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For 40 minutes actually i was watching. coney island you know sidewalk um get no. gas no brakes you already know and we. got to get that 520f. 520x i can't pronounce words 525x there. we go um. what it is stop never go forward hey. we got it ladies and gentlemen that's a. 25x on top of five sheesh. we got a five right now ladies and. gentlemen come on. give it up for everybody that won 34 000. to superman come on man this this wasn't. your crypt tonight this was 25 x right. now that's what's up ladies and. gentlemen a man is back. so. let's let's begin let's dig in right now. so that was a beautiful one that was a. 25 on 5 and it felt good. and it felt good if a 25 would be a girl. i would take it out on the dinner so we. got uh by the way two three x from a top. slot ladies and joe we gonna see we'll. go what's gonna happen right now we.

Gotta get the first bonus game we need. the first bonus game i feel that deep in. my bones and we got that five right now. ladies and gentlemen we got five. man i'm a mr number five right now. i gotta take a little bit of breath. okay. let's go ladies and gentlemen i'm back. my name is ray by the way and i will be. your host for this session 40 minutes. ahead of us a long long 40 minutes. that's we gonna have indeed always. welcome guys always welcome and a merry. christmas and a merry christmas. this man don't dance this means this man. takes people out for a dance bro you. know it i can't break dance when i was. younger i actually wanted to be a. breakdance because there was this movie. step up do you see it have you seen it. that was a good one. um chaos me always welcome and we got. that too right now ladies and gentlemen.

Two yellow. that is a two bam bing bong two ladies. and gentlemen congratulations to. everybody that went on too thank you jan. appreciate it appreciate you know. we all want ko yeah. man i can't stop and i can't stop. talking like that bro um. that's what happens when you're watching. sidewalk and you know all the all of the. coney island if you know what it is of. course guys if you don't you got to. check it out i don't know if it's going. to be your humor your type of comedy but. um i mean it's good i love it. there we go cash on 2x from the top slot. right now ladies and gentlemen let's. check this out will we get that coin. flip or not come on baby one more. ah we got two. ping pong we got two ladies and. gentlemen. there we go. all right congratulations everybody. three thousand sixteen winners in total. over four thousand euros was a top one.

Win. let's see. is it dark humor no it's just i would. say. you got to see it you just got to see it. it's really um. i mean it's it's just reality. it's just reality um you got to see it. it's just it is funny it's hilarious. and the way they edited it together and. you know all the people that are wearing. that those videos. perfection is the keys to success that's. all i can say. and please ten i love number ten and we. got ten i'll i'll take i'll take you out. for a dinner ten. we gotta attend right now ladies and. gentlemen congratulations everybody with. a tent. um well done so. 3378 when there's a superman over 7 000. euros to your hand congratulations with. that win. dabbing for them boys all right let's. let's that was the only dab i'll do. today guys no more dabs. in this country can be put in jail for. doing dabs.

Let's go. merry christmas tiamo merry christmas to. you too. so yeah top slot missed the shot guys we. are not getting anything from a top slot. right now. what you want to say. what i want to say to joe biden i'll. take y'all for a dinner i'm going give. you a kiss and we got two right now. ladies and gentlemen. we got a two bing bong man i love it. y'all gotta see it guys it's it's just. it just made my day. 40 minutes of sidewalking is just you. know rest of the day is perfect so. let's proceed with another spin of many. more of those because i'm going to be. here for a long time guys that's the one. thing i can promise you. um. and we got to get a crazy time we better. get a crazy time. or a pachinko. my my best pachinko today was a 200x2. sessions ago that was really nice that. was really nice. um and uh top slot coin flip 2x always.

Welcome always welcome. of course kiasmi it's all about fun. times in the end of the day ain't it we. got one now. we got one. and ladies and gentlemen two thousand. hundred 218 winners in total if i'm not. mistaken. with the amount of winners we just had. congratulations to everybody i'll see. you next week on the channel 5 news okay. i'm going mental i'm just going mental. today guys it's sunday you know. it's sunday vibes. sunday vibes that's what we have here uh. so what i see now is one 2x from a top. slot and uh good morning good evening to. everybody that is joining right now the. game good to see you guys well i don't. see you you see me but you get the idea. we got two now so yeah um observe the. game guys you know. make sure that this is the right time. for you and join whenever you're ready. um so. 2841 women in total 4333.

And 45 cents was the top woman so. congratulations uh bro do you like. notorious b.i.g well there was two type. of people um. i don't listen to and neither of them. but um if i gotta choose i'm going with. biggie i'm going with biggie. you know a bit those they are like. they have two types of hip hop. one of the hip hops is you know tupac is. about the real life what's going on on. streets and etc and vicki is more of a. you know party. dreamer. two ladies and gentlemen. so congratulations with a two right now. that is a two two thousand eight hundred. forty six winners in total. congratulations everybody that one so. last ten winning numbers by the way are. two two one two ten two two five five. one five five one. five machine code that's what we had in. last ten a little bit over maybe ten. okay we had a fun start ladies and.

Gentlemen now let's start now let's start playing ladies and gentlemen yeehaw okay one two eggs from a top slot do you know stanley he's a famous i don't know stanley no i don't actually know a lot of people from i do like um give me a second we got a pachinko i would say the only people that i know from uh australia are chet faker and flu you know mountain burn so there's a lot of good artists coming out from melbourne to be honest chaos we already know um well we don't have the greatest build but let's try and get that 50 though let's try and get that 50. we're far away from 50 guys good luck though good luck everybody let's get something spicy so what we're going for please don't get that two or five come on man come on 20 20 20.

Man. close close. we got so close. but reality hit differently we got 4. 689 winners in sodom and that was so. close this close all we needed man. all right. gonna put jokes aside ladies and. gentlemen this is a serious thing right. now. we got 5x i think we got 5x right so we. got to get something big now. all right so top slot 2 2x. biggest one today well personally. probably my biggest one today my. sessions was 200 on pachinko and 300x on. cashcoin at least that's in my sessions. i don't know what my colleague had but. we got 10 now. a beautiful 10 i love tens guys the more. we get 10 the better it is so um i mean. from numbers so three. thousand three 24 winners in total on. top of a 10 here congratulations. everybody that one great job guys let's. keep on moving forward and um yeah we're. going to see what's going to happen in.

This session i'm going to be here for. next 28 minutes guys so. let's enjoy let's have a good time it's. sunday ladies and gentlemen. we gotta relax we gotta have a good time. and make some profit. so. um top slot coin flip 2x. all eyes on me or on a wheel either way. is gonna be a win bad trip good morning. good to see you by the way. merry christmas and we got it too now. congratulations to everybody with the. two. to 353 winners inside. out. well then. oh so you're from south africa right. okay watch me. there we go yep i felt it coming chaos. me i felt it coming that's the only. place i probably know in south africa. everyone is telling me to go there one. day i will not not yet but one day one. day for sure. i'm waiting for that day when i'm just. gonna travel around you know the vibes. and uh we got five here congratulations.

We're the number five to everybody guys. and um three thousand seven hundred. eighteen when. there's insulted so six thousand two. hundred uh euros and eighteen cents for. the top one win a beautiful win i hope. that was a profit and uh let's continue. guys. best wine farms there we go now we. talking chaosme now we are talking. now we are talking okay i actually. didn't know that. i didn't know that um. south africa distributes wine. i mean this was the more you know moment. for me. coolio okay. well we got number five now we got five. here. three thousand seven hundred sixty six. when there's intel the 6 000 and 200. euros the largest win oh seriously the. biggest one market man i didn't even. know that i didn't even know that. all right well if you come to latvia. guys uh we got one of the best beers in. the world.

And one of the fastest internet so just. in case. just in case. so top slot coin flip 5x right now. do i know andrew from australia no john. nom i think i'm not gonna know. and you know what i know it's crazy time. it's a crazy game baby it's crazy time. come on let's begin ladies and gentlemen. let's get to the game get in there tiger. let's get some lion kings and queens. please. so ladies and gentlemen let's hope that. we're gonna get good multis on them but. this one is on you pick the right color. because one of the colors. is gonna be legit i mean. it's gonna be the top one that's what i. wanted to say. so it's green blue or yellow. choose yours choose your pokemon. go guys there we go. come on something good baby here we go. okay. 50 on green 10 on blue and doubles on. yellow. man that was so close. yellow 10 on blue and 50 on green green.

Congratulations you were the top ones i. would say i mean. congratulate the largest win over 9 000. euros great job to everybody that one. guys so let me slide that way and we go. and see you know as i love to say guys. previous round was a history next one is. a mystery so. let's not dwell in the past let's see. what's going to happen next guys and. let's try and get bigger legs than that. all right. okay top uh salon gave us the pachinko. three x guys hello greedy dude. that's not a nickname i can't say a bit. inappropriate but uh hello merry. christmas. uh we got one ladies and gentlemen. we got one you got me on that nickname. though we got one. and congratulations with the number one. 2 492 winners until the 2000 a little. bit over 2 700 euros is a top one win. guys. let's see. yeah that nickname got me real good.

Rarely actually any nicknames get me. like i mean. this time this time i failed. the summer failed. he got what he wanted. we got man almost almost uh we got a one. now. we got one. and shout out to germany merry christmas. high roller two thousand five hundred. eighty winners in total two thousand. seven hundred uh. the top fifty. so congratulations everybody.. and uh let's begin hello hello hey bed. hello. good to see you. shout for katie who kd who is kd. um tops a lot missed the shot guys so. we're not getting anything and at the. moment from the top slot but hey. we need some. come on another crazy time and there we. go. crazy time. so guys are you ready to redeem. yourselves. crazy time it is let's go get to the. crazy time guys. i'll see you in a crazy world. this time we got to do better guys it's. a redemption. good luck.

35 on blue 20 on i know 35 on green 20. on blue and doubles for yellow again. guys. okay i'm ready good luck ladies and. gentlemen. let's see. well this time we did a bit better well. 40x on yellow. is blue. as green but at least we got almost two. uh crazy. which is really nice. almost 6 000 euros. we just need more crazy times that's. about it we just need more crazy time. well you already know chaos me you. already know one 2x from a top slot guys. so let's check this out slowly but. steady we're stopping but where are we. going to drop that's a mystery to no one. knows. and well we got um. we got one and it's a 2x from the top. slot so congratulations with that one. great job guys how many winners we got. two thousand five hundred sixty three. winners then solo congratulations. everybody that win. and i'm good to go i'm good to go guys i.

Had i needed a little bit of to take a. little bit of breath i think i've been. streaming for last 20 minutes straight. now. and yeah a small reminder about outdoor. play just in case if you're in a. situation got to leave the game don't. want to mess around add up options. always the one he can choose off at any. moment in time so 2 3 x from the top. slot now let's see all eyes on the wheel. guys. are we okay we're too fast for pachinko. it might be a five and it drops on. number five. congratulations middle number five right. now three thousand. nine hundred ninety nine uh winners and. so almost four thousand winners and we. are over we are 9 391 player here and. it's not like all of you guys are. betting every single round uh but uh. that's how many we are in total. and that was a manly spin right there. so top spot five um i mean top slot is.

Five 2x how do i feel 4 000 people watching me actually over 9 000 diego i mean i'm used to it i'm used to it i'm okay with that five ladies and gentlemen that's a five with a 2x on top of it congratulations to everybody that went i mean first time when i started posting probably that was really weird that that many people are watching me but at the same time you get used to really fast you get used to really fast so i'm basically a celebrity i'm basically yeah it's just no one follows me g that was a sad moment right now uranus why is the next dealer that's a good question i don't know why is the next dealer i'm an islam boy try to make it islam boy try to make it we got 10 ladies and gentlemen we got 10.

congratulations what a number 10 right. now um 4 548 winners in total. you knew i'm

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