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3. 5. 6. 7 7. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 2. 3 4. 2. 2. 1. 2. Hi, I prepared a colorful and extremely fluffy. welcome for you today. you know i've been working on bags for a while. but i miss knitting amigrumi too. when i already crochetted. Of course I prepared a video for you.. I think the best part of this recipe is. knitting with velvet thread. and of course we use 6 millimeter hook. in accordance with our yarn. in just 1 hour. it ends quickly without tiring you. and as you can see. you want to crochet all colors when you start making these. because it's a really practical pattern. toy , sleeping companion. Accessory. suitable for whatever purpose you want to use it. I'm not prolonging the word too much, if you're ready, let's start knitting. yes let's start with material information. I use velvet yarn like this. I will need 2 colors.

I will use ecru for skin color. This time I chose this color.. I'm using 6 millimeters of crochet hook for my turtle's shell. If you use a wool needle to sew. your work will be much easier. to fill head . and the shell part. I'm going to need some fiber like this. we can start by knitting the head. we will crochet the head into the magic ring. It is quite difficult to make a magic ring with velvet yarn. so . all the magic ring beginnings in this video. I suggest you do it the way I show you now. tightened my yarn. and i pulled 2 chains. I go back and crochet into the magic ring. all loops. I'm crocheting into the 1st chain. so we consider this loop our ring here. now i start by knitting 6 single crochets. yes i finished my 1st round. If you don't want gap here. Pull your chain tight. otherwise it will be loose when you crochet in it.

And that gap can bother you. so i place my stitch marker. right here. I recommend you to use a stitch marker, friends.. with velvet thread. It may be difficult for you to follow numbers, I don't want you to confuse. now i'm in round 2. at round 2 . I want to reach 12 loops so I will increase 6. for increasing. I crochet 2 single crochets in the same loop. so into the next loop. I knitted 2 single crochets again. next loop again. I knitted 2 single crochets. By the way, we will weave the whole recipe with single crochet technique.. for those who try to crochet for the first time. I also show the single crochet again. without wrapping the yarn. we sink and pull it out at once that's it. By the way, I did my last increase . I completed the second round. I removed my stitch marker and . I took it to the top row. in round 3.

I want to reach 18 loops ,for this . I will knit 1 single crochet and increase 1. until the end of the round. so now i made my increase. 1 single crochet until you get here. Let's complete this round by knitting 1 double single crochets. We completed the 3rd round, now we are in the 4th round . We reached 18 loops . I want to reach 24 loops for this. 1 single crochet. first 2 loops. and we are increasing at the next loop. so 2 times single crochet and 1 time double single crochet. till the end of this round. i am making my last increase. to the loop on my stitch marker. I did and completed this round. our increases are done now. now we crochet 24 single crochets for 3 rounds. no increase or decrease. 24 single crochets for 3 rounds. yes i made 3 rounds 24 single crochets. I changed the location of my stitch marker.

Now we will start to decreease I want to fall back to 18 loops right now I knitted 2 single crochets and I will decrease the next loop this is how i do the reductions Let me show you this closely I take the front lobes of 2 stitches and I take it out this way I'm doing it again I knitted 2 single crochets I will remove 1 loop from the next loop For this, I took the front loops like this and I took it out like a single crochet again and i do my last subtraction 1 I knitted 2 single crochets I took the next 2 stitches and reduced them to one that's it I have 18 stitches left now I want to reduce that to 12 This time you can get your stitch marker again here I knitted 1 single crochet and 1 decrease let's knit like this until the end of the round 1 single crochet and 1 reduction We will do this 6 times in total.

Yes i reached 12 loops. I took out the stitch marker. with the stitch marker. I'm connected to the next loop with a slip stitch. I cut the yarn leaving it a little long. I will use this yarn while sewing it on the body. now you can fill your head. with fiber. yes that's enough. one of the most important tricks in amigrumi. right fiber filling friends. if your your fiber is not enough. the shape of your toy will not be revealed.. even if it's too much, your loops will expand. and fiber appears between them. So it is very important that you achieve this balance.. because this is a velvet thread. I prefer some soft padding. look like this. but don't think about leaving it blank when i say soft . it's full of fiber right now. now the head is ready. we will embroider eyes after sewing it. now we can go on knitting legs.

I continue with cream yarn again. I will make 6 single crochets in the magic ring. I pulled 2 chains and into the first chain. I knit 6 single crochets. let's place our stitch marker and now. I want to reach 12 loops. For this, I will make 2 single crochets in each loop.. so I'm doing 6 increases. I reached 12 loops, now 18 in the 3rd round. I want to reach . For this, I knit one single crochet and. I'm increasing 1. until the end of the round. Let's move forward by knitting 1 single crochet 1 double single crochet. We will have increased 6 times in total.. I reached 18 loops and now I will reach 24 loops. This time I'm knitting 2 single crochets. and I'm increasing 1. 2 single crochets. 1 increase. Let's continue like this until the end of the round. yes i reached a total of 24 loops. you can now remove the loop stitch marker.

Front leg finished. this way double your piece. now loops. we complete it by closing it with mutual slip stitching. look i doubled it like this. and I went through mutual loops. I knitted 1 slip stitch. same way i did my 2nd slip stitch. 8 last I'm doing 1 more . And I leave this part like this. We will sew them on the body while knitting the shell because. we'll sew it right inside. so I slipped 9 stitches together. let's make 1 more of the same. yes i prepared the second one. And I take these away. now we will continue by knitting the back legs. We will actually do the same thing to knit the back.. This time . we will increase to 18 loops. So I'm gonna pass here a little fast. Let's knit 6 single crochets into the magic ring. 2nd round into each loop. By knitting 2 single crochets into each loop i reach 12 loops.

So we increase 6 times. For 18 loops at the 3rd round. We knit 1 single crochet and do 1 increase. Let's do this a total of 6 times until the end of the round. yes i reached 18 . and doubled as before. I started to combine the loops by taking them together.. I made a slip stitch. and 6 I did the last one. I'm leaving this place open again, I'll sew it from there. I cut the yarn leaving it a little long. I'm crocheting 1 more of the same. I knitted the second one and I'm putting them aside. now we can knit the body. we start with the shell to knit the body. for this . i use a coral yarn. we start by knitting into the magic ring inside again. Let's make 6 single crochets into the magic ring. Let's place our stitch marker again. for round 2. We reach 12 loops. so we knit 2 single crochets in each loop. 6 times increases.

I completed the 2nd round, we reached 12 loops. I changed the location of my stitch marker. now for round 3. I want to reach 24 loops. That's why I'm going to put 2 single crochets in each loop again.. so we will increase 12, friends. meanwhile. Let's knit 2 single crochets in each loop until the end of the row.. I also made my last increase. now we will make 24 single crochetss forr 2 rounds. into every loop. 1 single crochet. Let's continue like this for 2 rounds. yes i knitted 2 rounds . I'm moving my stitch marker again. Now I want to reach 36 loops. I knitted 1 single crochet for this. I knit 2 single crochets into the next loop. 2 single crochets in the same loop. so 1 single crochet. 1 increase. We do this 12 times until the end of the round. 1 single single crochet 1 double single crochet. I'm also doing my last increase.

And I reached 36 loops now we knit 36 single crochets for 2 rounds 1 single crochet into each loop Let's do 2 rounds like this I knitted my last single crochet 2 rounds 36 single crochets I shifted my stitch marker, now we'll do the last round we will knit 32 single crochets in the last round but we only crochet the loops in the front we don't touch the loops on the back I just got the front loop and I knit single crochet directly, no increase, no reduction this way until there are 4 stitches left we'll crochet till here that is, we will have knitted 32 single crochets, but only from the front loops.

Knit my 32nd single crochet and. I can cut my yarn by slip stitching. no need to cut too long. we have nothing to do with this color anymore. our shell is ready now. before closing the shell. I forgot to knit a tail. Let's knit a small tail right now. Our job will be easier when they are ready on the side. You will soon understand why. I knit 4 single crochets into the magic ring. yes i knitted 4 single crochets. now we will crochet 4 single crochets for 3 more rounds by turning. so directly like this. Let's do 2 more rounds like this and finish it. yes. we can cut the yarnleaving it a little long. our tail is ready. even cut here. Now we can continue the shell from where we left off. our stitch marker. our stitch marker was here. we started knitting from the front loops from the next. look now the stitch left behind.

I said the stitch marker for you to find it easy. right next to him. we add our cream color yarn here. now. We will cover the loops left behind during the tour, friends.. I knitted one single crochet. I want you to follow this round carefully. I knitted a single crochet. now we will prepare the places where we will sew the legs. for this on this tour. I pulled 4 chains. I'm skipping 4 stitches. loops are seen difficultly, be careful here. otherwise your numbers may not match. I will crochet 4 single crochets from the 5th loop. I knitted my first single crochet. Now I'm preparing the other leg's place. I pulled 3 chains for this. and I skip 3 loops. From the 4th loop. I knit 2 single crochets. I knitted the first and knitted the second. I'm preparing the place for tail now. I pulled 2 chains for the tail. I skipped 2 loops and.

I knitted 2 single crochets. look, we have places like this. now we will prepare the positions of the other legs. I pulled 3 chains. and I skip 3 loops. Let's knit 4 single crochets by skipping 3 loops. Let's pull 4 chains. we are preparing the place of the last leg. and skip 4 loops. really hard to see loops. I skipped and knitted 2 single crochets. we knitted 32 single crochets from the front loops. now we have completed it. look, this is where we're going to sew head. that's why we left this place empty. now here too. We knit 4 single crochets, friends.. 4 now I can remove my stitch marker. I will continue to crochet from here. I want to show you like this. this is where we will sew the head. these are the places where we will sew legs and tails. now i sank my hook directly into the loop over there. and from here I keep crochetting.

Now we're going to knit 36 single crochets how do I do this . We will crochet single crochet as many as chain number . friends, so I had 4 chains here. I'm knitting 4 single crochets here. now here my loops are already clear to the top of all. I knit 1 single crochet. I had 3 chains here. I knit 3 single crochets into the chain. I had 2 loops here. into the 2 chains here. again 2 single crochets. one at the top of the each loop here. I had 3 chains here. 3 single crochets there. single crochet to the top of each loop again. I had a chain of four here. 4 single crochets on it. 1 single crochet to all the remaining loops. let's place our stitch marker. I had a total of 36 single crochets again. Now I want to decrease 30 single crochets. we are slowly starting to close. For this I will knit 4 single crochets . I will make 1 decrease.

I am crocheting my single crochets I do 1 decrease I did this process 6 times in total Let's knit 4 single crochets until the end of the round and let's make 1 decrease I'm also doing my last decrease And now I have 30 stitches I removed my stitch marker for now guys now we will sew the legs and tail even stay like this I will show you where to sew again there will be big legs in the front I passed my yarn this is the front, this is your head We said the place to come, let me hold it like this now when you turn the leg it should stand like this let me show you head looking at you you put it upside down and you place it like this Look, the place I left empty here will go right here.

My yarn is here and. I made an entry here. you should pay attention to these loops while sewing. I want the shell to stay like this . look here. now you can pin it, if it will be more comfortable for you. if you take from the loops here. the image will be much more uniform. I'll show you how it looks. look, the image we want is not visible from the top. but let it sit right in place and get 1 solid stitch. and i finished. let's cut the yarn. and let's hold it like this. look, the head will come here, the arm and leg will look like this. like this. Now to the opposite side. Let's sew the other leg, the big one like this again. Let's sew this too, then let's do the backs together again. yes i sewed the other front leg too. let's do the backs together again. I took this too and I place it like this. look, the gaps here will guide you anyway.

Let's get it right here and. finds its own shape. look, you will sew it like this. without changing its place for making it easier. I rotated it like this. from the loops here. I sew it thinly so that it does not overflow. yes our 3rd leg is ready too. let's put the tail like this. look i got 2 rounds in. We can almost say 1 and a half.. the rest outside. as much as you want to appear from here. you can sew by leaving outside. yes our tail is ready too. now let's sew the last leg. let's keep crocheting after that. yes i sewed the last leg too. I put my stitch marker back on and now. we close completely. decreasing to 24 loops. I had 30 loops in now we will decrease to 24 loops. for this. I knitted 3 single crochets. I'm decreasing at the next loop. I took 2 stitches and took 1 out. 3 single crochets and. 1 decrease. let's crochet like this until the end of the round guys.

Knit 3 times single crochets and make one decrease . 6 times in total. I also made my last decreasing. and I shifted my stitch marker. you can start filling fiber. at this stage. I filled a little like this. now we will decrease to 16 loops because these are our last 2 rows now. To decrease to 16 loops. 1 single crochet. 1 decrease. I knitted 1 single crochet. I made 1 decrease. let's knit 1 single crochet 1 decrease until the end of the round. We will do this 8 times in total.. and get 16 loops. I'm also doing my last decrease. and now i have 16 loops. we can remove our stitch marker. because We will crochet 1 last round and close. but first i want to fill the fiber well. for that shell to take shape. compress your fiber inside as you fill . there will be a more beautiful image in your toy. look, it's beautiful, it's still very soft.

I think the shape has emerged. That's enough for me.. as I said. you can adjust the fiber filling as you want. now we go by decreasing every loop. We will reach 8 loops. So we aredecreasing 8 times.. I'm also doing my last decrease. I pulled this yarn lightly after every decrease to be a little tighter. I cut the yarn like this. I'm taking it out directly because I make slip stitch. I will collect the remaining loops with the help of a needle. look at the fullness rate first, a little more fiber. If you want to add fiber you can add it immediately from this hole. I will not add enough for me. i collect the front loops. with my needle like this. I had my fifth now. I went through all the loops and I pull slowly. right in the middle. we closed it like this. you can shift your needle inside a little. to be solid. but it's already getting lost among the fibers.

And there is no risk of dismantling yes our body is ready guys now we can go sew the head I said we'll sew head here look, the place is clear here let's get that yarn from here so place it I'll show you the beginning like this sew directly to the loops here then up there yes i didn't speed up for you to follow Let me show you the finished version like this yes, our toy is ready, only eye embroiding is left If you want eyes, you can also use a secure eye. you can wear safe eyes 5 millimeters 6 millimeters size you want according to your own taste or like me like this you can also embroider with needle and yarn I now I'll show you how to embroider with needle and yarn I made a knot at the end of the thread You can pass it anywhere you want.

Look, I want it here when it is standing like this 1 2 and 3. When you look from the front 2 3 and 4 I sink into the fourth and I immediately took it off I lifted it up like this and 1 I pulled it out of the next loop I went down here again and again I took it out from the top loop I hope it's understandable Now back to the same place I put it and pass it directly to the other side because we will do the opposite like this we do the same to the other side yes look i processed this side too you can walk your yarn a little inside again and cut and our turtle is ready Now it's time to see other colors together as you can see my work table is already surrounded by colorful turtles really fast to crochet It was a very enjoyable model for me.

I hope you think so too. because I'm thinking of continuing this animal series. I have so many cute things on my mind. slowly. When I have the opportunity, I will shoot videos for them all and share them with you.. subscribe to my channel and if you like it. don't forget to press the like button. You know, motivation is really important to us.. there is a lot of effort in these videos. that's why. Thank you very much to everyone who did not spare their support.. see you in new videos. I'm saying goodbye to you with my turtles

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