Airport Authority Contract 3721

/Airport Authority Contract 3721

Airport Authority Contract 3721

(3) The data were based on information provided by contractors up to the date of submission of this monthly LMS and A`s report and may be updated in the next monthly CMS report. The EM&A program also included weekly site inspections and related audits conducted by ET to verify the implementation of the required environmental measures recommended in the approved EIA report. In order to promote environmental awareness and improve the environmental performance of contractors, environmental training and regular environmental management meetings were held during the reporting period, which are summarized as follows: Good site inspections were observed during the reporting period. Advice was provided as needed to ensure that construction workers are aware of the relevant procedures and to maintain good environmental performance on site. Regular discussions on environmental issues were organized by contractors for construction workers to ensure the understanding and correct implementation of environmental and environmental protection measures to mitigate the environment. Langfang Huayuan Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. (Contract P560(R)) is the contractor hired to divert existing underwater aviation fuel pipelines. China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd. (Contract 3721) is the contractor engaged to carry out the construction support infrastructure works until the completion of the 3RS project. During the period under review, ET was informed that the contractors had not recorded dolphin sightings in the DEZ.

The ET reviewed dolphin watching records and relevant contractor records to verify the implementation of the DEZ. The DEZ plan was submitted in accordance with condition EP 3.1(v) and section 10.3 of the manual and approved by EPD in April 2016. The 24-hour DEZs with a radius of 250 m for offshore work were defined and implemented by the contractors for DCM work and construction in accordance with their method statement for DEZ monitoring, which met the specifications and requirements of the DEZ plan. Vanderlande Industries Hong Kong Limited and Shun Hing Systems Integration Company Limited (contract 3603) are the contractor engaged to carry out the construction work of the baggage handling systems (BHS). Weekly construction inspections were conducted by the ET to assess the implementation of appropriate pollution control and mitigation measures for the project. Biweekly inspections were also carried out by the IEC. The results of the site inspection were recorded in the site inspection checklists and made available to contractors for follow-up. Wing Hing Construction Co., Ltd.

(contract 3402) is the contractor engaged to carry out the construction work of the new integrated airport centres. Contract 3721 Construction Support Infrastructure works Monitoring of OD water quality, pH, temperature, salinity, turbidity, suspended solids (SS), total alkalinity, chromium and nickel was conducted three days a week at medium and medium low tide at a total of 23 water quality monitoring stations, including 12 impact stations (IM), 8 sensitive receiving stations (SR) and 3 control stations (C) near water quality sensitive receivers around airport Island according to the manual. The objective of water quality monitoring at IM stations is to immediately capture the potential impacts of the project on water quality before they can become visible to sensitive receptors (represented by SR stations). Table 4.1 describes the details of the monitoring stations. Figure 4.1 shows the location of the monitoring stations. During the reporting period, the contractor erected silt curtains for marine bottling, in which it used dolphin watchers in accordance with the MMWP. In total, 3 to 7 dolphin watching stations and teams of at least two dolphin watchers were used by the contractors to continuously monitor the DEZ for DCM work and wall construction in accordance with the DEZ plan. Training of proposed dolphin watchers on the implementation of MMSP and DEZ monitoring was provided by the ET prior to the above work, with a total of 679 trainees and training records maintained by the ET. Contractors` MMSP observation records show that no dolphins or other marine mammals have been observed in or around the silt curtains.

With respect to DEZ monitoring records, no dolphins or other marine mammals were observed in or around the DEZ during this reporting month. The records of these contractors were also reviewed by and during the site inspection. In the meantime, contractors were reminded to implement and maintain all mitigation measures during the weekly site inspection and regular environmental management meetings. This includes the appropriate maintenance of mitigation measures for re-cultivation work, including DCM work, sea filling and construction, as recommended in the manual. ● Nine environmental management meetings for EM&A review with construction contracts: 6, 7, 11, 12, 19, 24, 25 and 28 February 2020. Niigata Transys Company Ltd. (Contract 3602) is the contractor responsible for carrying out the modification work on the existing APM system. In accordance with the manual, waste generated during construction activities was checked once a week to determine if it was being managed in accordance with the waste management plan (DMP) established for the project, the contract-specific DMP, and all legal and contractual requirements. All aspects of waste management, including the generation, storage, transport and disposal of waste, were assessed during the audits. China Road and Bridge Corporation (contract 3302) is the contractor responsible for the preparatory work for the Eastern Vehicle Tunnel.

Penta-Ocean-China State-Dong-Ah Joint Venture (Contract 3201), Samsung-Build King Joint Venture (Contract 3202), Sambo E&C Co., Ltd. (Contract 3203), China Road and Bridge-Sambo Joint Venture (Contract 3204) and Bachy Soletanche-Sambo Joint Venture (Contract 3205) are the contractors engaged to carry out DCM`s soil improvement work. The construction of contracts 3201, 3202, 3203 and 3204 has been completed. Appendix A contains the flowcharts of all of the above-mentioned contractors required by condition EP 2.4. As a global leader in airport and aviation planning, this is the second HKIA master planning contract for which L&B is the senior technical advisor and the first for which L&B is the lead contractual advisor. In 2009, L&B participated in the study of the Airport Master Plan 2030 to identify all the facilities needed to meet the projected demand for air traffic by 2030 and the final capacity of the airport, which can be achieved with a three-runway system. Tapbo Construction Company Limited and Konwo Modular House Limited Joint Venture (Contract 3722) are the contractors engaged to perform work on construction support facilities in the Western Utility Zone. The implementation of the necessary mitigation measures by the contractors is monitored by ET.

During the implementation of the MTRMP-CAV, the MSS automatically recorded the case of deviation such as speeding, entering the no-entry zone and not going through the designated doors. ET conducted a review to ensure that the EMS accurately records all cases of deviation. The skippers concerned have been trained to facilitate their introduction to the requirements of the MTRMP-CAV. Deviations, including speeding in the plant area, entry into the no-entry zone and entry of undesignated doors, were verified by ET. The contractor`s MTCC representative reminded all affected masters to comply with the requirements of the MTRMP-CAV. ET reminded contractors that all vessels should avoid entering the no-entry zone, especially Brothers Marine Park and Sha Chau & Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park. Three-month rotation programmes for shipbuilding activities, ensuring that the proposed vessels are necessary and minimal through good planning, were also received by the contractors. The Leighton-Chun Wo Joint Venture (Contract 3503) is the contractor engaged to carry out the T2 foundation and substructure work. The updated general program of all construction work was presented in Appendix A of Monthly Report No. 7 for the construction phase and contract information in Appendix A. During the on-site inspections, the environmental situation, the state of progress in the implementation of environmental protection and mitigation measures were observed […].