12.05.2024 Inter 1-2 Juventus | Juve Back On Top As Dybala & Higuaín Strike | Serie A

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And a very good evening to you from San. Siro the 173rd Derby d'Italia is dibala. and dibala driving sorry took a risk. and it is paid off for militant tip. bomber 4uv a priceless go water strike. from the Bala. what a pass that is from Daleks for. Ronaldo what dibala in supporting still. going here Cristiano Ronaldo off the. crossbar it's a ferocious start from you. Vic you've a leading thanks to the early. goal from dibala inter looking to. respond look like a hand their penalty. rocky points to the spot San Siro waits. with bated breath salute ro Martinez. inter level in a thrilling start to the. Derby d'Italia. great feet they're from Romelu Lukaku. and then he didn't back it up a lot Tara. Martinez is won it back. the Chesney clothes it away panitch a. lovely touch again cristiano ronaldo. touch your way back in front.

big occasion big plaque Ronaldo does the. rest. well now those going to be denied dibala. was just offside and Ronaldo. Sami Khedira to roll it in for dibala. still he might finish but and danovich. did just enough lovely touch for Lukaku. who goes over Bonucci stood strong rocky. says no penalty. fools here for vecino suggest you've. given up on that big deflection took you. behind. foreword by pianist laid off from. Renaldo it's a quiet. to put you back in front off the bench. to maybe win it for the champions. forward by brazo I went into the. path of vecino off his line quickly was. suggesting you may get the wind that. sends them talk. a massive statement night for my rich. CEO sorry. you

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