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7 Signs you Should Invest in a Craft Beer Franchise

Investing in a craft beer franchise is a life-changer: you have the opportunity to own your own business,  while leveraging the experience, expertise, and tools supplied by the franchiser. So, are you ready to get started?

Here are seven signs you should invest in a craft beer franchise.

Invest in a Craft Beer Franchise | Beerhead Bar

  1. You’ve found a franchiser with a strong executive team that has years of restaurant and business experience. While previous experience in business in general and restaurants in particular is helpful, its not a hard must if you invest in a Beerhead franchise. Because the founders and executive team does have this experience, they can put it to work for you, significantly shortening your learning curve.
  2. The concept has proven practices and procedures that can allow you to be successful. This craft beer franchise concept has been perfected; the kinks have been worked out, and the trial and error stage is past. This puts you in the driver’s seat with proven practices and sound procedures that you can follow to be successful.
  3. The concept has established, multiple revenue streams. Craft beer and cocktails is a tremendously robust industry, and growth is trending upward. This concept enables you to key in on different, and healthy, streams of revenue to maximize your results.
  4. You will receive assistance in selecting your site. Finding the right location can be tricky — unless you have support and know-how from your team. You’ll have all the help you need to find your neighborhood’s next favorite hotspot.
  5. The franchisor offers initial hands-on training and ongoing support. From site location and initial trainings to ongoing marketing and creative support, you are part of the Beerhead family. Your success is our success.
  6. You can leverage key vendor relationships. Again, the team will help you establish and build these relationships. Doing so will enable you to enjoy competitive pricing and ensure you can serve the latest and hottest beers, cocktails, and small plates.
  7. You will go into business for yourself — but not by Consider this: according to the US Commerce Department, only 62% of independent businesses survive the first year. For franchises? That stat shoots up to 96%! Gallup polls indicate that after five years, the survival rate for independent businesses is a discouraging 23%. After five years, 94% of franchise businesses are going strong.

Ready? Opportunity is waiting.

Invest in a Craft Beer Franchise | Beerhead Bar