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Having a teen daughter be like hey I. need you to get up out of your bed okay. get up out of your bed and go clean your. bathroom and go do your chores my. bathroom is clean and I don't even know. what chores you're I don't have any. chores yeah you do you're literally. sitting on a mound of laundry right now. that's been in your room for like 3 days. so why do you care if I do my laundry or. not this is my room it's not like. anybody's going to come in here um. probably because it's my job as a parent. to make sure that you are a clean person. and not a filthy little. piglet whatever fine um but um can you. get me Chickfil-A and take me to. Sephora please what no I'm not taking. you Chickfil-A or Sephora get your. chores done fine but can I at least. borrow your mascara please what are you. talking about you have your own mascara.

why do you need to borrow mine cuz yours. is better it doesn't make any sense Mom. I love. you okay. um love you too okay I'm glad that you. accepted that can Bethany come over I. feel extremely manipulated right now no. she cannot come over get your chores. done

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