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To you know to find the reason why why. it's happening. basically doesn't. connect it to the. those challenges. just. the weather. isn't a greatest time. bless everyone. where the number is number 10. why don't someone understand it with a. stress it doesn't not look good being mr. know it all i mean. it's the best i mean. i like to study i like to learn new. things. i like to understand. something. that i didn't understand yesterday it's. a good thing it's a good skill. natural curiosity. or reason number two. oh thank you i mean uh. this session wasn't the most exciting. but uh justify myself. just find myself being curious. what. uh 1912 winners xena jetski j that's. done. this is crazy. uh i i guess you miss. misheard what i'm talking about well i. mean i don't blame you though welcome. everyone who joins us welcome all the.

Newcomers autoplay options available. good luck. if we call that just by myself okay. you don't mind me being curious. okay. i mean that's part of my mind yeah. that's my mindset. when the number is number one. 1500k winner scoby okey layer that's. dominance. realize everyone. good luck to everyone. i like you but not the spins tonight. are you talking about spins tonight or. spins this session exactly are you. talking about the spins or you're. talking about the outcomes it's like. it's different things it's different. things. going on with this. let's see. what we got here red side blue side. let's see what we got. head on blue. red obviously. waiting for right. let's see everyone. hey robert how you doing. paul ramon 7x and number 10 this session. is still. in action yeah it's not even the half of. the session so. well let's see let's see.

Everybody the number is number 10 i mean. number 10 with the 7x multiplier sounds. pretty good for me two thousand one. hundred thirty three winners serious. casino jessica that's stillness and rise. back to the betting time i mean one of. um. one of the. 50x cash cans i ever hit it was in the. absolutely dry. session we just had like extremely dry. sessions with ones and twos and at the. end of the decider boom 50x cache i mean. this sometimes happens as well. don't tell me that the coin flip is. multiplier is random it's animated. graphic. so the. so. you mean the coin. is. you saw that coin in my hand you you. believe it's graphics winning number is. number two you believe that the coin. that is in my head that i am taking is. the graphic one down seven hundred fifty. one with the jessica zero chromos. coin i'm taking and showing you both.

Sides. is the graphic. i guess you never try to film anything. right. you know uh. usually for graphic they're using the. urine screen they're gonna go green. can actually be like the green blue or. different color oh how can you be so. handsome i mean genetics genetics so. you do believe that. me moving my hands. on this green screen or something in the. hand. would work. okay okay. so ladies and gentlemen i mean. here we go that's the ketchup we're. gonna. get some multipliers 100x is the highest. one let's see what we got let's shuffle. now. yeah. any many many milk. it's time to pick emergency multipliers. are not gonna hit so you can pick any of. these spots which one the big it's. absolutely up to you i have no clue. which one is the best one but let's hope. for the best one and two and three let's. the hundred x was uh right there.

22 players got the 100x congratulations. to all of you. we got three thousand and eighty. winners done. catch us. we. are the champions. my friend. i mean i'm pretty horrible in this thing. bugs and air. catching. hi youtube just shows your. okay. where the number is numbered i cut your. eye oh what what what. welcome everyone who joined us how to. play as an option 1920 winners congrats. good luck tampa. how to be so handsome i'm just. i'm honest i'm just. myself. is gonna raise that. what bonuses. eventually every bonus will come right. praise. crazy myth. do you mean. that's the coin flips. well ladies and gentlemen say the. multiplier. was either red side. three and ten we need blue side good. luck. again red. so i know that sounds like it was. through the popular series at that time. it was released i mean i was watching it.

Back then. but not a lot of people know that there. is a minds the spinoff. three eggs are number five. okay children of the. like the gator of the eyes. hello hey elia how are you doing. where the number is number five number. five i actually get three x most blood. from the double fifteen to one pound. congratulations there two thousand five. hundred days in the winter preview. because you know that's still going to. skin that's back to the bennington. late reaction. what. low light reaction report it's crazy it. looks like you are um. you're replying to something happening. like. seconds ago back to extend five. are you sure that. the the stream for you is not like. delaying a little bit. because it looks like. you're replying to something that is. happening like. like a minute ago winning number is. number five not providing it to.

explosive. time to one path congratulations. three thousand six hundred twenty six. minutes broad skills is

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