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7 Common Misconceptions About Craft Beer Franchises


Enjoying the woodsy hop of a good NE-style IPA or the roasty, chocolatey perfection of a stout is one thing — owning your own business and serving those brews to paying customers is something else. But letting common misconceptions about craft beer franchises stop you is like drinking English ales ice-cold. Just don’t.  There are select opportunities that quash these commonly held beliefs and practices.

  1. They’re all too corporate. It’s true that many franchise opportunities, even craft beer franchises, are cookie-cutter. Homogeneous. The McDonalds of beer. Thoughtfully engineered craft beer franchise opportunities is specifically designed to run as your neighborhood’s next favorite hotspot. Hyper-focused on local brews, local foods, flexibility, events, and local relationships with brewers, distillers, and suppliers, Beerhead locations become integral members of their communities.  In many ways, it’s the best of both worlds:  established systems, processes and support coupled with visibly local character.
  2. It’s difficult to forge relationships with brewers/merchants. Some craft beer franchises do make this mistake: they serve “safe” choices and never tap into (get it?) the vast potential of niche, local, and small batch brewers. Beerhead serves hundreds of beers and keeps the list fresh as tasty new varieties emerge and exciting new brewers come onto the scene. Offering these beers benefits customers, sure, but it’s good for local businesses too.  Our “Beer Pro’s” spend countless hours cultivating selections that keep in front of the curve.
  3. Craft beer franchises only appeal to craft beer “snobs.” Sure. We love hipsters who help define “cool.” But under this proven business model, you can just as easily appeal to newbies who want to branch out from Bud. With an easy-to-understand menu, knowledgeable Beer Pros or cicerones (the beer equivalent of a sommelier), and Beer “U” (the higher education you’ve always wanted), Beerhead offers customers an approachable way to experience craft beer each visit. Plus there’s the food: Arti-goat dip to start and a Farmer’s Market pizza? Come on.
  4. Ownership is out of reach financially. You do need to make a significant initial investment (retail space, franchise fee, etc.). But we can introduce you to experts in franchise and small business financing so you can find and secure favorable rates and terms in order to make your dream attainable.
  5. They’re based on a flash-in-the-pan trend. Craft beer is hot today. But tomorrow? Does a craft beer franchise capitalize on a fad with numbered days? Nope. The craft beer market is worth more than $22 billion a year, and that number is growing. Craft beer’s appeal is solid and is one of the fastest growing alcoholic beverage segments, just like local cuisine and organic food. Why? It’s good. It’s authentic. It’s evolving. It’s enduring.
  6. Owning and running a franchise is complex. As a Beerhead franchisee, you’ll have access to incredible support. From site selection to initial training (including 10 days at a corporate location) to pre- and post-opening support to ongoing education and guidance, you’ll have the help you need to launch and run a successful business.
  7. Service and quality is secondary to revenue. Your customers come, and come back, when they receive exceptional service — and awesome beer. Strong revenues are a by-product of your commitment to excellence. Beerhead fosters a guest-first mentality.

Common misconceptions about craft beer franchises can keep you from tasting your dream. Don’t let them. Education is the best way to overcome them. Learn more about Beerhead’s franchise opportunities.