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The Key Benefits of Joining an Emerging Franchise Brand

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Franchising bridges the gap between experienced industry professionals and less seasoned entrepreneurs. Especially with bar and restaurant ownership, franchising can help industry newbies break into the market and lessen the risk, while new bar and restaurant owners who go it alone face a much higher rate of failure.

Partnering with an emerging bar and restaurant franchise concept, such as Beerhead Bar & Eatery, provides entrepreneurs with added benefits of direct access to the concept founders, experience, stability and support to help them achieve success as new bar owners.

Here are some of the reasons why partnering with an emerging franchise brand can be more beneficial than creating and opening your own concept or partnering with a mature brand with scores or even hundreds of franchisees:

Concept Development and Purity

Creating a new bar and restaurant concept from scratch is risky business. The variables involved are too numerous to count. The success often comes down to the reliability of one’s “gut” on whether the branding, trade name, décor, menu, training, operational procedures, and cost structure will all work in harmony.

An emerging franchise brand has already taken the risk, tested their “guts” and developed a brand and infrastructure that can be leveraged by a new franchisee from day one.  It’s a huge advantage to have the market testing accomplished and the procedures refined.

Emerging franchises also have a close tie with the brands they set out to create. The concepts have not been watered down or modified by franchisees spread out and operating outside the original vision of the brand. Instead, emerging franchises typically are located in a tighter geographical area, and are more conscientious about the brand image and development. Each independent franchisee is a key part of the brand as a whole versus just another number in the volume of franchisees with large brands.

Buzz Factor

The number of franchise establishments is expected to reach 759,236 by the end of 2018. That’s an increase of 1.9 percent over 2017 and a 6.6 percent increase over 2014, providing clear evidence the franchise industry is robust. This also means there are a lot of businesses vying for buzz factor — in other words, media attention and the ear of potential investors.

However, as a franchisee in a younger, emerging concept, you get to educate guests, receive feedback and generate that buzz at the outset. An emerging franchise allows you to be a true entrepreneur of the business by generating awareness among consumers and having a direct influence on the evolution of brand through interaction with both guests and the founders.

Location, Location, Location

For an establishment like a restaurant or bar, the right location is particularly important. Street and foot traffic can play a pivotal role in visitor volume and overall sales.

A franchise brand will help owners with their site selection, offer guidance and share industry tips on real estate. But franchisees with emerging brands have a leg up. With fewer established locations, there is more flexibility with territories and site selection. New franchisees can maximize their location options, especially when contemplating opening multiple stores, and drive sales through visibility.

Intersystem Relationships

A brand with fewer franchisees allows for a stronger franchisor-franchisee relationship because there’s more one-on-one attention provided by the franchisor. There are more opportunities for franchisees to ask questions, receive much needed guidance directly from the brand’s founder or franchisor and build a relationship that will stay strong as the brand grows.

Another valuable resource is the network of franchisees. A fresh concept allows franchisees to easily share best practices with each other and make improvements across the brand. A franchisee of an emerging brand isn’t just a number, they are an integral part of the brand development and growth.

Be a Brand Pioneer

An emerging brand fosters an environment of growth and secures much needed support. Getting involved in one of these brands provides the stability of franchising with the rising popularity of a new brand, like Beerhead Bar & Eatery.

To learn more about franchising opportunities with Beerhead Bar & Eatery, get started with our franchising information.