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What Is Sba Form 3502

The SBA 5 form is the loan application that contains SBA information about you, your company, your business partners and any other company in which you may have a significant interest. If you need to answer yes to questions about your criminal or credit history, be prepared to offer a complete and thoughtful explanation. Form SBA 413 provides the SBA with complete personal financial statements. You need up-to-date information about everything you own, also known as assets and liabilities, also known as liabilities. Form SBA P-019 provides the SBA with information on your financial performance to date. They will disclose your gross sales and cost of goods sold, giving them insight into your ability to repay. You can expect to provide your financial data to support this information, so make sure you`re prepared to take it from your accounting software. Disclaimer: The information provided by Accountingprose is provided for general information purposes only. All information is provided in good faith, but we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on our website. In no event shall we be liable to you for any loss or damage of any kind arising out of the use of the Website or reliance on the information provided on the Website. Your use of our website and your reliance on the information on the website is entirely at your own risk. If you are currently the subject of an indictment, criminal information, indictment, or other means by which formal criminal charges are laid in any jurisdiction, it will be absolutely impossible to complete that loan application and be funded without this information. Up-to-date and accurate information is provided by SBA figures to calculate the amount of your loan and your ability to repay.

Plus, by regularly updating and reviewing your financial data, you`ll have a better chance of success when things pick up. In a normal disaster, in the past, the SBA approved and financed loans within 4 weeks. However, as this disaster is global and affects almost all businesses, funding timelines are difficult to predict. You are much more likely to be approved and funded quickly if the information you provide in your application is accurate and complete. Take your time and be careful when filling out each form. Will someone help you fill out the form? Provide their information. In this guide, you`ll learn what you need to do to successfully apply for and obtain a COVID-19 disaster loan run by the SBA. This is an information form clarifying that the SBA asks if it rejects your SBA EIDL loan and that you request a reconsideration.

They are not clear. But according to the rejection letter and our discussions with the SBA, they are looking for economic damage. Since they are only asking for information about 2019, we think what they are looking for is profit in 2019. We have seen that companies that the SBA refuses loans from companies whose costs exceed revenues. Since costs and revenues were what they were in 2019, you can`t change that. But you might be able to argue that you`ve invested in starting a business that would otherwise have been profitable this year if COVID-19 hadn`t hit. We do not yet know whether the SBA will accept this argument. We managed to find the form and you can download it here. This form must be uploaded, completed and uploaded to the SBA Credit Portal.

For more information, visit the Ohio Small Business Development Center branch website by clicking here. At the bottom of this form, you will find a special note informing you that your small business must meet its size requirements. Be sure to validate your NAICS code and verify it against the related size standards below The attached SBA 3502 form “Information in Support of the Economic Disaster Loan” may be useful to complete as part of an increase application. The completed form will help expedite the review of requirements. Increased requests are processed in the order in which they are received. The SBA has set credit limits from $25,000 (unsecured) to $2,000,000 (with guarantee) with a maximum rate of 3.75% for for-profit businesses. If your business is a significant source of jobs in your area, the SBA has the authority to waive the $2 million limit, but this will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Also, the SBA can`t refuse a larger loan, even if you don`t have collateral – ask and work with an SBA representative to see what your business might qualify for. 4506-T allows the BSO to request transcripts of your business and personal tax returns. Please note that you will need a signed 4506-T for the company, owners and all affiliates.

If one of the owners is married and has submitted a joint declaration, the spouse must sign the form to give permission to request these transcripts. Information about the owner (for each owner, member, limited partner who holds >20% or for each shareholder who holds >20% of the voting shares) The SBA can ask you for this form. Generally, they don`t ask for the form until they reject your EIDL application and you ask them to think again. We saw them send an email with a request for the form, they say it is attached, but this is not the case. This is a loan, so there`s even a question of whether you should accept it. Do you need it? Do you want to pay the interest? Read our analysis here. Has the business or a registered owner been convicted in the past year of a crime committed during and in connection with an uprising, civil unrest or other declared disaster, or has he or she ever been involved in the manufacture or distribution of products or services that have been deemed obscene by a court of competent jurisdiction? Has the company or a publicly traded owner ever had or guaranteed a federal loan or a government-backed loan? Does a landlord, spouse of the owner or household member work for SBA or is he or she a member of SCORE, ACE or the SBA Advisory Board? You will also need to provide a complete breakdown of all your sources of income, including your salary, capital gains, and real estate income. If you have co-signed loans or if you have legal claims or judgments against you, you will need to provide the amount here and probably later the appropriate documentation. Need a great accountant? I happen to know of one. Only rental properties (residential and commercial properties). Loss of rent due to a claim The initial amount of a company`s EIDL loan was calculated based on its estimated economic damage (company`s 6-month operating margin) with the following deductions: (1) any advance to which the landlord was entitled ($10,000) and (2) any other compensation specified by the landlord in the claim.

The result was the initial amount of the EIDL loan. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is offering low-interest federal loans to certain states and territories for working capital for small businesses that are suffering significant economic damage due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Each state must apply for disaster assistance for economic damage so that it receives funding from the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplementary Credits Act recently signed by the president. The link to request the update of the hr 748 CARES EIDL law is: covid19relief.sba.gov/#/ For the nearest office: www.sba.gov/local-assistance A company can request an increase in the loan amount up to 2 years after receiving the funds. This increase can be achieved after a company has accepted its initial offer. .