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Hello everyone, our role play series continues without interruption. There are exactly 2 weeks left for the salary, that is, July 4th, and then what is said, August 1st comes. As you know, we are not shooting videos on July 4th, I do not take any recordings. Or rather , we can say that there is only one week left for us. Osman Hodja is now a He also bought a ladle for 285. I'm sorry, we bought 265s. You can ask Osman Hodja how much he got the price for. How much did he get? We'll go and see if we can download them. Osman Hodja, what do you think? Will you be able to earn good money? Well, I quit teaching and now I'm focused on construction and farming. Let's hope for good luck.

What can we say? Just like that. If you have construction work, you can do it anyway. We can do it anyway. , we will get it done, I will have a barn built, you will see my job soon, what do you mean?. By the way, how much do I owe you? We will never talk about it,. we will talk to them. Assalamu aleykum. Aleykumselam. What are these, Aleykumselam? What are these? We bought Osman Hodja, we bought a. ladle and a tractor. Osman Hodja broke the money and made a profit. He sold the stuff. Phantom deo sold Assalamu alaikum Assalamu alaikum Salam Hodja Good luck Hodja. good luck. we came here to check it out now I have a goose foot job too It's in October Let's see how. we will do it maybe Osman Hodja's Osman hodja download these, if it's not your job or it's my. field Can you plant it I'll fill it, we'll plant it, we'll handle it What I'm going to plant corn,.

I have it, I'm full. Okay, I have it too. No problem, we'll handle it. Okay, let's go and download it. We'll be back again. Giz, okay, you can call me, I 'll go to your dig. Okay, okay, let's see you then. God bless you. Bekir. Welcome. Bekir bought a car . I guess that's it. Things keep changing and changing. We'll see each other later. We'll examine this car. I'm leaving. We have a lot of work to do today. Have you got in? There's nothing left for me. I brewed tea in the car. I know I'm coming back from here. Where do we turn from ? Come, come, come free, come, don't be afraid, come back from here , stop, I brewed tea, it's good, I can't give it to you. You said you'll have to go in the ladle, it's a different pleasure, I swear, a beautiful thing is being made from the sieve layer of this, vekir.

Good luck, thank you, Palen. See you in the field from now on. I'm a builder. Let's see, I hope I am Hodja. I'm not . Don't call me Hodja. Okay, should I call you İnşaat Osman or whatever? Call me whatever you want, but don't call me Hodja. Look at me, I'm fed up. Let's take these things down. Do you buy fuel? What do we buy? Let's buy fuel. From there, go straight to you. Is your planter idle right now? Corn Planter? We'll handle it idle, idle . Will you come to October 265? I don't have another engine. This is the only one. I guess Eker, right? Who is he? He made a selector and Duran Bekir. Ya Deli. Either he will crash or nothing will happen to him.

Let's say he has crazy luck. Let's say he. has crazy power. here. Download it for 2 minutes. It's okay. , it's okay, the father is working, look,. I saw it. Baba the Beekeeper is plowing the cold field.. Come in here,. excuse me. Dears, come, my palm, I'm looking at a little more. Okay, stay, stop, it won't save you like that, get off, it. won't save you like that, stop, don't get off, you're the one,. it's okay. Okay, okay, lower the cover a little bit. like this. Exactly like that. Lift it up a little bit. Stay like that.. Okay, untie the straps, I'm untying it. , I'm untying it. Okay, you take the thing, take the engine from here, let me see. Okay. , put it down a little bit, okay? A little bit of something happened behind the nose. Okay,. don't touch the bumper,. stop on the ground, it's okay, it's okay. Move slowly, don't put any.

Trouble on us, damn it. What are you doing? Wait, I'm taking care of it. Wait, was I trying to index you? Come back, come back, come free. There's a share, come back, come back, come, come, gg, come, come, let me lower the scoop, just in case, move it forward a little bit, okay, Take it. Al Al Al Al Al Al It's okay, level it, level it, flatten it, don't turn it any more, continue, continue, okay, make a big gaday move, I swear, stop, I swear, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, Wait, let me see, I'll give it a little more here. This is a problem, friends, should I come, come a little less, come a little more, come a little more, okay, okay, I guess okay. Okay, the tires of the digger are big, nothing will happen anyway. The tires of the digger are big, but just in case, I saved the engine well. You almost ruined the engine we just bought.

I see. Ok Al Al Al Al Al Al, it saved it completely, it went from zero to zero. I swear, for a while, the village united with the people. Build a common ramp or something. You can fix this place. You're the builder now. You can do it. We'll do it. Let's talk to the headman. What should you do now? Take the truck to the fuel. I'll pull the truck aside. From there, we'll come the second time. It'll be with you. Wait, I'll do it. Let me pull this truck aside . Don't close the covers, or leave them open. No problem. Okay, we'll come and get the truck right here. Let me call Kit, and then put your bucket on the bucket. Okay, come on. I'm used to the engine. I'll go with the engine.

Okay , in the name of God, there is no mazut, and the dishonest people didn't put any mazut in this. Good luck to the beekeeper. Thank you. Thank you. We have taken down your field. I'm sorry . No, no, astaghfurullah. Okay, see you. You go first . Friends, he sold Phantom, he sold DEU, the guy got into construction, made the engine smaller, he will find his way from there, it's not like teaching, it takes a lot of time, he can't spare time for teaching, he brought us to this point Assalamu aleykum Come on, fill it in, give it all for two minutes, whatever it takes. Fill it up. Let me see how much money it will burn. The tank of the bucket is very big.

500 liters. I swear to God. You can take it all to fill. By the way, a fig tree has put out in my stove. ,. now the scoop is fine. I will work on it. It is finished. . Let's take it, it's filled with 20,000, it. 's good, the gv engine is full, I'm filling it up too, BİM, whether it's good or bad,. how much money is it, it's 3600 L. Ok, come on, come on, go. right now, okay , come on, let's see, the scoop is nice, friends, I hope. we see good days. without any accidents or trouble, without losing Osman Hodja.. I like to have hands and feet in such things.. I don't know, we brought it, we took it, we went and bought it, it was transportation. money, this and that, it's a tear, it's good for us too,. I'm thinking of having a barn built tomorrow, one day, the barn will also help us,. it's going too fast , I couldn't catch up because.

The scoop is the new scoop. Apart from the sheep's T, its house too. But look, this engine burns less, I guess this engine will do the job for that, I saw a red Transit, who are those guys, they buy things that sell the harvest, they change things on top of it, they change their own engines and vehicles, it's nice to change vehicles a little like this, too. We had 14,000 liras left, we bought something, I sold the gas leg, you can say that the old gas leg is bad, I mean the old goose, they counted it for 10 pieces of paper, I was 7, I bought a nice gas leg, second hand, clean, I hope it will do the job I mean, the house is nice, Osman Hodja's house is in a beautiful place, right next to the Peresti factory.

Is it a Pal house? Look, it's right there. Come to my museum. I'm just coming to the museum. Wait, did it crush your tent? It's a little bit. Nothing will happen. It's fine. I'll buy a new one. It's not very expensive. I'm coming. Come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come. I swear to God, I don't know if it will pull or not. I hope it will pull 100 meters. It won't turn black. This is 265 V. There is a little bit of seed in it. Wherever you can cum, you can fill it here or fill it with the seed here? No, I have the seed at home. We will go home anyway. Okay, then you can add it on top or nothing. Don't empty it yet. Okay, there's corn in it.

I already had corn in it. Okay, then, if that's what you say, should I just do it and get it? It's between us. Who is the car? Hello, I made it ours. Where the hell are you going, Muhtar? I was going to buy the diesel. What is this car? I just bought it, stop, wait, wait, you look, Osman Hodja, you motun is my house, go there and freshen up the seeds. Anyway, I'll buy an engine from there and go to the gas pedal. I'm going to buy this truck and go home, okay ? It's a nice car. 200. Well, are you going to start an animal business or something? Or am I going to start an animal business? I swear to God, it's all right. Then let me go to the market for 2 minutes. Okay, I'll let you go. Just stop, I jumped. Just wait, you get in.

What did Osman Hodja do? He sold the tractor or something. Osman Hodja bought a scoop and. shot the money. Osman Hodja, I swear, he bought a KÇ.. Oh my God, he sold the twowheel drive engine, he also sold the single-wheel drive vehicle.. Mukhtar says that the money for this harvest is the money for the places they planted, etc.. Go slow, Mukhtar, I'm afraid, don't be afraid, don't be afraid.. Oh my God, how are you going? Oh my god, Jet headman, Jet headman. , How about you, here, there, stop, stop, we went a long time, your car is nice, it's running away,. it's running away, it's 600,000, oh Osman Hodja, you're coming home late,. I saw that he was there, Mukhtar, leave me here and I'll be there too. I will leave the truck to something,. I will leave it at the house. The truck is not working this week. Come on, see you,.

See you, God bless let's be bismillahirrahman close the covers, just in case, friends, kuylu is working, things are busy, just like that, he gave the first harvest, we sold the harvest, then we will start the second things, the harvests will start. Or rather, planting. Fekirin looks like a belt from the car, I need to examine that car one day, he bought an old Passat, let me enter from here, friends, now I think of it, let's not have any problems, just a few minutes from home, give the gas foot to the thing, thank Osman Hodja, he can do it, corn. Heer, he has a lot of work to do, friends, the right and left of the house He has a lot of work to do . I swear, get out of here. I won't hit the ramp.

Let him go. I'm going to build a barn here. The greenhouse dealers haven't come yet. The dishonorable ones are still here. Uncle's son is at the ramuk. He will take him with him. Let alone the truck. Osman Hodja. Come, the seeds are inside the engine. Come back. Can the EU enter here? Maintenance will enter? Why don't you come in? I'm coming, wait, come slowly. AB: Our seed here is enough, I think it's enough for the field, friends, and the throttle foot I got here. Let me show you this. It's beautiful with a spring. I hope we can pull the matrix without any problems. It sounds like your Ford. I hope what you did? Did you fill it? Slow down. It's going to tear the sacks.

I filled them just right. It didn't work, it wasn't enough. Is there anything else? I don't have any seeds yet. I need to buy them. Sow as much as I can. We can do something. I 'll take care of it. I'll go and plant my own seed. Okay, we'll fix it. Thank you. I'll buy it. It didn't work. No problem. We'll handle it. Okay, which Taran will be planted? The wheat is here. L Mukhtar, is this wheat? Follow me. Now let me tie this crow's foot. It will be all right. Friends, your Ford will probably pull this. Come on, come on, come on, come on. Wait, I'll come like this. Osman Hodja. Isn't that seed enough? My mind is stuck now, where it is not enough. I'll go and plant you in your own seed. You relax, come. Come a little more. Let me come a little more. It's like this. It's okay.

It's okay. What are you doing? I just bought a pallet. We're going to wheat and goose feet. Oh no. New goose. Thank you. I gave it for 10 pieces of paper. Come on, Osman Hodja. It will come to planting , you have to change it, it changes a lot, I got less harvest from the field. For example, your fields were good again and came out, it was less than yours, you made a loss. This year, no problem, come on, see you. Let's go up to plow the field. Let's see, good luck, see you. Let me taste it up too. In the meantime, if you come there, I'll pick it up, I'll follow you. Okay, Osman Hodja, come on, get in, come and raise the tent, friends, the wheat is Satik, but we still have a field down there. By the way, I need to check the clover to see if it has grown or not.

I have to go tamurun sometime. Let Daos jump there, right? You haven't closed it. I'm on the phone. My horse. Tell me something. It looks like winter . This is real red. I'm going to turn it off for a bit. Let's catch up. Catch up. We're late today . This Mukhtar is crazy. I can see it from the mirror. I was there late. He's slow. He's running like his train exploded, thinking nothing would happen. It's going down too , look at it. It almost flew off the rails, one day it's going to explode, but when. Come on, EU. These roads are taking me away from me . We have a headman like a lion. Tell him to do it. By the way, they made a lot of comments.

Shall I tell you something? I swear, you can use it, if you like it. I'll buy it too. I swear, they praised me a lot and said it was good. By the way, friends, here's a brief information about it: our brother Erkay, the producer of this mod, Run, maybe those who know it will know. He shared it. Those who want to find it can access this mod on his own discord. Let's say good health Rize, let's continue. I mean, I don't know, Osman Hodja, they mentioned this a lot, we'll see who's coming , there's oncoming traffic, go slow, go slow, go slow, it's already going slow, you hit the attachment, you'll damage it. Whose attachment is this, is it yours or mine, okay, break it if you want, B, see you, see you, bad. When the age decreases, one by one becomes a waste of trouble.

I swear, I love our village so much. They work like bees. Osman Hodja, you see, right? They don't stop for a minute. You even made you quit the B profession. You know, our Farmers. I'm not perfect. Come on, I won't say I'm not. By the way, we're real farmers. You'll quit telling jokes. It's a fact, so there's no need to lie now. Grasshopper, you'll learn, you'll learn, your mind is working, but we're learning, slow down, Ak Here, I quit teaching. Let's see. If you can't pull the gas pedal, I swear I'll sit down and be sad, oh we'll burn it, nothing will happen, I can't burn it, son, I'll say there's no money, I'll sell the engine, but it's already 500,000 lira, you can look for the engine, sell it and see what I can afford.

Wait, let me see, the salary will come in 2 weeks, you're right, I swear, then we'll look at that truck. This week is empty. Next week it is working. The truck is making money again. It is making money. Last month, it left 200,000. Thank God, excluding driver expenses. By the way, I am also thinking of a truck, but I am thinking of a Hafi truck. It will also make good money. I will rent it directly to the company. So it may be like that, look at the minimum wage, minimum wage insurance. I pay the driver nearly 30,000 lira. Despite this, he left 200,000 , I recommend it. Thank God, then I will earn some money from this bucket. I will get into a truck. L, who planted this field? Who the hell planted it ? After that, you can do something.

Okay, wait, let me take a look at this land. He's rested enough.. Okay, I'll take a little bit of them.. I'll go back and forth one or two rows. I'll come in the same row.. I entered for you to enter. You can come and see. Take a tour of ours. I'm wandering around. until you pass two rows. Okay, okay, okay, okay, come on. , see you. I swear he's doing well.. He's giving his time. Okay, I was afraid he wouldn't be able to pull it off.. He's taking his friends.. I swear, he's taking. something. He deserves it. . Let me take one more row from here. This is all overgrown with grass. Call them together. and connect them all on the line. Wait a minute guys,. it's all ringing here, let me take care of it. Hello, what are you doing?. Has the other world. learned to connect to the conference? I learned, I learned. Well done, who is left of the old wolves?.

We have learned everything. I'm suffering from crow's feet. The field to be planted is now. We talked to Osman. Hodja. I hope the seeds are enough. Corn Planter. Is there any? I planted it. Have you finished sowing. ? Or are you planting new? I planted it. What is it doing now?. I am rolling it. Is the field drawing water? The engine. is pulling it. Mashallah it pulled it. I didn't buy it with a roller. It also. had a roller. If you take it out a little, the engine will get out of there right away. and reverse. We are doing planting with benar taralay tool and now we. had this thing with rollers. It is very good. I didn't buy it with rollers. because of the accident. It didn't happen. I come and pay for another and ask for the rollers. Well,. I didn't think to ask about the rollers either. I bought it straight. There are.

13 of these with rollers. There are also 13's It's a bit expensive sucking 9's. 11's 13's bull 15 Isn't there 15 Isn't there 15? I. 'm going in too. Pal, enter, enter from the right side, add corn, set it up nicely,. corn, corn. Okay, you actually stuffed it with corn at home. There was a seed, but it was still. Osman 11, I bought it and sold it for goose money. As you know,. there is this debt. How much did you buy to pay the debt? Load Osman 2. I threw the load to Osman. Just throw it at Osman.. He said, "Well, I bought it too." I thought, No, K, I stole it. I said,. don't give me money. He said, 'Is that possible?. It would have been possible if you had sent an ATT by force, so that you could divorce yourself, take mine,. there is no problem, come to Nas Lake. , the money is not important, let it do its job, if you get stuck, come and do it,.

It's always yours. There wouldn't be anything spiritual We can sell your tractor any way you want, 54 , sorry, 54, 30, right? We looked at it, I can't do anything, I can't sell it, it's a debt, it's a whip, what a lie, how many people does it plant, maniac, how long is it left, Osman Hodja is tearing it up, Palm? What is that? I found this engine clean. Do you know, the engine turned out to be very good. Lucky for you. Come on, maintenance, is there such an engine? I swear, I bought that engine too, I remember it in Sivas, I remember it, we got screwed, and you hit me with the stake, forget it, I said it was bad, I did something to it, but I did something like that.

Then you can get it, it happens to everyone, it can't be bad, let me buy it, who had that engine, who had the engine exploded, I swear, I don't remember the last time, we didn't sell Arya, did I? Did I give it outside? No, I gave it outside, give it to me. It's good, it went outside. At least, buyer, let's fill the diesels. I have 10 liters of diesel. It's all red , let me come to the gas station, you don't understand the science of this engine, you will leave this job to the master, Hodja, you have just become a farmer, what can I tell you, my son, Hodja has just started to become a farmer, by the way, huh, God, hoc , hoc, this aroc bast is slow, don't be bad, don't be bad.

So, we're going to do it like that, it's going so fast, is it just for the sake of it? Burak, wait, son, I don't understand, talk one by one. What are you saying, bee? I'm saying, look at the back of the Haval machine, is the gas in place? Wait, wait, I'll check, is it okay, the gas is all one meter, take a meter and two. The distance between the seeds will be 17.5 centimeters. There is no meter. Measure the tool in millimeters. I can measure it with my eye. I put it up to the elbow. You open it up to the elbow. If it comes between your two fingers, it's okay. No problem. The sequel looks good. It's good for your eyes.

My cum is wrapping the corn right now. I will wrap it next week too. I swear to God, I will leave the fields empty until April and May. Let it rest. Well, let it rest well. Then I will plant a good soybean. There is good money in fasili soybeans. I don't know if there will be money this year or next year. I hope they made a lot of money this year, maybe not next year. And he had good money and we sowed it from his debt. We don't sow it from his debt, it saves wheat. I planted a field. I wish I had stolen his reputation. I regret it even more. I regret it even more. I did the most logical thing. I planted wheat and dice.

Where is your big engine? Where did I buy it? Who the hell? Okay, I'm here, I'm here, welcome, welcome, welcome. I threw it in the accident here and said let's come to look at it. Let's see, there is a goose, it's very good, like cotton. I swear , bear with the ground. What have we pulled ? Let's put a roller on it, let's get a roller on it. My engine pulls. I didn't buy this because it wouldn't pull. Ford G is now, but as they say, Ford is something else. You buy it, you become a Ford, lord, I swear Ford is the head . What, I will play on whichever side the emphasis is on, I swear, look, men like Hodja always win in trade, I will tell you. Let's explain something to the people of the village. I am not Hoca Moca anymore.

You are still a teacher for me. Do you have a past? Do you have a career? I don't think it 's. a career at all, just the way things are, I'm. no longer a farmer teacher. By the way, the farmer has resigned.. What are you coming to? I'm coming slowly, I'm coming slowly. I can come with your eyebrows anyway. . Bee. What are you coming to? Yours will be thrown into an accident.. Towards the accident. Is everyone planting corn now or what? It is sowing, second harvest. . Although the second harvest will be in Egypt, what else will it be,. you say it's true, if you want the world, it's yours, I'll throw it in, the wrapper right behind me, Ken. I. swear to God, it would be nice, you can enter. CX will get there quickly. I swear, Pal or I. will wait until April and May and think about soy,. here I am again. I'm thinking of a Tara, soya, where, I swear.

, I'm thinking down to the. field, it can happen, it can happen to the ramp, it can happen to anything, soya makes money. Have you come, nomad, where are you,. I didn't see you, I'm coming, I'm coming, you didn't come to my mind, stop,. if you're at home, don't come, come if you're at home, no, I went down, I just said the ramp is down.. No, no, if you don't want to come,. I'm here for 3 minutes. I'm everywhere for 5 minutes. I'll be there, no problem.. Run away. Hodja. I'll hang up. I'll go to the brothers. See you. God bless. Come on,. God bless you.. See you soon. Thank you. AB.. tofaşı one you ten no quotes You eleven K eat. yler belly turn. mer alci Tell me, take my car key, your car key is. at home, is the door open, open the door K Thank you ii Onan go,. one man doesn't have a car, but B to your field, Shall I enter? Headman, enter. The mockery.

Is over, my job is goose. Our people, whose headman is he? Hehe, okay, is he pulling a plow? I thought he was getting into an accident. No, nothing should happen. Stop. I'll help you. Look. Come on, see you. Come on, Mukhtar. Then, let him rest. I went to serve the field. H I thought you were trying to get gas. Is there anyone who is pulling a gas net now? Let Arc rest, hasn't it just plowed? Why didn't you come to the goose? You came to help the headman . I usually dig for corn or something. Next time, should I plant with a rolling pin, Hodja? What? Are you buying? Home in this is over. You have one last row left. Half a row left. Let me buy a seed.

Okay . Is there one row left? Isn't it finished? No, I won't finish. Well, there is one last row left. Is there a last row left? Let me see where you are. Your crop is all mine. Come on. It's right there at the tree. Thank you , bee. I've come from here. I'm here. There's still room left. Go for a run in a minute and come. Then I'm leaving. Mukhtar, stop by and let me ride next to you. The house is close. Who is here? The house is close. If there is any seed, it's mine, I'll find it and don't make a mess. Is it pulling with fours? I'm thinking of making a five or six for a fifth. It's me, teacher. Do you know the house? I know. Enter my house.

Okay, give me a closed garage. Cover D is closed. It might even be open. I don't remember. Okay, there's only one cover. Open it. You'll see it's a little bit anyway . It's enough if you add it, but don't add too much. Oh okay, I'll go sometime and buy some seeds. I was stocked up. Yes, I'm full. Alak won't be enough again. It's not enough. Day. No, I'll buy it. It wo n't work. How many I'm counting money for pariz seeds, I'm empty , my head is swollen, stop Music] Come to me as an exhaust, my head is fried, move aside, let's see what it is, it's over, is it the last time, I'll be back one more time, then I'll wait for the teacher, come on, go play, it's good, huh, I swear, it's good, we finished the work quickly, you got 3 jobs done in one day.

Well, I have the Winder too. Don't we all have it at home anyway? The municipality. was cheap as hell. I bought it. It changes as soon as I find the money. Doğanlar. said I would buy it, but I don't know how much money it is for the Doğanlar. Then we need money.. Doğanlar is mine. I don't own it.. You bought it. Why is Buray so unbalanced? It's done. , it's done, I'll go, I'm done,. I'm done, there's a little bit of seed left. , the Mukhtar is working with his vehicle, it's their job. , there's no need, they'll finish it, that's my time, my home, I. 'll go to bed, after that, Mukhtar, you're our thing, the pumper. V. pump, call it, let me see which corner is on fire, come to the side, maintenance, the Mot. pulls one hand, does it hold it with your hand, come, it doesn't,. the wire is broken, I'll do it, lift it.

, ooh, the car is a lot of experience, we haven't suffered much with it, it's the same engine, what does it look like, there is a difference between the two. There must be one, you should come there. I'll go to those cushions. Okay, I bought the car from Mamak, Emine. Where did you get it from Mamak? Should I tow it, pull it, pull it, pull it, do you know they are very valuable, huh, I bought it from the second owner. Look, I left it in the air saying, 'Is it clean? I'm going to leave'. How much did you buy it for? 300. I took it to ' and its sound was nice. I planted the last row. Did you skip it? I planted the last row. God bless you.

Okay, let me come back from here, come back, come back , do it, come back from here, turn from there. Is it too little maneuvering for me? You ate full, what did he burn, astaghfurullah , there is nothing from me, look, we will settle those things, after all, did you burn water in my truck ? Deal with it among ourselves. Trade is different, brother. My dear, always take you to the field. Pan. Should I go in? Why should I give herds? Here, look. What are you talking about? The headman is talking nonsense. I couldn't get in. Nothing will happen. There will be a shake. But why did you enter from here? My bike got off there.

We'll go. What are you saying? Come on. Come on, I'm leaving from here, don't trample the field, don't trample the field, don't trample me,. do not trample me, come here, are you taking it? We left a heak thing around here,. they left it for you,. now I want to enter animal husbandry, but I have never done anything like this in my past,. would you recommend it? I'm. going, whoever can do it, let it enter. I'll say something. I went to Sivas 23 years ago.. Is it 2 years or a year? What happened? I guess it's good. I lost the money. Well, then. , the animal gets sick, something happens, it's not what it looks like from the outside, and. you have to love the smell of as a thing. You understand. Should I enter with someone who understands original perfumes?. Then I won't go into it. I swear, I. will have a barn built, I will have one built. There is no money right now. Can you.

Think of a partner? We can enter. I mean, Pal is yours. Hodja, how much money do I have? Can I think of a partner? If I think about it, I will enter the cattle farm. I will have the cattle built. I also have a big head in my mind. I swear, we can talk about it. Have you done it now? Fill your Ar tank, how many liras are full, there are buckets and buckets. Construction. Okay, I'm going. I'm hanging up the phone. Do you have any requests? Okay, see you , see you. I hung up the phone, friends. Yes, friends, we have come to the end of the episode. It was a little long, but it was enjoyable. Again, we thank our brother for the mod he made.

He shared it. Everyone can download it. Take care of yourself on his own server. Goodbye.. Stay safe. See you in the next episode

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