12.05.2024 Leon The Professional Matildás Sniper Training

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No. never take it off until the last in it. it reflects light you can see you coming. from a mile away. and. always raise down ever by the end of. four okay okay. let's practice now it's the best way to. learn who should I hit whoever. get on. I'm with you in a second all right give. me a few minutes thank you thanks a lot. I guess the suits get lost I must see. you all right. this has to look natural. no women no kids right right. juggler in the yellow and orange okay. kid come. don't take your eyes off him. pretty easy. watch his movement. pretend you're running with him. as you feel his next movement. take a deep breath hold it. when shot not bad huh heaven fire just. can't wait yeah can we try with real. bullets now up to the let's go

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