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Got a monster ins out of me you better. watch out if your otomies a road ahead. of full prophecy to be the greatest. Beast the word has ever seen I feed him. every day like the bones clean I feed. him all the hate and he grows me he gets. CLA real big pissed off quick and if you. cross him you might drop 10. metaphorically of course settle in this. or Never Getting boor loves the blood. and G always wanting more feedom The. Source they don't really understand. until they feel the force departed if. you start you be hardless in the. darkness Tor apart quick you left scars. ripped you be chewed up and discarded. and this world ain't bright won't accept. it negative energy I expect it once it's. in your mind it's infectious so fight. for your life and reject it you better. give me space I'm protective my. adrenaline spikes when I'm threatened.

And if you stay in my way I'm a. agressive cuz when there's no legs it'll. kill when I'm. desperate cuz when there's no legs it'll. kill when I'm desperate better than. never I can feel my heart rate. adrenaline pressure it's Stormy Weather. lightning thunder pouring weather yo I'm. a goget trying to do it like me but I do. it better I got a mind that's clever the. Beast inside as competitive as ever I'm. conscious my subconscious and accomplice. to me I promise the darkness I can. honest believe but don't cross me I. might lose control of the Lost Beast he. Lo the way inside with the key control. by fire to fly and this world ain't. bright won't accept it negative. I expect it once it's in your mind it's. infectious so fight for your life and. reject it you better give me space I'm. protective my adrenaline spikes when I'm.

Threatened and if to stay in my way I'm. aggressive cuz when there's no legit. I'll kill when I'm desperate. cuz when there's no legs it I'll kill. when I'm. gu wo. cuz when there's no exsit I'll kill when. I'm. desperate you're never going to make it. you're not good enough there's a million. other people with the same stuff you. really think you're different man you. must be kidding think you're going to. hit it but you just don't get it it's. impossible probable you're IR. responsible too many obstacles you got. to stop it yo you got to take it slow. you can't be a pro don't waste your time. no more who the are you to tell me. what to do I don't give a damn if you. say you disapprove I'm going to make my. move I'm going to make it soon and I'll. do it cuz that's what I want to . do cuz all these opinions and all these.

Positions they come in in millions they. blocking your vision but no you can't. listen that is all fiction cuz you. hold the power as long as you're TR make. it there's no way that you make. it and maybe you can fake. it but you're never going to make it. make it AR you just going to take that. going to take that make them take it all. back don't tell me you believe. that or you just going to take that hold. you fight back. byit you ain't going to make it you. ain't never ever going to break it you. can never beat them and they're better. than you face it thinking that they give. it them you're not think a straight it. no they don't give it them you got what. I'm saying I'm not playing don't. give it to you straight man there's too. many others and you're not that great. man stop what you're saying stop what.

you're making everybody here knows that. you just faking I don't want to hear it. anymore I don't want to hear it anymore. all these thoughts they are not. what I need anymore I'm about to shut. the door on all you poor. ass haters we your heads in the clouds. talking out loud so proud you better. shut your goddamn mouth before I do more. speak out about never going to make. it there's no way that you make. it then maybe you can fake it f but. you're never going to make. it are you just going to take that going. to take that make them take it all day. don't tell me you believe. that are you just going to take. that will you fight that

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