12.05.2024 EXO-K 엑소케이 'MAMA' MV (Korean ver.)

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When the skies and the grounds were won. the legends. through their twelve forces. nurtured the tree of life. an eye red force created the evil which. coveted the heart of tree of life. and the heart slowly grew dry. to attend and embrace the heart of tree. of life. the legends hereby divide the tree in. half. and hide each side. hence. time is overturned and space turns a. skew. the twelve forces divide into two. and create two suns that look alike. into two worlds that seem like. the legends travel apart. the legend shall now see the same sky. but you'll stand on different grounds. shalt stand on the same ground but shall. see different skies. the day the grounds beget a single fire. before one sky. in two worlds that seem alike. the legends will greet each other. the day the red force is purified and. the twelve forces reunite.

into one perfect route. a new world shall open up. is. so. foreign. oh. hello. is. um. about me. you

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