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Meet a Beer Head: Travis Ricker

Travis Ricker

Name: Travis Ricker

Date Started with TBM (roughly): February, 2014

What got you interested in Beer: I started homebrewing out of curiosity, ended up switching to brewing Mead, but when I saw The Beer Market opening across the street from me, advertising 500+ beers, I had to check it out. I made it a project to drink 3 different beers every time I went. After drinking here for 6 months, I figured it would just be easier if I worked here.

What is your (latest) favorite beer: New Holland’s Dragons Milk is an awesome heavy and smooth milk stout aged in bourbon barrels to give it that little boozy nip at the end.

What makes TBM special: An amazing selection of beers coupled with passionate, educated, and friendly staff makes this the best bar to hang out, enjoy something you’ve never heard of and never would have tried otherwise while learning about beer, brewing, and breweries, all while surrounded by others with the same passion and interest.

What would you like the world to know about TBM: We don’t carry Bud, Miller, Coors, or other Macro Domestic Brews. Yes really. No, no Michelob Ultra either, but we do have some really awesome lighter beers, some of which are original Pilsners, Kolsch, and Pale Lagers which started American brewers on the path to brewing those famous and easy-to-drink beers everyone knows.

Anything else? Quirky and fun: I used to be a pirate. I still let slip a “Yarr” here and there when hauling kegs and cases.

Favorite Food to eat with beer: Curry. It comes in hot or sweet, all kinds of meat, thick or thin, and can be paired with almost any beer style. Give it a try! I recommend Hefeweizens if you want to quench the heat, or IPAs if you want to boost it!