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Brewing Up Business for Craft Breweries

Brewing Up Business: 2019 Signals another Round of Success for Beerhead Bar & Eatery

With the first beer brewed around 3400 B.C., the thirst-quencher we’ve loved for thousands of years clearly has some staying power. And, unlike the ancient beer brewers themselves, whom we can thank for the creation of our beloved beverage, the beer industry is still alive and well.

In fact, the rapidly-growing U.S. bar and lounge industry topped off 2018 with a growth rate that outpaced overall economic growth by nearly twice as much. With craft beer consumption on the rise and a record number of independent breweries cropping up to accommodate demand, there’s never been a better time to invest in a restaurant and bar franchise like Beerhead Bar & Eatery.

Here’s why all signs are pointing to another profitable year for the bar industry, and how the Beerhead brand is positioned for success in 2019:

Tapping into an Experience – and a Barrel

Call it the disillusion or the dissolution of the American Dream. Or, maybe millennials’ fear of commitment – and fear of missing out – are all behind their collective tendency to spend more money on experiences over material status symbols, like cars and houses.

Whatever the reason, millennials are prioritizing experiences over “stuff” – and more than 70 percent of them are putting their money where their mouth is. As the demographic with the largest buying power, that’s a group of people you want on your side, no matter what business you’re in.

While certain industries have struggled to adapt to this seismic shift in consumer preferences – traditional retailers bearing the brunt – others, like the bar and restaurant industry, are thriving. Food and beverage destinations like Beerhead, that provide guests with a unique experience every time they walk in, are seeing even more success.

From live music, family themed events, charity events, and private tastings, to seasonal events, Beerhead delivers the novelty guests increasingly crave – offering as much variety in its food and drink menu as in the different experiences created.

With something new and fresh to enjoy every day, at Beerhead, the ability to tap into the “experience economy” is just as appealing to ROI-driven franchise partners as it is for experience-driven guests.

Crafting the Right Selections for Every Taste

Although consumers are placing more importance on experiences over material items, when they spend money on different activities like dining out, they understandably still expect a strong product. That means not only high-quality food and drinks, but also a great deal of variety and customization in menu items. Beerhead delivers on those demands in every facet.

If you thought 99 bottles of beer on the wall sounded impressive, you’ll be blown away by the hundreds upon hundreds of craft beer brands all Beerhead venues carry. The seemingly endless collection of beer, cocktails and other drink options puts Beerhead miles ahead of the competition in terms of its curated selections.

While the wide array of diverse options may seem overwhelming at first, Beerhead “Beer Pros” are there to help guests wade the wild and wonderful world of hops, barley, grains and grapes. By booking a Beer University (Beer “U”) event, guests can even experience some of the same best-in-class training that helps Beerhead Beer Pros become pros in the first place.

Whether guests want an educational experience with Beer U or a special tasting, or they’re simply looking for samples and recommendations, the friendly staff at Beerhead locations are always more than happy to help guests find a new concoction.

Keeping the Guests Pouring In

Beerhead is at the leading edge of a rapidly growing industry. Beer carves out almost half of the massive $221 billion alcoholic beverage segment, with craft beer expected to capture a 20 percent share of the overall beer market in coming years.

Long story short, the strong demand for Beerhead’s central offerings – as well as a second-to-none guest experience – sets Beerhead franchise partners up for success before they even open their doors.

If you’re interested in getting involved in this franchising opportunity, get started by downloading our franchise brochure.