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Featured Beer Style: Black IPA

Featured Beer Style Black IPA

Black IPA (India Pale Ale) also known as India Black Ale is a style on the rise.  Brewers and knowledgeable beer enthusiasts sometimes refer to this beer style as a Cascadian Dark Ale.  Though the name is sometimes debated, the growing appeal of this style to beer aficionados is not.

As someone who has been around beer majority of my life and has tried many different styles, this style is something to behold–dark brown or black in color with malty, roasty toasty and light notes.  Average alcohol by volume (ABV) is anywhere from 6-8%.   The ABV can be higher, but then the style crosses into the double IPA/Imperial IPA realm.

It’s a great beer for those who enjoy IPA’s and want to give something new a try.  Even those who don’t favor the bold hoppy IPAs, however, can enjoy this style given it’s lighter, toastier finish.

You will find a wide assortment of Black IPAs at Beerhead / The Beer Market, both on tap and in bottles.  Have your local Beer Pro suggest one for you!

Drink Good Beer.  Live Happy.

If We Had Only Three Beer Taps


If you had only three working taps, what beers would you serve and why?


I found this to be a particularly challenging question, not only because it is difficult to pick only three with all of the amazing beers available today, but also because it really depends on objectives of the purveyor.   At The Beer Market (soon to be known as “Beerhead Bar”) on the North Shore we pride ourselves on introducing our guests to something new each visit, and making learning about beer a fun and tasty adventure.  If I could only offer 3 beers, the below would be my choices based on our mantra…. “Drink Good Beer. Be Happy”:

  1. Stout- Victory Brewing Donnybrook Nitro Stout
  2. Light Lager/ Pilsner- Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils
  3. IPA- Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

When choosing the above I wanted to have an option for light beer drinkers, hop heads and, of course, those that love a traditional malty, roasty smooth beers.

I picked Victory Donnybrook because it’s a traditional style beer reminiscent of an old world beer and culture, but with modern day panache.  Everyone can think back to when they had their first Guiness, for example, and it always brings back fond memories.  The Donnybrook is a step up — reminding you of a classic but enticing you to stay current.

Because of the wide availability of the macro-beers, you will always encounter those that won’t deviate from the light, crisp beer they have come to know.  I chose Mama’s Little Yella Pils because it is a very approachable Pilsner and still has what we call, “craft-cred.”  It’s not overly hopped.  Just light, crisp, refreshing and to the point.  I have used this beer to convert several of my friends and family members into the craft world and since then they have branched out even further.

Finally, it is undeniable that Americans have developed a taste for hops and that nice bitterness in beer. Currently, the sales of this style still trumps any other.  To represent IPAs, I would offer Bell’s Two Hearted Ale.  It has very nice hop flavor and aroma but does not overdo it yet it has enough to satisfy the “hop head.”  Whether you prefer east or west coast IPAs, everyone can agree on Bell’s Two Hearted.

​-​Cassie Cormack, The Beer Market/Beerhead Bar Pittsburgh, Beer Pro

Beerhead in the News

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Two months ago, there were dumpsters and dust everywhere, traffic barriers and workers in hard hats lining the streets, forklifts in the sky.

These days, there are partiers and pedestrians coming for a look at the bars, restaurants and clubs — not to mention the river and the bridges. The Flats East Bank project has seen the opening of eight venues in less than two months.

Number nine comes Thursday, when Beerhead hits its first tap.  Click here for full article.

Beerhead Caps off New Openings in Flats


The Flats in Cleveland have gone through some changes over the past couple years.  With an influx of construction and new businesses opening, Beerhead caps off the trend as they open their doors.  We’re happy to have open a location in such an up and coming location and can’t wait to delight this community with an extensive collection of craft beer!

We focus on great local beer to give the community the taste of home while also providing a wide selection of beer from around the world.  Our Flats location has 50 beers on tap and over 400 brands in bottles.  There’s something about being able to try a new beer each time you come in that just sounds right to us.

First Look takes a further look at what to expect from Beerhead here.

Meet a Beer Head: Travis Ricker

Travis Ricker

Name: Travis Ricker

Date Started with TBM (roughly): February, 2014

What got you interested in Beer: I started homebrewing out of curiosity, ended up switching to brewing Mead, but when I saw The Beer Market opening across the street from me, advertising 500+ beers, I had to check it out. I made it a project to drink 3 different beers every time I went. After drinking here for 6 months, I figured it would just be easier if I worked here.

What is your (latest) favorite beer: New Holland’s Dragons Milk is an awesome heavy and smooth milk stout aged in bourbon barrels to give it that little boozy nip at the end.

What makes TBM special: An amazing selection of beers coupled with passionate, educated, and friendly staff makes this the best bar to hang out, enjoy something you’ve never heard of and never would have tried otherwise while learning about beer, brewing, and breweries, all while surrounded by others with the same passion and interest.

What would you like the world to know about TBM: We don’t carry Bud, Miller, Coors, or other Macro Domestic Brews. Yes really. No, no Michelob Ultra either, but we do have some really awesome lighter beers, some of which are original Pilsners, Kolsch, and Pale Lagers which started American brewers on the path to brewing those famous and easy-to-drink beers everyone knows.

Anything else? Quirky and fun: I used to be a pirate. I still let slip a “Yarr” here and there when hauling kegs and cases.

Favorite Food to eat with beer: Curry. It comes in hot or sweet, all kinds of meat, thick or thin, and can be paired with almost any beer style. Give it a try! I recommend Hefeweizens if you want to quench the heat, or IPAs if you want to boost it!

Meet a Beer Head: Jess Manning

Name: Jessica (“Jess”) Manning

Date Started with TBM: Late May of 2014

What got you interested in Beer: The first serving gig I had. I was under the drinking age at the time, so instead of tasting beer to describe it to guests, I had to study by reading up on styles, breweries, the process, and care. I’ve been addicted to that form of learning ever since. The depth of the industry and complexities of beer itself are what made me want to learn every day, leading me to my employment here.

What is you (latest) favorite beer: Wild Brewing Co. Evolver IPA, but I don’t discriminate.

What makes TBM special: The Beer Market provides a platform for me to work with any kind of drinker. From “beer connoisseurs” to guests who have never even had a craft beer before, I can introduce them to something new. Our inventory at each store is huge, making my guest’s options expansive and realistically, never ending. That’s pretty cool.

What would you like the world to know about TBM: While we are a small piece of a huge industry, we all go to great lengths to educate ourselves for our guests. From the craft beer bars I go to, I personally do not usually get that personalized of service that we provide here.

Anything else quirky and fun?: Not sure if it’s “quirky or fun” but I realized as of recent I love the brewing industry because beer doesn’t have gender, race, politic, or biased creed. That’s something I can get into.

Favorite Food to eat with beer: Depends on the beer, but really anything, especially if that anything is a second beer.

Beerhead Listed on ‘Best Places for Dinner in the Flats’


Enough of the “where do you want to go to dinner” and “I don’t know where do you want to go” nonsense…come down to Beerhead Bar in Cleveland’s East Bank Flats for one of the best dinners in town!  Enjoy our California Pizza topped with bacon (shown above) and wash it down with any beer your heart desires.

Scene has listed Beerhead as one of the best places to get dinner in The Flats!  Whether you’re in the mood for one of our pizzas or want to take a stab at our signature Barbarian Pretzel, we’re sure you’ll leave with a full stomach and a smile on your face.

Read the full article here.