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Beer and Brunch: An Unlikely Pairing Gaining Traction

Beer and Brunch | Beerhead Bar & Eatery

Brunch began as a midmorning meal enjoyed by families on Sundays after church services. The brunch that you may think of now is drastically different from that outdated picture. Brunch is most popular among urban millennials and offers various culinary and social benefits for its avid participants.

This meal is an important social ritual, a time to catch up with friends, connect with the community, and refuel with tasty food and enjoyable drinks. Brunch popularity has been steadily rising since 2004, and restaurants are expanding their menus to cater to the growing demand.


It’s Not Just Food                                                        

Brunch is more than a pairing of breakfast and lunch menus, food and drink pairings are an integral part of the brunch experience. While Mimosas, Bellini’s and Bloody Marys – often bottomless – have been obvious choices, a new beverage option is gaining traction at brunch tables: beer. Sixty percent of brunch-goers are likely to order an alcoholic drink, and 21 percent of those drinkers order a beer or beer-based cocktail.

Craft beer with new, unique flavors that include fruits, spicy or tart notes and beers blended with juice, tea, and soft drinks create more opportunities for food pairings. Fruity beers can pair well with savory dishes, and coffee stouts can take the place of morning joe. There are so many options to choose from, and restaurants are taking advantage of the increasing demand.


Beer Replaces Classics

Beyond serving pints with pancakes, new beer-infused-cocktails are calling for creative combinations of new flavors. Drinks like the Brewmosa, a mimosa with beer, and the Michelada, a Bloody Mary with beer, are popping up on menus. Just like the variety of foods that make up the brunch menu, combining beer into brunch drink classics creates a stepping stone from the mimosa to the midmorning pint.

New and trendy drinks can attract new customers and pique the interest of regulars. Developing menu items can expose a restaurant to a new market of young consumers and brunch-goers.


How Beerhead Meets the Brunch Demand

Offering beer and brunch on both Saturdays and Sundays, Beerhead advocates for a morning brew. With over 500 beer options, the pairings are endless. The experienced staff is prepared to pair sweet and savory dishes with a craft beer option. At the same time, Beerhead owners are able to integrate local favorites at each location, increasing the variety and opening additional doors for new drink combinations.

Brunch popularity continues to increase and is currently highest in urban areas. It’s expected to continue to grow and spread to more suburban areas, expanding the population of brunch enthusiasts.

If you’re interested in getting involved in a franchise opportunity that brings beer to brunch, get started with our franchising information.