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The largest gate of any arena show in. go brother bloodline rules arill. T te. Champion a. triple priest to set the tone for what. his Title reign in Valor this is three. onone out. here sou the heaven Daven. priest the American there Cody. Road for the. day into the new. era on the heels of an epic backlash. week from tomorrow we will Crown a brand. new king son at Casey Plaza in wils. Berry PA with Home Auto and now this is. how things are shaked a. weekend and mighty Bobby Lashley has. opportunity for Dawkins tonight Mr. Nick in wilsy. Pennsylvania matchups for you here. tonight but before we get to that. champion the American Nightmare Cody. rhes. every out of control do we he. about talk of social media the talk of. the entire industry but when they arrive. and it is loud and that is exactly what. this man did Cody Ro his career you wi.

At. WrestleMania what a main event it was. last. Saturday as you can see roads passed the. test but many J Styles career and. somehow KOB Rose had to figure out what. talk. well old friend let me start Styles at. backlash but Cody we must now turn our. attention and I know you quite well and. I've you want to defend that. championship against the very best to. tell you that your next Challenger. thought there is no better time to. intr the United States. Champion a man who's never met a. spotlight well you need not look too far. past Beauty champion in Saudi Arabia. only it was at the more experience in. this game than he Hadi Challenger for. Monday I'm sorry for Friday. Logan. Paul so Logan Paul I think I know what. you want to talk about yes you do. brother in a champion versus Champion. M the Logan Paul L era. I certainly like because the fact is.

Cody facts don't care about your. feelings and neither do I I got some. facts for you. champ I. Logan I had the. greatest am a. superstar that's Isaiah. congratulations you. met happy birthday kid hey but guess. what yeah you won the 2020 lall's epic. viral midair collision and yes. Cody you won wrestle I show speed and. Prime and look who's taken all the. credit another fact you and I D debuted. at. rest shut your mouth. Pennsylvania 3 years ago at WrestleMania. Cody rhods and I debuted on the same. night that is. WWE when it's not even your. story out and pinning you on top of my. logo and walking out of. I bet a lot of people stand. AC I'm not going to call you a podcaster. a YouTuber and influence a sense of who. Logan Paul really is and so have they. you're 40 and you made the Forbes list. and correct me if I'm. wrong the fact is that if I was to win.

That grand slam. Champion also disrespectful you are also. self snuck and you're out here taking. credit for something that doesn't belong. the Queen and King of the Ring in Sai. Arabia you are. going down at the king and queen of the. Ring two. weeks one AJ Styles and aent tonight you. have our first round about tonight let's. talk about backlash let's talk about how. I knows it he know it Leon France knows. it mission. accomplished it should be me the next. time that we. meet I will be and that starts tonight I. would say that winning the king. of sty looking to recover and round. in the them of the Ring tournament me. after a thrilling Tri last Saturday at. the tournament standing in Naomi's way. the irresistible. Force Monday there can only the. quarterfinals of both the king and queen. world champion Becky Lynch in action Rob.

Monday this is a queen of the. California. n Taylor the new ring announcer here on. Friday Night Smackdown we are Auto home. or motorcycle insurance and if you're. concerned if you miss action the. irresistible Force versus weekend at. back left yeah Naomi might to avoid is. Nia Jackson that is why being drafted. tonight Smackdown by our general manager. Nick Aldis what am I yes boy Nia Jax. should know better that who very nearly. on multiple. Cory but no matter who you are no matter. how that. Underdog here's the thing about the. momentum of Ni Jack it's Naomi trying to. kick at the hamstrings of the large. Naomi you've got to use your. maneuverability and that done to the. body Naomi looking to pick up the pace. stand up tall. against and Naomi claw back into. this just been imposing her will on. Naomi yeah and has off to Naomi and it's.

Says a lot about her durability that she. still somehow I think at this point Nia. can feel the next round she's so more. and more of a well ni's got her. confidence which she clearly does at. this particular which is hard to do at. the best of times let alone against the. competitor continues. counting. nobody May well need a month to recover. from the first of three matches in the. first round of the Queen of the Ring. Jack put the breakes on. it's B got to stay out of the clutches. of the much stronger Jack and a course. keep her foot on the gas pedal ja picks. Naomi out of midair. Na and Naomi just thumped Nia Jack there. it is Naomi headed Naomi well hats off. the Nia Jax for weathering that storm. championships in the. past W. job Naomi out of the way once again. looking to muscle up Jack this is quite. a task Nia Jax is comfortable at.

All up Nia Jack take everything out of. Naomi that oh my God oh my God and Nia. stays. alive connected in the own but ja has. other PL offense. like and another what. ni and the. this could be the beginning. of the annihilator ground of the queen. rings enters the semifinal had to be at. her best tonight she was she progresses. through. jack how have you changed since the last. time you were on Smackdown so was I sad. I had to go figure it out I went back to. NXT and I hey man congrats on getting. called up bro hey when did you easy. target so let me give you some advice. okay you know that the last guy that. tried to give me advice. Baron you should have did what Bobby did. and pulled out there. seriously second together that was magic. it's backto back episodes of always a. part of me that hated him and then both.

Guys were so good at WWE Rivals new. episode Su. Ed you has supported us DIY is us. together. we. are i y rosters are locked and in effect. and here comes. another the King of the Ring. tournament. Fair it means there is no retreat no. advance in the King of the Ring. tournament way I'll say this when I was. King of the ringly as it should have. that's not the feeling in the locker. room or with. management and his opponent Boston M. this is the man who is wasted zero time. making by Max the one to watch for. movies witness the sign up now. subscription Rick indidual he's rubbed a. lot of people up the wrong way already. in his NXT and it was a gold Laden run. to the point he was effectively lead new. faces on Friday night's Smackdown but. certainly no strangers to extremely. grateful for. smart move by Carmelo going that.

Maneuver too cocky when you're dealing. with a former o who stared into the. abyss of obscurity not so like every. inch a potential winner of this. tournament crashing carelo Hayes find a. way back into this King of the Ring. M. as that is Carmelo Haz 101 down the. roster I love it it's exactly what he. should be doing it's what he did when he. turned up and broke onto the in NXT he. won the NXT breakout tournament Haze. Corbin with a death Bley driver needs. the hook of the leg that may battery. offense who have taken another look at. this all perfectly Corbin in a position. to stay the course the WWE respect the. grit they respect the graph of Corbin. this is a this isn't going to be easy. but he wants to grind his way back. melo's got. daylight or out of har SC offense is the. big my victory is at. hand now days I love the sense of.

Urgency from Carmelo steals this. one Corbin in this match replay is. brought to you by Max the one. exclusively on Max sign up now. subscription it looked like Baron Corbin. had this thing won but this is the. despite the overwhelming brute force. that he received what was a shot win hey. is still to. I'm standing by with WWE women do you. have a favorite to win the whole thing I. mean there's a lot because she. has clearly the St Piper's about to kick. Jade out of the first round of the Queen. of the Ring. tournament Friday Night Smackdown after. becoming one half of the WWE round of. the Queen of the Ring and it's next. under a rock. Ling is electrified and next year we're. bringing the show of shows wrestl Mania. in the entertainment capital in the. world are you. ready very best WrestleMania 41 has to. offer with an official wo Hospitality.

Interactions with your favorite WWE. Superstars hey tournament however some. are saying the same thing about the man. your F there's a lot that I have. accomplished during my tenure here in. the WWE I am just like everybody else. all the guys but man oh man it feels. stay. tuned that reminds me this is for you. Tom at backlash you and the bloodline. took him out you think I forgot about. that sound on the other side of this. bracket but something tells me T no no. I'm going to do everything my power to. make sure that you're ass. the Viper in a mood Orton style still. St is. coming the Queen of the Ring tournament. we women's tag team. champion the way Jade Cargill has. admitted on new her waist I can't. imagine that's going to hurt cargill's. game anymore anyway but then the same. could probably be true. of by chela Green from Air tonight's.

Friday Night Smackdown Fox is sponsored. by having never someone quite as. powerful as pyper ni's biggest physical. test since her debut when similar. offense is first Queen of the Ring first. round match up earlier tonight atance a. lot of powerhouses just hate competing. against. other a little bit take a stack I love. it another stalemate standoff you got to. remember Piper n is not going to be in. timid for a second oh the first blow to. Jay cargle out maneuvering the veteran. elbow connected off the chin of Carill. Jade slips outside. super talk about Chelsea if Piper ni. advances perhaps even becomes Queen of. the Ring frustrated I suspect it sounds. exactly like chelcy greams you very. badly keep your eyes offenses when she. has Piper nen as. backup now looking to finish the Dave. might be out completely knocking the.

Wind out of the storm that is the power. the experience of Piper ni comes Carill. again that to that may well have cost oh. my goodness look at the power blue. thunderbomb there connecting against P. who being flattened thus far in the. match is capable of who is hurting. back I don't know that Jade has a. manager you Jade's going to get Piper is. on to climb the card ahead of of course. Clash at the cap ball that particular. this point in her WWE tenure as we look. again at the Colossal Biv she knows that. would put away the vast majority the. middle. rope P. kick. Jen. Jade. C but a superhuman. effort Jack it simply does us his C next. week here on Smackdown I WWE and Friday. Night Smackdown. by Champion. ban has arrived the ESP. now. UK. sponsored by Progressive Insurance s. bundle Auto home or first round matchup.

As the EST Bianca Bair goes one on Tag. Team Championship how hard is it to. focus on the next task at hand he move. through to the semifinal you're not. about outdone are you you have to think. the motivation is certainly there for B. that's a scary chamber look at this. swinging she has to keep on achieving. more oh wait a minute crle attempt by. Lee as it comes to oh win at any. cost EST fight years of experience prior. to her WWE arriv me the tactics of clear. from lay and indeed Heartwell it was. initiated here was the initial attack of. Blindsided off the top rope we've seen b. to it thousands of times but now. relatively well versed in submissions. like Candace lay the es one leg is. stronger than almost everyone walking. the look at this the adrenaline clearly. pulsing through belir and a tactical. Master.

Advanc this ends now Bair is going to. the next round me. to the next round of the Queen of the. Ring. tournament one half in the WWE women's. tag up to the filling as the first. overall pick in this year's 2020 the. bloodline but that didn't stop the. bloodline for traveling across the what. a way to kick things off at backlash and. match was quickly imagine almost had. Victory there for KO until the intervent. line steel steps to KO follow as an un. and Paul Hyman locked. off's wise. man but but so Roman from the. draa around when we should have been. number. one away for my kids to eat huh you want. my kids to starve Paul is you try to. like give them a signal or a look. I understand you're the wise man I know. you're trying to. protect and you haven't spoken to Roman. since he. lost. right I'm in charge of the. bloodline I my.

Orders. oh it's okay bring it in. yeah. yeah Solo solo zaka seems to be the. interim. in the ABS the following is a first. round match in montz Ford the street. mentioned earlier in the day the. almighty Bobby Lashley orig next man up. Angelo Dawkins goes one. onone my Destin is here of. andrao Andrade on his way to Friday. macdown Angelo moment away from a first. round match in the King of the Ring. tournament by WWE Hall of Famer the. white man come on to speak at backlash. but what can viewers expect who have. never SE become the poer Of The. Bloodline like in this industry we all. it's a line you should never cross and. that is tamatanga doesn't have a lie he. doesn't care. abouta brother you are talking abouta. they're not rookies to this game been. signed to WWE yeah you're not wrong. about that I first heard both touch.

Either of them with a barge. pole. company and we all have to act in a. corporate manner at time why it could be. a huge problem that they are now here. under the ill repute might be the. understatement of the Year Here Comes. tatanga Bobby Lashley who went down in. with an injury during training for this. at short notice has had to get ready for. a singles match remember of a shocker. here moments ago oh my. god oh D. Angel making it look easy Sky High wait. a minute Tonga attack on monz with the S. tell you right now it's going to cost. him tomama. Tonga and as they. dangerous just ruthlessly low for Tama. Tonga Tonga Loa and things are about to. go from bad to worse for. Dawkins. bolos they are just Reckless to the. semifinals of the King of the Ring to it. is clear we know Andrade is on his way. right now I want to take a look.

Match match flow throughout my career. I've been unjustly labeled as not. accurate or Fair winning that's not. enough to. do I look forward the FR show the whole. world that your little heroes are. really celebrated but Blair DAV for will. DAV a new force in the women's division. on Friday. night following is a first round match. in the king 20 lb the phenomenal he. erican Nightmare Cody rhod tonight AJ. Styles looks to pick it fortunately for. Mr Styles that's somebody on the other. side of the Ring the King of the Ring. tournament and it's. next it's the biggest part of the of the. summer and you are going to want to take. part Saturday August 3rd are on sale now. via make it official and put pen toing. Queen of the Ring next week we both to. up the bloodline will fight Queen of the. Ring tournament we will see J or Tiffany.

Stratt making his way to the Rain from. the. fper of the year in fact this is a. WrestleMania rematch Styles cidus yet to. go back nearly 30 years to Lex l pensity. in Orton's eyes as he approaches the. ring in moments who will advance in the. tournament which will the Veterans. Memorial Arena you know Orton would love. coming King of the Ring for the first. time in his career something that man. hasn't already done King of the Ring to. check off but it has to be said Aon and. styles that were clearly the out andout. favorites for this well no. longer something bad news they are. singing for the Viper. my got good friend JBL always says if. you were to build AJ Styles would. vehemently disagree with that assess. ship Focus how does he taste in his. mouth and realize there's only one way. to wash that taste away and if you're.

Randy Orton how do you avoid being. preoccupied as ring first round. match and right now the Viper Randy. Orton having his way our third King of. the Ring first round match up of the. evening Andy Orton thriving in this. environment way I being too pre from my. career whenever I went to the bent about. 20 years in. WWE Orton all out of sorts as we take a. look at the of the apex predator and. Orton perhaps playing a little Pome. perhaps in part genuinely oh you don't. think Wade you don't think Orton's going. to do what I line up that DDT of his. whoa oh. dear. and on our announced table in the second. let Free Fall onto the. table take a b about is the fact that. table is somehow Still Standing leveled. up I don't know how much Styles has left. in the back of ry's knee the kg veteran. AJ Styles roads the Undisputed WWE.

Champion who was pushed to has led to AJ. Styles being a. multiple this match continues or turn I. don't know if Monday their Queen the. quarterfinals of both the king and queen. the Women's World Champion Becky Lynch. in action Rob third and final King of. the Ring first round matchup of the. evening ballot Hall of Famers doing. battle Randy Orton of the ring but right. now this has completely a phenomenal. step in the right direction as he put it. ankle of a fallen apex predator a. veteran insiration move there from the. Viper who's desperately perhaps going in. for the kill on that. knee also few moments to recover of his. own in or. unable to put the Viper trying to fight. through the agony trying to. ear and a vicious boot to the chest. doing all he can despite the. obvious leav at uppercut rock styles for. the moment well that usual ability could.

Be job done by AJ. Styles the adrenaline begins flowing. sooner rather than later the ability to. fight situation oh dangerous can you be. on one leg that's the question wounded. badly AJ completely focused that is the. Pathway to Victory AJ smells blood. no when it counted the most but it's. rare that you see Orton a healthy. respect for what styles is capable of. and AJ once again looking for the able. to finish the hold thus far the power. for Viper in complete Agony but Styles. as a biggest and strong longest version. of Randy Orton we have ever can Randy. muster the strength can Randy fight. through the pain Orton with a rear chin. lock it was just enough to. for or barely into the cover waade I do. not like the sight we are. seeing and he normally follows it up. with a barrel inflicted by AJ Styles has. just been too great if anybody it is the.

Viper Randy Orton but the same has got. to be said the Styles escapes and face. first goes Orton to braing will this. attempt find Pay Dirt it does Orton yet. again unable to capitalize due to the. trying to find a way back to somehow. figur it out how can there a put away. one of the goats in AJ. Styles Randy looking for the RKO Styles. sensed it. coming AJ looking for it again. phenomenal Randy look out cold so. you and I talk so frequently about the. importance of ring awareness well AJ did. everything right that hun the leg grab. one of the Arms by the. pressure. oh talk about out of nowhere with great. Ring awareness 100th of a second in WWE. strikes at a moment not in the second. round is happy about this result the and. hello guys. I think. tunnel. unique Ma. kbai you need to. confus side. so down. next. POS. MIM.

M Ma. KH. to ch. in. or inah. chair. vac chair. V. name. Al. chair. the. you. e e

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