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How Millennials are Changing Craft Beer Consumption

Craft Beer and Millennials | Beerhead Bar & Eatery

Craft beer is often defined as beer brewed by small, independent breweries using high-quality ingredients. Millennials are typically attracted to small businesses with options for customization and personalization.

It’s no wonder that these small beer brands appeal to Millennials over 21. Their attitude about businesses and products is causing a shift in the beer industry, especially for craft beer.


It’s All about Value

Fifty-eight percent of craft beer drinkers are under the age of 35, putting them in the Millennial generation. This generation grew up in the age of technology and has developed different values and trends than the generations preceding it. As the Millennial generation joins the workforce, their buying power increases and influences more retail trends.

Many Millennials have smaller disposable incomes, often from student loan debt or due to their entry-level status in the workforce. Yet, Millennials tend to value quality over price, especially when it comes to beer. Pricier craft beer is an affordable luxury for this demographic.

Additionally, Millennials often value experiences over material items. This leads them to splurge on items that provide those experiences, like an entertaining night out over pricy luxury items like jewelry. Beer, and the social interaction that comes with it, is a perfect marriage of the quality-over-price and experience mindset of the Millennial buyer.


A Rise in Craft Beer Popularity

Americans spend over $107 billion a year on beer and 22 percent of that is on craft beer. The rise in its popularity contributes significantly to national beer revenue. Also notable, the trend has carried over to liquor sales as well. Craft liquors in traditional cocktails, such as the Old Fashioned, are gaining traction.

This trend shift is leading to higher sales and more options appearing on the market. The number of national brewers grew over 16 percent in just one year.


How Beerhead Meets the Craft Beer Demand

A high-quality beer drinking experience requires a well-curated beer menu, with well-informed recommendations, in an upscale yet relaxed atmosphere. With hundreds of beers to choose from and knowledgeable staff, this demand is being met by Beerhead and its staff. With such a large menu, craft liquor options and rotating beers, there’s an opportunity to try something new each time you visit. Guests are able to find the quality they are searching for.

Knowledgeable Beerhead staff can gauge a guest’s interest and make educated recommendations. Trying new beers is common among craft beer drinkers, with regular weekly guests trying on average  five new brands a month. Offering options in various beer categories helps to meet the needs of each guest.

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