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10 Things you Should Know about Owning Your Own Craft Beer Franchise

Pittsburgh Beer Head Location

Thinking about owning your own craft beer franchise? It’s a decision that can put your career on the fast track. What should you know about taking the helm at your own craft beer bar and restaurant? A lot. But here’s a short list to get you started.


  1. You’ll have the tools and support you need. Your franchiser will provide you with everything you need to build your business: initial training, pre- and post-opening support, and a host of ongoing initiatives and tools. Use them. You’ll cut your learning curve significantly.

Remember this as you read #2-10: Beerhead helps you handle all aspects of your business, from finding your location and selecting your beer to creating a thriving culture and building relationships with your community. These are all part of the value add — the “secret sauce” for success. So, if you’re intimidated by the thought of locating a great property or developing a rapport with brewers, breathe a sigh of relief. You’ve got an experienced, expert team behind you every step of the way.


  1. It’s more than a business — it’s a culture. Craft beer is a cultural force; fans are diehard, they’re knowledgeable, and they want to explore. These drinkers tend not to stick to a “safe” favorite; a big part of the appeal is trying great new brews. Foster this sense of discovery.
  2. Success depends on a quality- and guest-first mentality. If you have mediocre beer and service to match, your franchise is not going to take off. Create relationships with the best local brewers and growers, hire for fit, and give your guests the best experience. Success follows.
  3. Location, location, location. There’s a reason there are guidelines and recommendations around locations. This creates a hip, energetic, yet sophisticated atmosphere. While your franchise shouldn’t be cookie-cutter, it must align with brand images. Again, we’re here to help with this process!  Check out our available markets here.
  4. Product selection is key. You must have the best beers around, end of story. Franchise trainers can help you develop solid craft beer, cocktail, and food menus, as well as forge relationships with local producers and suppliers so you get the best and latest.
  5. You need to build community. We’ve said that craft beer is a culture, and it thrives on community. Your craft beer bar and restaurant will have a greater likelihood of success when you focus on building rapport with guests: from live music, fun events, volunteer efforts, etc., take the opportunity to become a good neighbor. We’ve got tips, suggestions and best practices to help you.
  6. It’s not all about the beer. Hipsters come for the beer; but you can appeal to wider demographics by offering unique craft cocktails, local fresh food items, and an ambience that beats anything else in town.
  7. There are rules. Your business is your business; franchise requirements enable you to maintain that special brand appeal. Read the terms of your agreement, understand them, and then work within them to put own twist on the model. Need assistance? You got it.
  8. You’ll be an employer. As a craft beer franchisee, you may supervise 25-30 employees. That’s a significant number of people to hire, train, schedule, and oversee. You want the best of the best to deliver a stellar guest experience and strong service; take time to master “being the boss.”
  9. You’ll love it. ‘Nuff said.

When it comes to things you should know about owning your own craft beer franchise, remember that your Beerhead Franchise Team will always be there to provide support, advice, and the benefit of their vast experience to help you get started – and build momentum.


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