12.05.2024 ❗️Как отыграть бонус 1win ? ВЫВЕЛ БОНУСЫ И СНЯЛ НАЛИЧНЫЕ!

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Hello friends! If you still don’t know how to use 1win bonuses, then this video is. especially for you. Today I will tell you how to transfer funds from your bonus account to your main account.. Everything is in order and in detail, let's get started! The first and most important step: you need to create. a new account using the special promotional code 24XXX. Go to the official website,. the link to which is in the comments to the video, and click the “register” button.. We fill in all the necessary data: phone number, email and password. After that, add. the promo code 24XXX and complete the registration. Second step: top up your account. After registration,. the bonus will be credited to the first 5 deposits. The maximum bonus amount can reach. up to one hundred thousand. There are many replenishment methods available on the platform. I will choose.

Bank transfer and top up my account with 5 thousand. Now all the funds are in the account, the bonus has been credited, and we are ready to start wagering. All we need for this is to play the slot section and popular 1win games, for example “lucky jet”, “speed and cash”, “Jet X”. If you lose, 1win will credit up to 30% of your bonus account funds to your main account at the end of the week. This way, you will always have the means to continue playing or withdraw everything on the card. Let's repeat everything in order again. First, we create a new account with the promo code 24XXX, then we top up the account and receive bonuses. And finally, we play in the slots and popular games section of 1win. In case of loss, funds from the bonus account are transferred to the main account.

That's all I have for today. I hope you found this video helpful. Leave your. questions in the comments, like, and good luck! Bye everyone

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