. this will be a tough one to do man 32. 000 euro man this will pay probably more. than the extra juice he hits it is on a. bigger bet i know but eight. spins my god how much money is that wait. a second how much money is that. 50 000 euro that's my biggest win ever. on bigger bass that's my record twin on.

Big bass 81 000 euro my man 81 000 euro. that's how we do it on the channel the. biggest win ever on big bass balancer my. biggest one ever six more to go three. more beliefs. oh my gosh madman that was not even. oh my gosh that was not even the plan. for today but hey this escalated quickly. three more spills. oh my gosh. two more spins one more spin land one. more. and this is how it happens right. this is how it happens. super unexpected man. what can i say what can i say from 236. 000 up to 352.. oh my gosh. what am i doing to these sports slots. recently like i don't know what i'm. doing man i don't know what i'm doing. it's like all the bad sessions i had the. other months. this is like all making up for them but. all the bad sessions that's how we do it. on this channel guys love all of you. guys officer. i was gonna say two years but now maybe.

One year and a half. playing big bass bonanza. that was my biggest win ever. on 250 euro bits over 80 000 euro there. on big bass balancer guys i don't think. i'll ever see a win like that again if i. if if i i don't know i don't know maybe. it can go higher than that i know but. hey my man i'm not i'm not uh ungrateful. that was a massive hit there very. grateful big bass actually dropped me a. bonus date as well i'll do a couple of. more spins in the background as i. mentioned guys thank you so much for. being here thank you so much for it. one up top there would have been 12.5. again thank you so much for your time. really appreciate it thanks for all the. support as well recently oh my man you. know us normally we don't play these bad. slices but hey they're working out for. us today that's that does not mean this.

Is going to get. regular on this on this channel but yeah. this is gonna be probably a pretty good. video as well so everyone in chat guys. thank you so much for being here. thank you so much for being here and if. you're watching this on youtube thank. you so much for that as well guys as i. mentioned seven signs casino. link is down below. oh gosh i'm out of breath of playing. this random casino bonus.com link for. seven sizes on there after you sign up. 130. exclusive deposit bonus up to a max of. 500 euro and on top of that hundred free. spins as well make sure to check it out. make sure to start putting link that we. support the channel as well thank you so. much for that keep in mind gamble. responsibly please don't play these bad. sizes and then check out random cuz you. know one of the company added two new.

brands out there as well make sure to. check them out and for the uk audience. hasten casino is available i'll stop at. 346k. that is 110k profit guys on a single. session i i really did not plan to break. my records on big bass but it just. happened what can i do about it i just. did a switch i just did a switch man. from extra juicy mega waist up to this. one that's how we do it on the channel. thank you so much for being thank you so. much another sleepless night for me. thank you so much for being thank you so. much for your time and i'll see you guys. next time again stay safe my friends

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