12.05.2024 HER GÜN $79 PARA KAZAN! (Pinterest Para Kazanma Yolu) İnternetten Dolar Kazanmak 2024

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Make $500 a week on Pinterest by spending just 10 minutes Do you know that you can earn? Yes, I am not saying 3,000 L per month, 5,000 L, but 10 per day. You can earn 00 to 2,000 dollars a month by spending minutes of your time. He did not ship the products you see before producing them. You can earn easily without any effort. Extra income for yourself where you can earn money online or even passive income So how can you make 500 dollars a week from Pinterest? You can earn additional income through Pinterest In this video I will show it to you. So watch the video until the end. You can also earn money.

Start earning now after this video. Now first, which method? We need to talk about what we will use, just 10 minutes of your time is enough, just kidding. I don't really do it, 10 minutes will be enough for you today. We will use this method, many people log in to the site quickly. That's why you can start making money right away. All you need is a phone or a computer, and of course some You need to have internet. So what will you do with video and photos? You will share exactly how to do these and Pinterest I will show you how to share via How to earn extra income I will also tell you how you can make money with Pinterest, which you can create It may not make much sense, you may be thinking, "What are we going to do?" But it really happens, when you get that money, you will be happy too.

Just talking is enough, I know what you want, come on, go to the site. Let's do it and continue explaining the method quickly first. To make money with Pinterest you need to create an account and I signed up Then I continue by entering my email, password and date of birth. After opening your account, you need to put a logo and make your logo beautiful. Be eyecatching if you choose it will be simple, plain and eye-catching By placing an image, you can be one click ahead in making money. You may leave, be careful to prepare it in a very professional manner because Don't forget, you are a seller, we will make money from this, the hardest part of the job is We will come, neither will we sell, nor can we make money by selling. Accordingly, we have a name.

I will create an account called Global Cash and I will try to make money by sharing on this profile. We changed our photo and prepared our name so people can buy your products. They will look for your name and logo to purchase so it takes a little more effort. I recommend that you prepare it by giving money. So, what do we use? How do we use this money? We are making money. I don't have a site. I don't have a product. If you are wondering what should I do? What we will do is affilate Marketing friends in affiliate marketing If you are new, I will teach you this and I will show you this before. If you have heard of it, you can also start earning through different sites.

In general, what we need to do is find a product and market it. The person selling the product is different, we are just in the marketing phase of this product. We will promote it and if it sells we will get a commission for it at digistore 24 I will show you the website, you can definitely use different platforms. This is just an example, friends, when we log in to the site. We are entering the affl section, you can see these products on the screen. You can earn money by offering sales and the commission amounts you will receive are Friends, it is already visible on the screen, there is a commission of around % from some products.

While purchasing some products, a commission of around % may be charged, depending on the product. There are different sites and different platforms, and you can buy products through Amazon. You can try to find and sell G Store, there are 24 sites like Trend Yol. There are sites, but you need to find foreign sites and provide services to foreign people. I recommend it, basically this is the issue: You find a person who sells. You market the person's product and you both make money when it is sold. Otherwise, that person gets his money and now you get your commission. We need an article, friends. Make money via Pinterest.

A visual is required to win, let's find a visual for this. We log in to canvas, then we type Pinterest and here I click on the part, it opens a blank page, then I go to the components section and click on the money button. I write, I click on the images, there may be photographs, and I see this image. We can take it, I adjust it to fit the screen exactly, friends Text I log in to the section and create a title, then write the article. I'll edit it with different fonts, I want it to be a little more readable. Of course there is, guys, I'm going to the effects section, get the Bun tool. Let's make it white instead of yellow, it reads very well this way.

We download it from the share section, I log in to Pinterest again. Friends, we come to the created section here and click Create Pin. On the page, we throw our file here and we need to enter a title and description and Here is the add link section. The trick is to do this part very well. It is necessary, we can write the same Make 500 do Ed with aı in the description section or we can also write aı Instead of whatever you are going to do, whatever you are going to sell, what is this product related to, Jesus? You can write that too. We can also write y in the title. I added the title part. Then I will also put a money emoji as Emoji, friends.

I will put it in the section, then we will put our link to the product in this section. We will have our own reference link on the site we find, a special reference for everyone. There is a link, we will take your reference link and direct it to the site, customers. You take that link and place it here. Also of course You can also put it in the links section, but if you put this directly, friends The link may be a bit complicated. It is best to give an example. Friends, me too. I log in to the site and click on create new, then click on the link. As I said, I will put my own YouTube link now as an example.

I say enter, it says the link has been created successfully, friends, send it to Pinterest. I'm coming back and pasting it here, as you can see, it's shortened bit by bit. It is not exactly clear what it is, what we will do in sales here. We are putting the link, you can put it again in the connection section and enter your pin. You create friends by saying publish. You should definitely do this. The most important thing to do is to act as if you are going to sell this to foreigners. I have to deal with it here as if I were selling it to foreign people, not in English. You will create an account, you will share in English and Pinterest You can also create additional income and earn dollars quickly via There are many different sites where you can start affiliate marketing.

There are many different methods available to make money through Pinterest.. For those who want to, by sharing and interacting with people like this,. You can create additional income if you refer it to Facebook. You can also do it via Instagram TikTok, Friends, I am Ama. In this video I showed Pinterest how to make money through Pinterest. I tried to explain to you how you can win. I hope I was helpful.. I hope you understand, my channel is enough for those who want to create income.. Even if it increases, do not forget to subscribe and like, I am waiting for your support.. Hope to see you in the next videos. Have a good day, bye bye

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