Monday: 1-20-20

Swag? weekly questions for beer pros.

Test Items. All products in house – Edward. Says “Burgers are Dynamite”.

photographer tuesday images.

Q: from Edward – How do we take the Kegs in? All Collab beers go on and get replaced by the 29th.

Marketing for Collab:

  • POP displays
  • Untappd – Badge $2000 per month (w/ push notifications)
  • Digital boards
  • Email Blasts (weekly)
  • Website
  • PR Fishman – Press releases

Conference Call Next Tuesday 28th, by Lynda.

Test Kitchen – Listed in the Promo Guide that tell them we are testing these items.

We can put a picture, but don’t have a lot of data yet….whats coming, based on test results.

Pub? where to categorize ourselves?

White Claw – Put on BTL menu, put under Gluten Free.